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worst customer service

This company owes me a refund. I was told on June 20th when I turn my equipment it that it would be 6-8 weeks before I get my refund. After the 8 weeks past I called them they said it was being held because I have not returned a cable modem. I own the modem it even stated that fact on my bill each month. After the "paper work" was submitted to clear the error up it would be 10 days and I would get my check. I still have not received it. This company has the worst customer service oh and the don't speak English very well either. I will never use them again.

  • Fr
    Francis Apr 01, 2008

    Charter Communications is my worst experience in customer service and quality of service.
    I was offered Charter Telephone Service via a phone call from Charter Communications. I had 3 phone lines at my home at the time (1 fax for business, 1 phone for business, 1 phone for personal) and I clearly explained that I was willing to let them install their service but to one specific telephone number (the personal line). The installer came when I was away on business and my wife let him in to do his work.
    After he left, my wife discovered that all 3 phones lines were ringing at the same time when a call came through.
    I also discovered that I could not call home because a fax machine was answering the personal and business lines. I called my wife on her cell phone and asked her to call Charter to get the problem corrected.
    After I came home the next day, I discovered tha the installer had cut all 3 phones lines and connected the 3 lines to the new Charter line, cutting off my fax line, my business line and my security system connected to the fax line.
    It spent hours on my cell phone calling Charter to get the problem corrected, it took them 4 days before they sent someone to fix the mess they created.
    A true story and as I said, my WORST experience with service and customer service.

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  • Ho
    Horns2Win Nov 28, 2011

    Six weeks of service and we have had internet & phone outages every week. Four technicians and two "senior techs" have been out but the problem remains. Internet & phones go out every Sunday between 2pm and 10pm. Service also shuts down after 7pm for a few hours several times a week. After 6 weeks they finally agree to a partial credit and tomorrow they will send out yet another senior tech.
    I have no faith that they will resolve the issue because it seems to be the technology that crumbles under higher usage times.
    RUN FROM CHARTER...the only thing worse than their technology is their service...and their billing never matched their written quote.

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the worst customer &service& ever

My experience with charter communications has been a nightmare! I have been trying to establish...

slow service speed customer service terrible

This company offers high speed internet along with telephone and cable television service. I have recently as in the last month of Aug and start of Sept. 2008 had intermittent service, very slow service in the range of 92k speeds. When you call them or contact them via the internet they always say the same thing disconnect your router and reboot the cable modem. Well this may be the first page in the customer service handbook you would think they could turn the page or at least admit they are/have current trouble with their service. But you will not get them to admit this because there customer service is not here in the states they do not have any clue as to what is going on with your service. So I suggest they fix their problem or supply me with a remote cable modem box reboot device. I would not recommend this company to anyone but the problem is is you are in their area you will have no choices for service other then their company and they know this and is why they can offer poor service and you will not be able to do anything about it.

  • Mi
    mike heart Apr 08, 2009

    charter is very bad i now people that have 1 or 3 meg that goes faster the my 10 meg. i have had over 30 people to come to look at the issuse all thay can say is it not my computer but it not charter this is the type of people that works for charter. but the one thing i do know is when thay are here to fix it my speed are fast but when thay leave i have to call in less then a hour. an the biggest think about charter is thay do not listen.

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I've had Time Warner Cable since my roommate and I moved into our apt 3 months ago. Every single month...

bad service

Worst customer service, rude incompetent office staff. Ellensburg, wa. If there are any members of charter communication management who care about the quality of employees that represent your company. Please read this. We have made 6 visits as of yesterday to the local office to change a service to my sons name. The change has never been made correctly, but when we return the same staff member insists that we never made the change. When we explain the error is not ours, she is rude will not listen. The latest error, my bill is now coming to my address in my sons name!! This staff member has an attitude, does not listen to our request, does not make the requested change correctly, and does not take responsibility. Its been exhausting. Charter communication desperately needs to improve customer service. We all hope a new provider comes to our area.

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fradulent billing

Started with phone call around 11:00 am. After get disconnected three times, I tried online support. This is the actual text from an online support discussion:

An agent will be with you in a moment. Thank you for your patience.
You are currently number 2 in the queue.
You have been connected to TTD James .
TTD James : Thank you for contacting Charter.
This is James. How may I help you?
Kelly Rosky: Hi, I typed in a lot of information while I was waiting in the queue - di d it not come thru?
Kelly Rosky: hello?
TTD James : I'm sorry, it didn't.
Kelly Rosky: We are being charged for DVRs that we do not have and need to get our account credited.
Kelly Rosky: I spoke with a customer service rep on the phone who said the DVR charge was added to our account in May 2007. We did have an appointment to get DVRs, but no one showed up to make the delivery.
Kelly Rosky: I have tried contacting Charter several times about this issue, but no one would help - they all said their records showed we had the DVRs and there was nothing they could do about it.
Kelly Rosky: This means we've been paying an extra $25 per month for over a year for equipment we don't have. These fraudulent charges need to be credited back to our account
Kelly Rosky: The serial numbers for the boxes we have are:
Kelly Rosky: G14233NA6246
TTD James : I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
We have a team here at Charter that is specifically assigned/trained to handle this type of concern.
Please call our Billing Department at [protected].
Kelly Rosky: I have spent over an hour on the phone this morning, and have been disconnected three times after explaining all this to the "customer service" representative who answered the phone said they would transfer me to "the billing department.
Kelly Rosky: No matter how many times I try to get this worked out, I always get the run-around. I expect this issue to be resolved this morning. Otherwise I will be filing a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau.
Kelly Rosky: hello?
TTD James : I'm here.
Kelly Rosky: I am recording this session to document a specific example of the type of problems I've been dealing with in regards to this matter for well over a year.
Kelly Rosky: and??
TTD James : Unfortunately, Charter doesn't have access to inventories for the equipment check. We can process the request for a credit for your account if it's confirmed by our dispatch office that you don't have the DVR's.
TTD James : Our representatives are currently receiving a unusually high call volume. Please call us later this afternoon.
Kelly Rosky: That is not going to solve the problem. Every time I've called, I'm told that Charter's records indicate they delivered DVRs that were, in fact, never delivered.
Kelly Rosky: No!!! I have been trying to deal with this for over an hour, and despite the fact that I've told you I have been disconnected three times today alone, have been getting the run around for over a year, and now that I've waited again for the online support queue, you are telling me to bugger off and bother somebody else later in the day???
Kelly Rosky: I'm very glad to be able to have an account of this all in writing. Screen shots of this will be sent along with my letter filing a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau.
Kelly Rosky: This is classic!! I think maybe I'll post it to the web for others amusement as well.
TTD James : I'm not just saying this just to get rid of you. Every department does have their scope of support.
Kelly Rosky: So, for over a year, I've been dismissed, disconnected and fraudulently charged and the answer I get is that I'm outside your scope of support?
Kelly Rosky: Who's scope of support am I in? I can't get through to anyone in billing, because after I wait to get through to someone on the phone and explain the situation over again, I am told I'm being transferred to a billing department person who will help me, then every time, I am disconnected.
TTD James : That is why I am directing you to the representatives who can fix this for you.
TTD James : Do you speak to person first before getting transferred?
Kelly Rosky: Yes! What I'm saying is that I get disconnected every time and for over a year have not been able to talk to anyone who could resolve the situation.
Kelly Rosky: That's what I'm trying to explain - calling the billing department doesn't work. It hasn't for over a year.
Kelly Rosky: The "representatives who can fix" this won't take my call.
Kelly Rosky: hello?
TTD James : Let me check your account for your previous transactions.
TTD James : May I please have your name, the phone number listed on the account, and the complete service address?
Kelly Rosky: Kelly Rosky
Kelly Rosky: 86 Tuckaway Dr Asheville, NC 28803, [protected]
TTD James : Thank you.
For verification and security purposes may I please have the last four digits of the account holder's SSN, the PIN set on the account or the Security Code?
*A security code is a randomly generated four-digit number provided by Charter to all customers.
Your security code should be found at the upper right portion of all your Charter bills printed after November 27, 2007.
Kelly Rosky: 7308
TTD James : Thank you.
Please give me a few minutes.
TTD James : Your account shows no record that you were able to speak with someone about your account since 05/20. The last one shows a promise to pay note.
Kelly Rosky: Imagine that.
TTD James : Since I can't contact the Dispatch Department, I will need to send a technician out for this.
Please give me a few minutes while I look for the soonest possible schedule.
Kelly Rosky: So, I need to take time off of work and lose pay because nobody in the billing department will take my call?
TTD James : We can set this on a weekend.
Kelly Rosky: I'm game, if it will finally fix this.
TTD James : Thank you.
Please give me a few minutes.
Kelly Rosky: So, the plan is to send someone out to verify that we, indeed, do not have DVRs and have them report back?
Kelly Rosky: Can I get a written report from them that this was verified?
TTD James : Yes, that is correct. They should leave a copy of the work order with their notes.
TTD James : Sadly, all I have are weekdays. You can have someone above 18 years or older with an authorization letter attend to the appointment.
Kelly Rosky: Ever? There are no weekend appointments available for eternity? I am grateful that you have been this helpful so far, but really?!?!!
Kelly Rosky: I don't have anyone who could take the appointment, my husband and I both work full time, as do all of my friends, and my family lives 2 hours away.
TTD James : Yes. Seems your area only assists to special request orders during weekdays.
TTD James : Please give me a few minutes.
TTD James : I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you.
Please stay in the session. I'm transferring you now to our supervisor who can try assist you further regarding this concern.
Kelly Rosky: Thank you so much - I appreciate your help.
TTD James : You're welcome.
TTD James : Thank you for choosing Charter Communications.
Answers to frequently asked questions and self-help options can be found by looking in the "Support" tab at If you have further questions, please chat back with us. Our Chat Support is available from 7:00 AM through 1:30 AM Central Time, 365 days a year.
Have a great day!
TTD James has left the session.
Please wait while we find an agent from the CHAT - MDVL - Advocate department to assist you.
The next available Agent will be with you in a moment.
All agents are currently busy. Please stand by.
An agent will be with you in a moment. Thank you for your patience.
The next available Agent will be with you in a moment.
All agents are currently busy. Please stand by.
An agent will be with you in a moment. Thank you for your patience.
You have been connected to TTM Jocelyn .
TTM Jocelyn : Hello, this is Jocelyn from Charter. How may I help you today?
Kelly Rosky: Hi, Jocelyn. I'm hoping you can help.
Kelly Rosky: I also hope I don't have to go through everything again...
Kelly Rosky: Can you read the text of the discussion I've had so far?
TTM Jocelyn : I'm reading the previous chat transcript now. It will take few moments. Please hold.
Kelly Rosky: you got it.
TTM Jocelyn : Thank you for waiting, Ms. Rosky. I have reviewed the previous chat transcript. I can certainly understand your concern about the charges for the DVR service. I would be more than happy to check into this issue for you and then do a service review.
TTM Jocelyn : I'm reviewing the account now. It will take a few moments.
Kelly Rosky: Very much appreciated!
TTM Jocelyn : Thank you for waiting. I'm still checking into this for you. It will be a few more moments.
TTM Jocelyn : Thank you for waiting, Ms. Rosky. I do apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused you. Because there is no record on the account that you have called about this. I can only issue credit for $6 months of service. I will credit a total of $180 to the account and also remove the charges for the DVR service.
Kelly Rosky: That is unacceptable. Your records also indicate, fraudulently, that we are in possession of 2 DVRs that were never delivered. it is not a big stretch that none of the calls I've placed in the last year are in your records.
TTM Jocelyn : I certainly understand what you are saying. However, as a supervisor, we cannot issue more than 6 months of credit. To further dispute this, you would need to go into the local Charter office.
Kelly Rosky: This is plain and simple fraud, and despite getting nowhere for over a year, I am still trying to be nice and work with Charter to resolve this matter.
Kelly Rosky: The problem with that is the same as I've explained previously, I work for a living and going to the Charter office requires me to take time off work and lose pay.
TTM Jocelyn : I understand, Ms. Rosky. We are showing that you have two regular digital boxes. I have removed the charges for the DVR and you will see the credit of $180 on your next statement.
Kelly Rosky: $180 is not the proper credit - we have been paying an extra 25 per month since May of 2007.
Kelly Rosky: the credit should be $375.
TTM Jocelyn : That is the maximum amount of credit that I can issue.
Kelly Rosky: That is not acceptable!
TTM Jocelyn : I understand that you feel it is not acceptable. However, I cannot credit more than $180. You would need to go into a local office for additional credit.
Kelly Rosky: That means we will have paid you $195 for products we did not receive!
TTM Jocelyn : Ms. Rosky, I have issued the maximum credit that I'm allowed. For additional credit, you would need to go to the local office. Was there anything else that I could assist you with?
Kelly Rosky: Well, I guess not. Please note that I have tracked the entirety of this conversation with both screen captures and copy of all text written, since Charter does not keep accurate records.
Kelly Rosky: as none of the calls I've placed in the last year are "in the records" and DVRs are fraudulently listed as having been delivered.
Kelly Rosky: I will be filing a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau and they will receive a copy of this entire transcript.
TTM Jocelyn : I will notate this on the account. There will also be a notation that I credited you for 6 months and removed the charges from the account.
TTM Jocelyn : Now that I have issued the credit, I will review other services.
TTM Jocelyn : Please let me know if you are still connected to the Chat Session at this time.
Kelly Rosky: Honestly, I've been at this for over 3 hours now, and I've truly had enough. Thank you for the assistance you've given me - I will let the Better Business Bureau handle the rest. Signing off.
TTM Jocelyn : I can certainly understand that, Ms. Rosky. Keep in mind that you can view available services at I will notate the account that you contacted us about the charges for the DVR boxes. For additional assistance, please contact [protected] or initiate another chat session. You can also view and pay your bills online at free of charge. Thank you for contacting Charter.
If you require further assistance, go to
Your session has ended. You may now close this window.


  • Ns
    Nstong Nov 14, 2008

    I'm having the same issue basically, I never signed for getting boxes. Did this ever get resolved? I'm just about ready to file a suit in small claims.

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  • Jo
    joe Nov 23, 2008

    theres illgal hook up on 89 old smokey rd elk park nc
    this guys been hooked up for 2 years

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rip off charges

Time Warner Cable is takes advantage of customers who disconnect service by charging bogus fees. I recently...

cable left unburied for over a year

My Neighbors and I have had a cable left unburied for overa year acroos our driveways, the company will not responed or do anything about it this cable carries power the city of Roswell will not get involved even through it lays on there road.

stupid commercial

Commercial with black guy dressed in sweats, walks into kitchen laughing while on cell phone, sits down on...

customer service malfuctions

Attempted to order high-speed internet through, but was unable to do so. Called [protected] at noon Pacific Time and was transferred from sales (Sundown) to tech support (Jack). Tech support informed me that their site is malfunctioning, and that sales can help me place my order. Tech support transferred me to sales but I was placed on hold and then I was disconnected. At this point, it is 40 minutes after the start of my call. I called back and spoke to Bao in tech support and told him what happened. Tech support transferred me to sales (Cori), who informed me that the hi-speed internet rate I requested is an online-only promotional product. I asked who could help me order the promotion, and she reiterated that she could not help me. I decided not to order internet through Charter and politely ended the call. All Charter employees were very polite, but no one was able to help me, which leads me to believe there is a problem with Charter's overall system and not with their point-of-contact employees.

  • Da
    David Harder Aug 21, 2009

    Plain and simple, Charter Communications is the single worst vendor I have ever dealt with in any medium. Their repairs are inept. They charged me (and I was happy to pay) for a bundle with premium services. In three months they were out three times to fix the cable to I wouldn't have to lip read or lose entire shows. And, of course, they still charged me. They are coming again tomorrow.

    But the absolute worse is the telephone directory service. Did you know they outsourced this service so they claim they have no control of the quality of service. Each time you dial information, you are charge $1.79, more than any telephone carrier. And, they seem to have scraped the bottom of the labor pool. Countless times I have had to spell each word, reiterate each letter, "no sir, it is "M" as in Mary and in some cases, start over. The pathetic part of this whole charade is 9 times out of ten, they don't have the number, companies like General Electric, Paramount Pictures, Los Angeles City Hall. Do yourself a favor, get a different service; if you have this one, get your calls off of the Internet. They are free!

    David Harder

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known dvr problem

There is a known software problem with the DVR function in Time Warner Cable's cable boxes. They are charging customers for a service they KNOW does not work properly. I just called TWC today, 26 AUG 08, to complain about being charged for a service that does not work. I asked to be credited back the money I was charged for the DVR service since I've been a customer (about 3 months) and for the inconvenience of having to call their technical support to try to fix the problem remotely. I ended up two service credits for a total of $35. The point is: CALL TODAY and demand to be credited back for the service you PAID FOR but DID NOT RECEIVE.

hd-dvr boxes technical breakdown

Periodically have issues with my HD-DVR cable box. Power failures(Cable BOX) which result in missed recordings. And we must reboot the box everytime we wish to sit down and start watching our television. Time Warner has replaced box, and issues still persist. Their technicians who came to trouble shoot box advised me that this is a BIG issue with everyone who uses Time Warners HD_DVR cable box, using HDMI cables.
No eta on a permanent fix. There customer service department wants to keep swapping boxes.
PAying alot of money every month for premium service. It's time they provide a premium service.

  • Da
    Dave Ferree Aug 13, 2008

    Periodically have issues with my HD-DVR cable box. Power failures(Cable BOX) which result in missed recordings. And we must reboot the box everytime we wish to sit down and start watching our television. Time Warner has replaced box, and issues still persist. Their technicians who came to trouble shoot box advised me that this is a BIG issue with everyone who uses Time Warners HD_DVR cable box, using HDMI cables.
    No eta on a permanent fix. There customer service department wants to keep swapping boxes.
    PAying alot of money every month for premium service. It's time they provide a premium service.

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price lock guarantee and $100 cash back

I signed up for bundle package and requested the price lock guarantee. I received the form in the mail...

will not stop calling not even a customer

About a week ago I received a flier in the mail from Charter stating that I could get cable internet for $14.99 a month for 6 months. So I went on their site and looked at the plan, the installation cost, and the additional costs and found that it was going to be about $75 - $80 for the installation which isn't that bad. I am tight on money at the moment and couldn't afford that price. So I just canceled the inquiry. This was all on a Friday afternoon. The coming Tuesday I received a phone call at 7:30 AM to confirm my installation of the internet service I ordered. I stated that I had not ordered anything and asked that they cancel anything they have open for me. about 9:00 AM a charter trucks pulls up in front of my place and they proceed to front door, I refused to answer the door for fear that they would charge me for the installation. Everyday since then I have received at least 3 phone calls a day from one of two numbers [protected] and [protected] and I have repeatedly told them that I never placed an order...I am then presented with all these other offers and pressured into trying to sign up for a service. I have now asked 4 or 5 times to stop calling me. This morning at about 10:00 AM I received another call on that call I stated that if they didn't stop calling me I would take further action. Just about 15 minutes ago I received yet another call.

I would like to have cable internet for its speed and reliability but after all this I will gladly go with Verizon DSL

  • Sa
    SATSY May 09, 2012

    Keep calling me too.

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  • Sa
    SATSY May 09, 2012


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  • Sa
    Satisfy33 Jun 17, 2014

    I saved their number in my phone as "Don't Answer."

    Whenever they call I'll go to and send them a couple pranks. They usually have pretty good reactions!

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Elderly abuse

I found my elderly mother really upset one day, as she was complaining about receiving, and being billed for services she did not order. After calling Charter communications on her behalf, I realized what she was going through. After further investigation, I found many other people in her retirement facility, and other elderly people in the community, that were being conned into HD services they didn’t need. Many other options in service were being overly pushed on elderly people who were falsely led to believe it was what they needed. Unfortunately many elderly people are not internet savvy and will never read this. Since learning of their unethical sales practices, and poor customer service, I have told my mother to cancel service. After she canceled, I called in to have service restored at her location in my name. I can’t wait for them to try hustling me. Pay back is a ### charter!!

poor customer service

I received a bill with a $30 increase and called to find out why. I was told that when I first signed up it...

continuous unresolved problems

New service installed with numerous problems and follow ups in April. The cable is still laying across the front lawn, they promised it would be buried "soon". Several calls later, and several "no show" appointments later, it is almost August and no action. Every time I call (and navigate their very unfriendly call system) I get told it was on the schedule and "someone" removed it. It then gets rescheduled, and no show, and then another call says it was removed from the schedule, etc, etc.
I was warned not to use this company and now I know why. If there is an accident from someone tripping over the cable or the lawn people cutting it, Charter is going to have to answer for their negligence. I tell EVERYONE I meet not to use Charter. You should hear my story about how a phone rep once refused to let me talk to a supervisor because "they won't help you either". Sad, pathetic company, and my problem is still not solved.

  • Sh
    Shelly Aug 27, 2008

    I am still reeling from the argument I had with the complacent Charter so-called "technician" yesterday. My company utilizes their web page software, Sitebuilder, which has a serious glitch in it. "Joe" told me the web page looked fine to him and there was nothing that could be done. I demanded to speak to his manager and his response was "he won't help you either". Wow. He should have just said, "Nobody here gives a @#$%" because that would have been more honest.

    I left a large communications company two years ago to work at a small office and THANK GOD I did. Corporate America has forgotten how to take care of its customers.

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autopay slimeball behavior

Beware using autopay with Charter. I cancelled service on July 14th, and would, in theory be owed a small...

Bad service

I called Charter to cancel a service and was talked into a promotional rate for their expanded cable. I agreed but said I would probably cancel after the promotinal rate because of the increase of cost after the 6 months. I was told that I could do that anytime and the rate would expire on the June billing. Well, it did and when I called to cancel I was told there was a $19.95 downgrade charge. What? I asked to speak to supervisor and was put on hold and disconnected. I thought it was just a mistake but after seeing the other complaints I kind of wonder.

When I called back I was connected right away with someone and they were really helpful and did put me through to a supervisor. He agreed to waive the charge after I explained I was talked into the expanded service and was planning on canceling after the promotional period. This is the first time I've heard of a downgrade fee but just wanted to let everyone know that Charter has thought of yet another way to charge more money. I wish I had more options where I live but it's somewhat limited.

  • Ri
    Richard Paige Sep 14, 2009

    My charter internet service had 2 major problems. 1. it slowed down on a regular basis. The noon hour and dinner prime time weekdays there was a major slowdown. 2. It quit for long periods of time. On August 30 at about 1pm the internet was dead. I did the restarting of my modem dozens of times and the service problem continued to be well into August 31 about noon. I called them and they stated that they were aware of the problem "at 6 am". At least they found out within 12 hours! They reported that the repair could take until "11 pm est" which is 2 am here. 36 hours- no service.
    I cancelled my service. I told them I would bring their equipment back to the store in a town about 20 miles away, because I had an appointment in that town on Thur. Sept. 10. On Sept. 9th there is a knock on the door and the Charter installer was there to disconnect and collect equipment. I gave the tech. the modem and power supply and helped him find the house service box. He left without giving me a receipt. Big Mistake.
    Monday Sept. 14 1:15 pm. computer generated phone call from Big C. They are charging me for the modem that they lost. I called customer service, talked to supervisors, etc. The 6th person I talked to- 50 minutes since they called me and I got on it, admitted that they have no power to adjust my bill.
    I called my attorney. I was told that unless I find out who was dispatched and get a record of the call, this wont easily be fixed. I called another Charter # and actually got an installer scheduling guy who confirmed the appointment. He also confirmed that there was no record of the the installer getting the modem. He was actually helpfull, and gave me the numbers for the dispatch and service call. I got phase 1 of this problem fixed, but it took one hour and fourty five minutes on the phone with them. Remember who lost my modem? hint; not me!
    Dont use Charter. I have a fair amount of contact with the public, and this is a company that I hear the most unsolicited complaints about. They have a horrible record of customer service, and the ability to actually deliver the services that they are charging for.
    I tried to be a good customer. I ignored the complaints of a dozen people I have heard from that they have provided poor service to. I kept using them anyway, because my service was marginally good for several months. When the internet does not work for 6-36 hours several times per month, it gets tedious. I use the internet for work, and it became very clear to me that I was not getting anywhere near what I was paying for. And they are really not cost effective on the face of it. When you factor in how much service and bandwidth you won't get, they are an expensive joke. The best possible thing that could happen to the consumers in my area is that these guys go out of business and a competent reliable company would get the franchise. Washington and Oregon are very poorly served by Charter.

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bait and switch

I ordered charter's cable internet service in Michigan. Price was quoted as $19.99/mo + $3.00/mo for...

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