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worst service of cable ever...

Somehow our cable got disconnected. I called and the lady said my bills was late. I had it set up on auto...

scam charges

Paul G. Allen is the fourth richest man in the world but yet he doesn't respond when someone contacts him and his company, Charter Communications about their fraudulent billing practices. There is no doubt that he does know that there are many complaints about xxx-movie charges placed on customer's bills for movies they never ordered or watched. In many cases the customer wasn't even home to order or watch the xxx-movies!!!

Shame on you Paul G. Allen!! You come on as a good guy by giving millions to the needy but it is all dirty money. Do you feel good about yourself knowing your company cheats millions of customers? I'd feel less than human to do such a thing. Beware of Charter and anyone who knows they cheat and does nothing about it.

What do people think about drug dealers and their dirty money? I bet you know, Paul G. Allen. Dirty money is dirty money whether it is made by drug dealers or the fourth richest man in the world who lets his company cheat people when he has the power to clean house of these dirty vermin who want to make evil profits.

  • Pa
    Paul Mar 09, 2009

    I have had Charter Communications as my cable and internet provider for over a year. At the beginning there were many issues regarding service and quality. After resolving the initial issues everything was going smooth...Until recently when I was charged for 15 ADULT MOVIES at $12.99 each. At first when I heard I was being charged adult movies I thought that maybe some friends that had stayed over had purchased them without me knowing. However after finding that the movies totaled 15 and learning of the dates and times they were ordered I realized that none of them were possibly ordered from my box.

    Charter has been very uncooperative with my efforts to resolve the issue. Ironically the first customer service rep I spoke with told me that he had indeed confirmed the movies were not ordered from my box. However a month later I received a notice of disconnect from charter unless I paid my over due bill of over $400. I was a month behind and knew I was also being charged for the month to come, however I was confused at the extra $200. Through an online chat I discovered that the adult movies had never been removed. I still refused to pay. Now months later my service has been interrupted and my internet has been disconnected. I have spoken with countless reps and they aren't budging. They tried to negotiate with me offering to remove 3 movies, and of course knowing I didn't order any of them I refused. They are also continuing to bill my normal amount, which accounts for a HD/DVR box with several movie channels in my package and the internet service, even though I haven't had any of that for over a month.

    After enough conversations I was told someone would come out to my house to audit my box to see if the movies had indeed been ordered from the box in my home. After waiting for the service tech to arrive, which he/she never did, I was left wondering what the issue was. I then discovered that because my bill was not paid no work order filed on my account would be serviced until the balance that very balance was paid. This leaves me with the situation that the issue I have regarding the ADULT MOVIES and my refusal to pay for those charges can only be resolved with an audit on my box done by a service tech, WHO WILL NEVER SHOW UP BECAUSE I WON'T PAY THE BILL.

    It seems I have entered into a conflict with the worst run company on Earth. I have no other options at this point. I won't pay Charter because I didn't order the movies and they won't help me prove that until I pay them. Charter recently filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy...I wonder why.

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the worst service ever

In over 22 days, I have not had all three of my services, internet, telephone, television (cable), working at one time in a single day!
I have had 8 service calls, 12 technicians, over 25 calls to the company, and two 4 hour scheduled appointments, where the technicians didn't even show up!
I repeatedly get a message stating that the line are being subject to too much traffic at a given time for both my local and long distance calls. The 3 way calling has a long 20 second lapse time and when it does connect finally, it disconnects when the first party is brought on the line or the call just never goes through.
It took all 8 service calls before my TV's were programmed to receive a less than fuzzy to completely unrecognizable pictures on my LOCAL TV stations and now I still have one set that doesn't function properly, although I have never had a single issue with it when I was in an area using another local cable service.
I have lost over 36 hours of time now, with this stupid company and when I called to refute the $240+ first bill, they actually said they would have to take time to determine whether or not they would waive the first months fees! The internet has not been bad, other than the fact that it took about 4 1/2 hours to finally get a technician who knew how to help me get my emailing straight, since unlike other cable companies, the first technician said they would not be able to help me with their service connecting to Outlook Express. The third representative, was finally able to help.
I have found that all of the technicians and customer service telephone support people have been extremely nice, with the exception of one. But nice doesn't cut it when the serice sucks!
The inconvenience and loss of time has been extremely costly!
And their technicians are given less than a sentence worth of history on the account every single time they show up at your doorstep. The first question out of their mouths is..."so what's the problem". I clearly wanted to choke the poor guys! But he showed me the text information they are given and it is ridiculously
void of the issues.
I was forced to get charter for my cable because I moved to a new area. Now, as I sit waiting to see if my phone will be up and working for the third day in a row, I am probably going to be forced to remove at least the phone and cable services. The internet is seemingly doing alright.
Nightmare in Pasadena, CA

unable to contact to return for credit

I order through an online promotion for a wireless router for Time Warner Cable. I received the item when I was away for a few weeks, sometime early Feb 09. When I returned, I went to the local Oceanic Time Warner Cable Company to establish an account and hook up the cable and they told me the modem I received is no compatible with the Oceanic system. So I tried to go in line to get an RMA for return but the website would never let me complete the application...i tried several times. So I tried calling several time to the number on the router package, which I never opened, [protected] and it just rings and never answeres. I just want to return for a refund.

no customer service

I have been a Time Warner Cable customer for years and for about a year now I have been having problems with this cable provider. A year ago I bundled my service dvr, net, phone. Right after this I kept getting bills in the mail for large amounts, which was over what we were told we were going to pay. My husband and myself made call after call to figure out what was going on only to be told something different every time we contacted the company. Sense November 2008 I tried to get my phone turned off.

I would call the company they would put me on hold and I would be hung up on and have to call back. Each time I would call back I got stuck talking to a new person. My bill has been over the top I pay the bill and a few weeks later I get another bill for even more. So for months now I have been paying two bills a month for this company. Sometimes $400-$500 a month.

I was only supposed to be paying around $180 a month. When I would try to find out why my bill was to much customer service would take down my number and tell me they will call me back. They never would call me back I would end up calling customer service back again. Everytime I would refuse to pay this over the top amount that I know I am being way over charged they would just shut off my service. Then I would have no choice but to pay the bill to have my service turned back on. Last month yet once again I got stuck paying Time Warner $415.01.

Why? I still don't know as customer service will not give me an answer as to why I am being billed this way. My bill has been being paid in full and it has not been even a month yet I have once again already paid them $415.01 but they just turned around again and sent me another bill for $261.61. That's over $600 dollars in less than a month for service.

My husband called customer service four times three times nobody could answer our questions and kept putting us on hold and sending our call to another customer service rep. The fourth call he was ask to leave a number and they would contact us back. They never called back so we went to a near by Time Warner Cable office. When we got to the office in Troy Ohio we wanted to know why we are being over charged how we have been for months now. We were not given an answer we also wanted to know why are net was turned off. We were given a print out saying are net was turned off for spamming and we need to call Road Runner customer service to get it turned back on.

I confronted the customer service rep in the office and said there is no way my bill is over $600 dollars in one month and would like to know why this is? She ignored me questions. I then gave her my bill they showed my past two payments like all the bills do that I already paid over $400 already and now am being ask to pay another $261.61 I turned the bill over and said I am being charged for service I do not have that states clear as day on the back of the bill what the charges are. I am supposed to only have basic cable and net sense November 2008. But am being billed for movie channels I do not have as well as two dvr's I do not have and a bundle package.

The customer service rep tell us that the billing date on the bill isn't correct and the balance is due from last month. I showed the customer service rep I paid payments so how is this possible? I then ask so your telling me the billing dates on the bill what you are charging me for your saying that's not correct that the billing is being charged for a bill I already paid she said yes. I said so I am being charged for services I don't have she said yes I said can I get my bill fixed I am tired of having this problem every single month. She ignored us and said my computer shows you only contacted our company once in Nov and that has been it. I said miss I been contacting your company not on in Nov but months before that as well and all the time after that. She pretty much out right called us a liar.

My husband than takes out his cell phone and said if you look on my calls today it shows today alone we already called Time Warner four times today alone. I checked over my cell phone records and sure enough all the calls for months I been making to Time Warner is on my Cell phone bill but yet they have no record of us ever contacting them. we then left the Time Warner Cable office and went home and then contacted road runner.

My husband called road runner the customer service rep through them gave us his name and ticket number. After this man looked at our account he said are net was not turned off for spamming Time Warner Cable just shut us off and to call Time Warner back. So we call them back they argue with my husband telling us to call Road Runner back.

Than finally after a few more attempts talking to different customer service reps someone turned are box back on. Always good to know not only are we being way over charged but we get service turned off even when our bill is paid. This has happened many of times before our bill was paid they would send another bill and our service would get shut off and as soon as I pay the new bill they send they would turn right back on our service.
We are between a rock and a hard place here I did look up this company online and no shock there this company is being sued in other states by people just like me and others for this very something.

I contacted the BBB and filed a report we did find out something that was good to know. The troy Ohio office has it's BBB member information up the office we went to and they are not even a member of the BBB.
We can't get another provider as this is the only cable company in our area.

If this is going on with us it's hard to tell how many others in Ohio Time Warner Cable is doing this to this is also happening to my aunt as well. I have read a few reviews on here with other people in Ohio having somewhat of the same problem.

  • Harsh Realities Jul 19, 2009

    You MUST deal with TimeWarner in writing. Do NOT rely on phone calls or email.
    You MUST deal with TimeWarner in writing.
    You MUST deal with TimeWarner in WRITING.

    If TimeWarner were a person it would best be described as a pathological liar: They will say one thing and do whatever is most convenient for them.

    Follow EACH phone conversation with a snail-mail summary of your conversation to the place you send your bills. Include your name, address, and account number.

    I have made a hobby out of rescuing people from TimeWarner. They screwed me out of $1000 so I plan to cost them orders of magnitude more in customer loss.

    Send ALL letters to "the office of the president" for your territory.

    If you continue to be defrauded by TWC file a FORMAL complaint with the "Public Utilities Commission"


    remember you CAN also sue them in small claims court. In most jurisdictions the filing fee is about $60. WHEN you win your case you will recoup this investment.

    I recovered most of my money from TWC and you can too. I have since upgraded to FIOS. I hope it is available in your area. :)

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  • Eb
    Ebba May 07, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have this too.They want to overcharge me 115.00 for directory assistance alone!thing is I hardly if at all, use the dang phone!I live in Texas BTW this is a company thing.Oh and let this be known, I ordered cable and had issues and stuff.They blamed it on the computer(but it couldn't have been it was brand new)They then said they see that the Internet was on and they showed that they were 'supposedly' sending out internet infor.Well that was a lie.I call TWC a liar.Since they call there customer's one!Anyway I took the pc to get checked and it turns out it was not the computer.I called TWC several times and all said the same thing.Ecept one guy.Who said the internet was not even turned on.This company is a company of incompetent thieves.

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scam charges

I was using AT&T and was happy but decided to try TWC for the single billing. They came out to install but...

awful company

I called Time Warner on May 14th, 2008 to find out how much of a difference it would be to upgrade to HD...

horrible service

We used Charter Communications when we moved recently. This has been 2 weeks ago and we still do not have wireless internet (as promised). We are being billed for this feature though. We have spent HOURS on the phone trying to fix the problem and getting useless suggestions from poorly trained representatives.

They do not seem to understand us (mostly foreign people that work there) and seem to just talk around the problem. Every tech that came to the house agreed that Charter is a total joke of a company. Funny how they want your money every month, but won't give you the service. We feel trapped into using them because our area does not offer any other company for TV cable services.

I would not recommend Charter for anyone unless you want a total headache!

  • J0
    J0, South Caroling Apr 13, 2009

    I have had multiple issues with Charter, when we first moved here, we signed up for the phone and internet service and had intermittent reception, and the phone was out half the time, however, it is the only company offering high speed internet in my area. After a couple of weeks, the company ran a new wire from the cable box to my home, leaving a wire exposed that ran the whole length of my yard and across a walkway, statin that it would e buried within a week. After three months of phone calls and wasted time, I filed a complaint with my local BBB. I got a phone call within 24 hours of my complaint being sent to the company and the problem fixed the following day. I still had issues with the phone, and came to find out that the installers left all of the wires hanging out of the box, exposed to the elements.
    I cancelled my phone service, we have the Magicjack, works great so far. Now my internet bill is higher, of course, because I no longer bundle. As soon as I can, that's going too.
    I have been trying to find out more about accessing TV channels through the internet. I found a website that offers a download for around $50 but, I can't find anyone that's tried it, so I'm still researching.

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  • Wa
    Wanda Oct 27, 2009

    Charter is horrible. Read all the other complaints about them. None of their customer service reps know anything..arent trained..arent very bright whatever. And usually they are rude too. And they like to put you on hold forever hoping you will hang up. I think they go out side and smoke or something. I was on one call an hour and a half and I was put on hold by 5 people. Each hold time was longer than the last but I stayed on.No one fixed it either so I gave up for that night. And the online chat?? they all read a script and cant solve anything either but you waste 20 minutes typing to get nothing or they say "thats not my area call this number"
    Nothing is anyone's area.

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poor customer service

I requested phone service and they installed a wireless modem. NOw I have poor connectivity and only 36 Mbps. My old modem was giving my 5 bars throughout my house and even outside and had 54 Mbps. I have called several customer service agents to no availability. They even suggested my computer was bad. (HaHa). Now I'm having to spend a day here at home trying to trouble shoot my issues with these people.

I only requested phone service and now I have computer problems as well.

picture loss, poor quality

We are having horrible problems with time warner cable loss of signal, pixelation/tiling, loss of sound, and...

poor customer service

I have a Charter Communicatios "bundle" package - it includes telephone, cable tv and internet servives. In January 2099, I lost internet service for 4 days. Charter sent a service employee to fix the problem. He told me that a "node" stopped working causing me and some of my neighbors a loss of internet service. I'm not sure what a node is but I was told I would not be charged for the service call.

In addition, Charter promised a credit on my bill for the time I was not able to go on line. Naturally, when the next bill came, I received no credit and in fact, I WAS billed $35.00 for the service call. I called Charter in February and, after waiting on the phone for 45+ minutes I was told by the customer service rep that my bill would be credited $35.00 for the service visit and $17.00 for the loss of service. Today is March 22, 2009 and I got my latest bill on-line. The total bill was $170.37. This is approximately $35.00 more than my usual monthly bill. I called again to notify Charter that my bill was still incorrect. I've been on the phone for over an hour, I was assured that this time it will be taken care of. I asked for written confirmation and the service rep told me that is not possible. I asked for an-mail confirmation and she said she could not e-mail me. MY ISP CAN'T E-MAIL ME? Verizon FIOS can't come soon enough!

  • St
    Stephen Mar 07, 2009

    Where to start? Charter has been a headache since we signed up in August for a bundle package. The first issue was no internet. After going through troubleshooting with Motorola (modem brand- great customer service and the tech actually spoke English) and then with Charter, we got a service call. When the tech got there the internet started working again. Several days later- same scenario. Tech cam replaced a wire and after leaving we realized that he disconnected our telephone and cable. After the lengthy process of getting another tech to come (not easy considering the language barrier with their customer service reps from who knows where) we got that fixed. We still have frequent internet down days and so we wait until the next day and it will magically work again. In the meantime while on the phone- I was advised that I would need a digital converter box for our TV. I was told $5/ mth rental fee is all the extra cost was. That was great until our next bill came with an installation fee, the rental fee, and they bumped us into a different package tier- it doubled our bill. So I called again to get the converter box removed; the tech who came again told us that we did not need the box and that the cable company already has taken care of the digital transition for us. So what am I saying? If you want Charter, you might want to practice the bending over and grabbing your ankles position.

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  • Wi
    WILLIAM Apr 09, 2009





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  • Wi
    WILLIAM Apr 09, 2009

    bad customer service...

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  • Ri
    RickJohnson Aug 01, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    After having tried to access my Charter cable email account for the third time (and being kicked out after flashing aq screen saying I was acessing a commercial account), I called Charter Cable up only to be lied to and screamed at by an alleged service represenative named Sam in broken english. I used the web access i had to research AT&T DSL packages (ordering the next to top DSL package). Apparently this is a long-standing well-known problem that Charter refuses to acknowledge or repair. If you've had problems along this line (accessing your email account with Charter or their tech support, ) i'd love to hear about it.

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unauthorized billing

I've only had my account for two months, and Charter has already sent me a cut off notice - although I don't have a past due balance. They made me pay my first month of services in advance, so that should have covered my first bill and now they are ALREADY billing for next months service - with a notice that I could be disconnected if I don't pay a bill thats not even due yet!!!

This is crazy, and when I called customer service their representative said that they always bill in advance and I can disregard the disconnect notice - but he had no reason as to why my bill was DOUBLED even though they showed in their system that I had already paid to get started and even paid the first bill they sent.

Sounds like a BIG MESS and further research online revealed SEVERAL similar complaints... maybe thats why they are in bankruptcy now - people don't like being cheated and don't stay long with companies who knowingly RIP THEM OFF!

  • Jazzy15 Aug 20, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They did me the same way after moving my balance was 0.00 the in two days it went to 194.00.
    I called and got no where with them.I don't owe them this kind of money and I have yet to get a bill in the mail from them. I checked my online account to find this out.But I get promo's snail mail from Charter. So now they are calling going to disconect my services I told them to go ahead, I was sick of the lies and getting ripped of.Getting charged for money I do no owe. They need to be taken to court.

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  • Di
    Diane Laveque Aug 25, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Beatbox rap. Very, very annoying, the beat box guy spits and acts absolutely stupid. Repeats every 15 to 20 minutes. Please make it go away.

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calling email to friends and to myself spam

This company has filters they use on emails via their Outlook Express, and it is almost impossible for me to stop their assinine filtering of and refusing to send my emails to self, friends and relatives when some filter calls it SPAM because of some word or something found by a filter. The latest, among several this month, was my sending email titled "Chimp Attacks: Your Emails" which has nothing to do with MY mails. It had comments sent TO the BBC site regarding a chimpanzee in a Swedish zoo who apparently planned rock- throwing attacks on watchers!! Most of the time what they call SPAM has to do with anything against the New World Order, Monsanto, HR 875, free speech, etc. They even labelled a real U.S. Government site as SPAM

I despise this company but have to prefer it to phone connection services, so I have nothing better to take. It seems I must get my email in a plan thru another company, if possible. Then Charter should give me a refund toward their always increasing prices.
Yes I see how others have complained about their listing of prices if you try to find out from a rep. They make things look cheaper because they do not mention extra fees unless you tie them down to TOTALcost and ask them to write it all down.
I agree with other complaints against this company and am not surprised that they are failing!!!

  • Na
    Nancy Apr 01, 2009

    For no apparent reason, Charter has labeled emails from my daughter's high school and my son's middle school as spam, and therefore, will not allow them to be delivered. This occurs on a random basis. Charter will allow some to go through and then stop them. This is THE way I, and many others, communicate with our children's schools. After contacting Charter, they said it would be reviewed, and if in THEIR opinion it was not spam, would allow the emails to continue. Charter allows a tremendous amount of junk to come through which I know is spam, but they block important communication from my local schools. They also indicated it would take 24-48 hours. I have already lost 3 days of emails and apparently, have to wait longer.

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  • 1s
    1shot May 31, 2009

    Turn your filter off!!!

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false charges

I shared an apartment with a room mate who had time warner cable when I moved into the apartment. 4 month...

policy at charter only allows 30 days reimbursement of overcharges that are their fault.

Charter overcharged us for an additional DVR and DVR service for 10 months. When we added Showtime the operator noted the second DVR. We told her that we only had one. She indicated we had been charged for two from the date of enrollment with Charter even though they only had us register for one of their DVR boxes. She stated I needed to stay home from 8 am to 5 pm so they could verify we only had one DVR. After 5 pm when no one had come to the home or called, I called Charter.for the third time. (I had called on Friday to schedule the appointment and then called on Monday to verify my appointment. I was told it was still scheduled and again that I would be refunded the money.) The last call I made I was told no one needed to come out, then I was told they did need to come out, and then again told they did not need to come out. The operator told me that her supervisor needed to figure out the refund and I held for the supervisor. By this time, I had been on the phone for almost an hour. The operator then told me her supervisor said their policy was they could only refund 30 days of an overcharge. I then ask to speak the supervisor. The supervisor stated that was Charter's policy since I had received the bill and knew what they were charging. She said it was my responsibility to check my bill. I told her the amount was incorrect since day one and if they knew we had only one of their DVR's (with it's serial number) why would they charge us for two. This amount was 20 dollars plus over 10 months. She offered me about half of the amount but I indicated it was their mistake and I wanted the entire amount reimbursed. How many people are they overcharging and then use this 30 day policy for keeping the overcharge? As one worker told me, you have to work for the company to understand the bill. There is a lot of writing about what they can do to you on the back of the bill but this policy is missing. This is my money and their mistake. They are profiting greatly from their mistake and telling me it was my responsibility to catch it. I ask to speak to the manager and was told she was not available. The supervisor would not give me the manager's number but said she would give her my number after I ask for the manager to call me.

  • Ch
    Charterripoff Feb 04, 2011

    Yes, they've done it to me twice. They overcharged me for a modem that I owned. Each time they only offered me $20 because the customer service person said that's the best they can do. What a ripoff!

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hidden charges on their &one rate& international plan

Time warner digital phone offers a new "one rate" plan for international calls - $19.99 a month for 1000 minutes - sounds great, right? But for calls to cell phones, the rate is 27 cents a minutes. But here is the real kicker - if you use that phone line to access a calling card to call a cell phone at a decent rate, time warner somehow "taps into" that call, even though you are calling a local number to get access to that calling card system and they charge you for that call at their price!! That means you are charged twice - by the calling card company as well at the time warner rate of 27 cents a minute! They justify this by saying "you agreed we were your long distance carrier" and they ignore the fact you called a local access number to get out of their dsystem into another system. Anyone who has been scammed by this practice should contact the national consumer league and info them about your experience. Do not use time warner to access calling cards!!

fraudulent charges

1) twc took money from our bank account and charged our debit card even though I didn't give them the account information for either and even though they state it is against their policy to retain your payment information; 2) they will lie to you to get a sale; 3) the customer service reps are, in most cases, useless.

I authorized a payment via phone from our visa card. Even though twc represents that it does not retain customer's banking and credit card information, illegal withdrawals were made from our bank account and a debit card. I did not give any of that information to the representative. The only place she could have gotten it was to pull it from twc's records — the ones they say they don't keep on file.

After numerous calls throughout the next couple of weeks to various representatives (I spent a considerable amount of time speaking with a very concerned rep named jennifer who said I could call her back at ext. 4994 – an extension that I subsequently found out does not exist), I finally reached a single person in the tallmadge oh credit services office who authorized the payment of $134.00 to reimburse us for bounced check charges incurred as a result of the illegal withdrawal.

We received that payment as a “reversal" to the bank account but twc never credited my twc account for the money they took. On top of that, twc now states the $134.00 they reimbursed me for the check fees was really a bounced payment on my part and they want me to pay them that back too.

It is totally screwed up and I cannot find anyone at twc that can figure this out. I must add that most of the people are quite rude in their incompetence and/or unwillingness to help.

The second matter has to do with services. I was transferred to twc via its adelphia takeover. I had a package of services that was grandfathered in. The package included all of the cable and premium channels with bundled internet. I have had the package since I began service in 2001 and purposely did not want it changed. One day I called to make a payment and the rep told me I could pay almost $1.00 less per month if I added their new digital phone service to my cable/internet services.

Since that didn't make much sense to me, I asked her several times about it and specifically told her I did not want to change anything that would affect my services and current package. She assured me that nothing would change and that she would even include voice mail at no additional charge. We scheduled an appointment for installation.

I also questioned the installer to make sure nothing was being changed and that the only thing that was changing was the addition of the phone service. I was assured that was the case. The installer left and so did many of my channels. I began the journey of trying to find someone who cared that I could speak with. I was transferred to various people, waited for almost an hour in most cases (I am not exaggerating) and was often put on hold with the person never returning. I was repeatedly told by customer service to talk with tech support (tech support never, ever answered though I was transferred to them consistently in spite of telling the representatives that nobody answered). This occurred with staff people as well as supervisors. To add insult to injury, when I call twc and plug in my phone number, the system message says it doesn't recognize my phone number even though it is a twc phone line!

At any rate, after holding 42 minutes for yet another representative (I keep records of this junk), I finally found one who attempted to resolve the problem. I was told that I changed my package (no, I did not) and that I could only have my services restored if I paid another $15 per month.

What a rip off!

  • Harsh Realities Jul 19, 2009

    You MUST deal with TimeWarner in writing. Do NOT rely on phone calls or email.
    You MUST deal with TimeWarner in writing.
    You MUST deal with TimeWarner in WRITING.

    If TimeWarner were a person it would best be described as a pathological liar: They will say one thing and do whatever is most convenient for them.

    Follow EACH phone conversation with a snail-mail summary of your conversation to the place you send your bills. Include your name, address, and account number.

    I have made a hobby out of rescuing people from TimeWarner. They screwed me out of $1000 so I plan to cost them orders of magnitude more in customer loss.

    Send ALL letters to "the office of the president" for your territory.

    If you continue to be defrauded by TWC file a FORMAL complaint with the "Public Utilities Commission"


    remember you CAN also sue them in small claims court. In most jurisdictions the filing fee is about $60. WHEN you win your case you will recoup this investment.

    I recovered most of my money from TWC and you can too. I have since upgraded to FIOS. I hope it is available in your area. :)

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lousy service, even lousier customer service

Time warner's road runner high speed cable internet servicce is awful.

I have had the service since september, 2008. Since, not a month has gone by without problems.

Today (2/26/09) marks the fourth day in a row that my service has been out or faulty.

Fed up, last night I phoned customer service. I was placed on hold for 50 minutes and 59 seconds and still had not had my issues resolved when I hung up.

Now, I have a wrestling match to look forward to when I finally reach them and demand that payment for these four days (and probably counting) be deducted from my monthly statement.

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    Charles Mar 16, 2009

    I had roadrunner cable installed and the installler did not have booties to put on over his shoes. It started to rain and I asked him to wipe his shoes off and he did one time. The next time he came in he appartenly did not as he left two dirty marks on the beige carpet where he was working.
    I do not walk in the house with my shoes on and this serviceman had no concern for the customers property.
    He also busted the steps on the swingdown steps to the attic.
    This is the second time this has happened. he first time I paid to have it repaired.
    It is time that brighthouse hired service personnel that cared for the customers property.
    I was also told that he would explain the charges before instattation. No explanation. He handed me a folder when he left and departed.
    Some SERVICE!

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  • Je
    JEK Dec 01, 2009

    Time Warner Roadrunner service would be better titled Time Warner Road Kill. Evening performance is horrible. It is so bad it reminds me of the days of dial up modems. I sit. I wait. I get pissed. Look for another option.

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    Internet Starved Dec 18, 2009

    I had service from them several years ago. It was suppose to be forty dollars a month soon a bill came for four months service so i had it disconnected. I should not have bothered with them since when they introduced road runner to my area eight years ago i got a virus that destroyed a very expensive computer. A few years ago i decided i needed highspeed internet. I called the company and a very nice spoken superviser came on the phone and apoligized for the overcharges in the past. He said that if i would come back he would give me two months free if i would try digital cable tv with road runner.
    I agreed and paid the first month, 73 dollars. For the next two months i got a bill that said do not pay, i called and verified and they said yes it was true. When january came i got a bill for three months service. I tried and tried but they would not correct it so i had it disconnected. They now claim i owe them four months bills. It has been over three years and i had problems with my dsl so i tried to get roadrunner again they say they will only put it in if i pay them 291 dollars i do not owe them.
    I have called everyone in the company and a few of them tried to claim i owed them for service at an old address from over ten years ago. At the time i had a ten foot satellite dish. Another household memeber tried to get service and they claim that this address is not eligible for service even though we are just off of a main road that goes right by their office. If we had some other source or alturnative they could not be so arrogant with their billing. All they want is your name and social security number so they can bill you. They do not care a thing about service.

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    TWC costumer Jan 10, 2010

    AGREE!!! They suck. Coming to my place, telling me some bull, and the problem is still the same. Speed is so bad (no more than 220KB/sec), sometimes my digital channels are off. Can't watch TV, can't download nothing (files are corrupted). How come that they own some areas that you can not switch to someone else????? This is not fair, this is not democracy!!! We all paying for something we're not getting. AVOID TIME WARNER CABLE if you can.

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signal breaking up

cable signal breaks up & sound drops during the oscars 2 22 09 this is not only time ! every night ! called...

service outages

My family has had charter communications as an internet service provider for over 4 1/2 years now. Ever since spring of 2008, we have had daily service outages.

We pay $60.00 a month for service we do not receive.

Tech support is a total nightmare! Charter outsources their technical support to a foreign country where none of the "technicians" speak nor understand the english language.

Tech support refuses to tell you when you call that the outage is charter's problem. They tried to make me uninstall hardware from my computer. When I continually refused, they finally told me that charter had the outage and that my computer was not the problem. These clowns were trying to get me to uninstall hardware and reinstall it for absolutely no reason at all! The outage was in their lousy system!

They also can never find my account when I call because I had a phone number change and charter billing is unable to keep accurate, up-to-date records. I have been told repeatedly that I have no account. Yet they manage to get the damn bill to me each month! Whenever I ask to speak to a supervisor, they refuse. They tell me they cannot transfer me to a supervisor unless they can look up my account. Last night, they asked me for my social security number. What sane person is going to give some foreigner their social security number?!! I refused this as well.

We are now changing to another internet service provider. Charter is the worst company I have had to deal with in recent years, and charter will never get my business ever again!!

  • Or
    orsty3001 Jun 24, 2009

    I have the same problem but the only issue is I can't go to another ISP. DSL is unavailable in my area and Satellite doesn't work for what I do online.

    I'm frustrated beyond belief. It's costing me so much when I can't look up prices for customers online. It goes out almost everyday for at least 10 hours.

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  • Sl
    sls_medford Sep 10, 2009

    Had service outtages here and there last two weeks. Call and request to cancel! They will send someone out within 2-3 days- at same time ask them to reduce your monthly bill! I got the cost down $10 a month same as their current promotion for new customers.

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  • Bu
    buddrick fizzlemeister Sep 10, 2009

    Get Dish or Directv...

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  • Wa
    wallyomusic Aug 28, 2016

    no contract fees bull its promotion as they call it ive been with charter for over 12 yeas now or was I had internet and basic tv 99.00 I was charged each month than the promotion ended and my bill went to 149.00 a month they would not give me a new promotion so I cancel now try to make a payment on line to pay off bill imposable and they want to charge you 5.00 to make a phone call payment whats this charge 5.00 to pay off your bill, what use to be a good company is not so anymore ive since went to wifi tv and internet I pay 13.78 a month now for internet tv is free yes that's right free I have airfiber for internet just as fastas charter and the free tv I get I have over 300 channels to watch there is how ever pay for view channels showtime hbo max encore ex but at only 6.99 a month look what charter charges, is company has turned into a ripoff lying about no contract flees I guess its all in the words not truth so if your tire off getting ripoff look for other ways to get service its much cheaper and just as good or better

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