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illegally disabling firewire ports

Charter Communications has recently disabled the IEEE-1394 (FireWire) ports on both of my HD cable boxes. One is a Scientific Atlanta Explorer 3250HD and the other an Explorer 4250HDC. These ports are used to send non-decoded video streams to devices such as some HDTVs and DVHS recorders. Numerous contacts with different members of the support staff including higher level ones has yielded nothing but as many different excuses for the problem and no answer.

Active IEEE-1394 ports are required to be provided upon request according to 76.640 Section 4 Subsections i and ii of Title 47 of the Federal Code of Regulations. Besides this legal requirement, Charter even documents the ports on their website. Regardless of this fact, none of the support personnel seem to even know what the ports are. Because of this, it has been impossible to get Charter to re-enable the ports as is legally required.

horrible service

Within the past 3 years, in my area of orange county, southern california, time warner cable started bundling their services so you get phone, internet and cable for package pricing. When they started this practice they also pushed hard for new customers. From that time their service has declined dramatically, and I assume their customer base has increased. When you call for customer service you have a minimum of a 10-15 minute wait for help, today one time, I was on the phone 1hr and 15 minutes.

Today was the last straw, cable in a monopoly! My dvr box and cable channels have not been working, channels have not been coming in for a week now, and before that the dvr wasn't working for other reasons. I have called and called, been on hold for an hour+ and finally today had an appointment set up for a technician to come out between 1-3 pm. I called yesterday to confirm my appt., I called this morning to re-confirm the time as I had taken off work to be available. I was assured they would be here between 1-3 although they couldn't tell me the exact time the first time I called. When no one was here by 3:00pm I called back. I was placed on hold while they contacted the tech to see my place on his schedule and my time, I was assured the tech would be here no later than 3:30. When it got to 4:00 pm still no one was here and I called back again. This time I was told he was backed up and would "definitely" be to my home no later than 5:00 pm. I was given a $20 credit for my trouble. At 5:15 I called back again and was told I had never been on the schedule and it was all a big mistake. I told them they needed to get someone out tonight, that I had taken the afternoon off work, cancelled my evening plans and couldn't take more time off work again. Tomorrow is the presidential inauguration and that will not happen again, I will be at work and I have been paying their high prices so I can record historical events like this. At this point I can get 1 channel! They said they usually had emergency techs for this type of problem but they were all busy, I was out of luck. My current choices appear to be, I could take more time off work or wait until the following saturday to get my cable fixed (today is monday), or I get satellite tv but that will take time.

What can we do switch cable companies, I would if that were possible but we all know it's not?? I really do not want satellite, but what choice do I have? I told them not to set up another appt. I was looking for service somewhere else but I do not know where to go. Where can I go to get help? This happens with time warner every time I call for help. Frequently my phone doesn't work for a full day if not more. Are there answers to these questions or anyone people like me can turn to for satisfaction?

  • Harsh Realities Jul 19, 2009

    You MUST deal with TimeWarner in writing. Do NOT rely on phone calls or email.
    You MUST deal with TimeWarner in writing. Do NOT rely on phone calls or email.
    You MUST deal with TimeWarner in writing. Do NOT rely on phone calls or email.

    If TimeWarner were a person it would best be described as a pathological liar: They will say one thing and do whatever is most convenient for them.

    I have made a hobby out of rescuing people from TimeWarner. They screwed me out of $1000 so I plan to cost them orders of magnitude more in customer loss.

    Send ALL letters to "the office of the president" for your territory.

    If you continue to be defrauded by TWC file a FORMAL complaint with the "Public Utilities Commission"

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  • Harsh Realities Jul 19, 2009

    Before I upgraded to FIOS from RoadRunner, getting 50% more bandwith and 100% less problems all for about 45% less money, I canceled the phone portion of my account.

    I recommend you shop around for a VoIP (voice over IP) phone provider that has the features- and price you want.

    Some top rated providers, some of which I have personally tested include:

    TWC is offering the same phone "feature" set as available from the Bells in the late 1970s. That's yet another way they gouge you.

    If you are a little adventurous research the feasibility of setting up an asterisk server in your home to save serious cash on your phone costs. A user friendlier option is PBX in a flash. Once you swallow the cost of a server, as little as $300, you can get flat rate incoming calls for as little as $3 per month and outgoing calls billed as little as $0.0105/min.

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  • Ke
    Kevin Rodriguez Jan 31, 2010

    The technicians are great!! but customer service is horrible. They don't know what they are talking about, one says one thing and another says something different. The billing department can't make up their mind if they bill ahead or for the past month. I was charged twice for the month of November and no one knows how that came to be, so they are telling me that I owe 2 payments. After 2 years of service I decided to end it. I switch to Verizon and it is so much better. I recommend Verizon for Internet Service. By the way that is not the first time they done that to me.

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  • Ro
    ronp227 Jun 09, 2010

    Time Warner Cable has HORRIBLE SERVICE and they don't give a hoot about their customers! I had At&T (which I LOVED) but moved to another city and was forced to get Time Warner Cable. Well, I waited ALL DAY for a tech to show up, and when he finally did at the end of the day, he told me that he would have to get his supervisor over for another day to look at my set up because of some sort of weird wiring they had going on. I waited (and took off another day of work) to wait for the supervisor. HE didn't show up till the end of the day, then he told me that I would have to wait another WEEK for service because they needed to run a new line. I waited another week. After a week, they said that I would have to wait another week because they were too "busy" to service the line! WHAT? I was so upset! I called DirecTV and got service within two days. I will NEVER EVER EVER go with Time Warner. EVER.

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bad service and questionable billing practices

Charter cable customer service is absolutely terrible. Over the last 4-5 years that we had Charter we have experienced several nightmares. First a tree fell across the street and brought down the power and cable lines. Charter connected the service by laying a cable in my front yard in the grass and it took me about 14 calls and several personal visits to their office over nearly a year to get them out to hang the cable.

Second our internet service never worked properly. A tech came out and ran a new cable from the house to the pole and it worked better for a while. After a year, the cable is still laying in our yard.

Third, about 8 months ago they called to ask if I wanted to upgrade to a digital package with a six month "trial rate" lower rate than we already had, so I accepted. They told me the tech would be out a few days later and we arranged a time. He never showed at the stated time and they never called to confirm or check it out. Since I was getting a better rate, I blew it off for six months until the "trial rate" was over.

Forth, and the best. At the same time our internet was still not getting good reception so I called on 11-03-08 to cancel both the digital package that I never received mentioned above and our internet service. I was told that I could not cancel my internet because I had an "outstanding balance" ($171.21) and that they "would cancel my internet once it had been paid". I immediately paid it and the 171.21 payment cleared my bank 4 days later. Guess what, my December statement STILL HAD BOTH SERVICES, NEITHER HAD BEEN CANCELED. When I called to question this and get it resolved the customer service person "Anthony" advised that when my outstanding balance was paid "I was supposed to have called them back to tell them back to remind them that I still wanted my internet service canceled". When I told him that no one had told me I had to "call back after my payment had cleared" and asked why I had to call them back he said that they couldnt cancel my service "without my authorization". I said "WHAT"?!!! I just told them 4 days before the payment cleared that I wanted it canceled did they have record of that? He said yes, but I was still supposed to call and tell them that "that was the way their system was set up". I told him its not my problem the way their system is set up. I lived up to my end of the agreement. I went through TWO supervisors, "Diana" and "Charline" and they all sounded like robots telling me the same thing and even adding that they would not cancel it now, nearly 2 months later because I had another "outstanding balance" ($105.65) which included the 2 services that I asked them to cancel nearly two months ago! In other words, they are now charging me money for 2 services that I have already asked them to cancel nearly two months ago and no longer use (I have had ATT internet since October) and one I never had, and STILL will not cancel because they want payment for those 2 services which I told them that I did not want nearly 2 months ago! It was absolutely incredible display of customer diservice and I feel may have even breached a few laws. I Am looking into it. I felt like I was talking to people from another planet. I have never heard of someone not being able to cancel their service anytime they wanted without a contract.

Charter Communications has had a multitude of consumer complaints filed with the BBB and is rumored to be filing chapter 11 bankrupsy (who would have thought with their questionable business practices). Look it up and see for yourself.


  • Gw
    gwrr Jul 17, 2010

    I too have Charter cable and Internet service. No only does my bill keep increasing, but Friday they removed a number of channels from my TV cable service. When I called them they said it was because I was getting I had the basic service for $35.50. When I told them I had the same service for 12 years and the same channels. Charter then said an audit was performed and I should only be getting 32 channels with the basic service and also blamed the government for changing from analog to digital TV reception. I was also told that I could get the channels that were removed from my service for another $24.99. I told them I was not interested in paying Charter any more money, and they had no right to remove the channels from my service, then expect me to pay them more money to put the channels back on. I am going to not only get another TV service, but also another internet service. This is bull. Who gave Charter the right to remove channels I have had for 12 years, then ask me to pay more money to put the channels back on?

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  • Di
    dissapointed consumer Oct 11, 2010

    do not get charter cable. they will [censor] you in the end. I had about seventy channels on charter and some of those were regular tv channels, but what charter [censor]ing did amazed me. they removed comedy central, espn, espn 2, fox sports, fx channel, amc, msnbc, fox news, Nickelodeon, cartoon network, tnt, and many more channels. now all i have is [censor]ing animal planet, the history channel, tru tv, c-span, qvc, hsn, wgn, tbs, life time which is very snowy and no volume completely inaudible white noise, a&e, ktla channel 5, fox in horrible quality, ion, and a couple other local non cable channels, it's [censor]ing ridiculous and disgusting, all without my permission or even a warning. I'm paying 150 a month by the way with a 2 year contract and broadband and phone. I think thats actually a brief of contract since when I signed up I had all those channels, and right in the middle of the contract term they removed so many channels without my consent. I should take the evil [censor] to court. You will sign up for a certain package with a certain amount of channels and they will end up removing all the good channels in the middle of your contract term. It's like signing a contract for phone service with free unlimited texting, and waking up one day finding out that they took that away and you still have to pay full price because you have a contract with them, and in order to get the service back you have to pay another 25.00 a month for something you were getting for much less.

    Now I can't even watch lakers games, and the was the only reason I had purchased their cable service in the first place and now i'm stuck with their service and if i try to cancel they will charge me a tremendous fee.

    I will add keywords, some of them are names of famous people and popular shows so I can reach out to more people, really everybody should be informed about the scam that charter is. I suggest more people with complaints to do the same.

    keywords: (for the search engines), charter communications, scam, don't get charter, charter removed a lot of channels, charter cable, charter deleted many channels, charter sucks, [censor] charter communications, charter, communication, scam, criminals, charter, I can't believe what charter did, charter is dishonest, customer is always right, breach of contract, how is charter cable?, is charter good?, how much does charter cable cost?, is charter communications a scam?, has anyone tried charter cable?, does anyone have charter?, contract, is charter a scam?, breach of contract, amc, fox, fox news, breaking bad, dancing with the stars, msnbc, comedy central, bet, nickolodean, cartoon network, history channel, animal planet, fox sports, fox sports 2, espn, espn 2, tbs, tnt, lakers, miley cyrus, oj simpson, discovery channel, quality cable service for cheap, scam, allstate insurance.

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internet outages

I depend on my internet service for a small home based business. As we are all aware, every dollar adds up these days! The service has been off and on for the last 4 days. Sometimes for half an hour, sometimes for much longer. My customers are upset (not with me particularly), but with the situation. I get an email for an order and try to reply only to find the service down - again. My family depends on this extra source of income and I hate to possibly lose good customers.

I am thinking of going to Verizon Fios, however the thought of changing emails for the bank and many other places seem daunting. TW did give me a credit for 8 days, however FIOS is cheaper anyway. The customer service is usually horrendous - many times asking me to contact Apple as I have an iMac. The vast majority of problems are the fault of TW, not Apple. I'm thoroughly disgusted and WILL switch if necessary. My husband will just have to get used to a new channel lineup for the TV, lol.

I'm in Southern California - today TW blamed the *server* problems on the California fires which were quite awhile ago. Obviously just an excuse. Argh!

  • Tw
    TWsux Sep 28, 2009

    I can't stand Time Warner. I have several outages every month. Sometimes there are several intermittent outages that only last for 5-10minutes, sometimes the internet is down for a couple days. Whenever I call Time Warner to solver the problem, their tech support team wastes my time with a bunch of routine robot-like troubleshooting that would make the average computer dummy feel like their equipment at fault. They usually will step you through the routine "power cycle" which wastes more time and allows them to stall you long enough to allow the service to be restored temporarily, only to have another outage in a few days. I have been told my cable modem needed to be replaced(so i replaced it), I've been told many times that I'll need to have a service tech come to test my equipment(which also wastes more of my time) and doesnt solve the outages. I even had a technician admit that the TX rate is really high which is why my internet connection is so slow. The most recent outage started by a few days of 5-20 minute period outages several times a day over the course of 3 days, then an outage that lasted 2 days. I had called tech support after the first hour and they told me again that they'll need a service tech to come check everything and my modem probably needs to be replaced. I left the modem unplugged for 2 days while i went out of town and when i came back and plugged the modem back in, the internet was magically working again.
    So i called to cancel my service call and to inquire about what the solution for these outages would be, and i had the worst robotic rep tell me everything other reps say, along with wasting more time by trying to paraphrase like a robot. When I argued that none of those solutions solves the problem permanently, and I mentioned how my cable modem connects to their DNS server, gives me an IP address, and i can even ping the Dns server's ip address and get a reply, but the internet connection wont work, he proceeded to blame the problem on the fact the time warner is always doing upgrades to make the service better and sometimes that might be creating the outages.
    If Time Warner is going to provide intermittent internet service, they should not be charging full price for their service.
    They are inefficient, and when their inefficiency makes my internet connection down, it affects my clients who i assist with computer problems remotely over the internet, and in turn creates an inefficiency in my small business, which also affects the efficiency of my clients.
    I canceled TW cable tv a long time ago because I disagree with cable tv programming, commercials, and redundant programming on every network, so all i use them for is internet.
    i'm trying to look into other ISP options at this time. I have had Time Warner cable in other homes i've lived in and their service has always sucks over the past 8 years that i've ended up having to use them

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  • De
    deana rickard Jul 02, 2010

    having problems with satellite through ALL OF THE CHANNELS, Today, yesterday, the cost is outrageous for the product and crappy customer service! good thing I have Verizon for internet and phone or I would be SCREWED!!

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bad business practices

Last month (November), I relocated my place of residence. I called Charter Communications to cancel my service. The only equipment I had belonging to Charter was a cable modem used for internet service. I informed the rep. of this, only to be told that all billing will stop when I go to the nearest office and turn in the modem. I was also told that this is the only way that I could stop my services, and that the nearest office was 45 minutes away. Needless to say, I did not make it to the office to disconnect my service.

After my move, I called and spoke to another rep. who informed me that the service tech. would have PICKED UP the modem from my home on the scheduled day of disconnection. She then told me what day the services would stop, and gave me information regarding the credit which Charter owed me...which was 9.52 .

Several days passed, and I called back and spoke to ANOTHER representative. This time the guy told me that I could purchase the modem, which could be used with other providers, over the phone with no hassle. I obtained the necessary information from him to mail the modem back if I chose to do so.

Several days later, I received a notice in the mail from Charter threatening me with legal action if I did not turn in the modem. I then called in and spoke to another rep. who told that me I COULD NOT purchase the modem over the phone, and that I would have to wait for the bill to come through the mail. So I waited...nothing came except ANOTHER threatening letter.

I called back and spoke to yet another rep., who refused to do ANYTHING with my account. He said that I had set up a "pin" number, and that I had to recite this before continuing. I told him that I had NEVER been asked for a pin, nor did I ever set up one. I gave him a few choice words, and hung up. This was inappropriate, but I had reached my limit.

I calmed down, and called back. I pretended that I had not talked to anyone about my payment options, and told him that I wanted to pay for the modem. There was no problem. I told him that I had a Visa check card, and I proceeded to give him the number. Then he asked for my routing number. Routing Number? I was using a CHECK CARD. I was starting to get hot again, but kept my cool. He had no idea what I was talking about, so I just told him it was a credit card. Then he was able to process it, and (without too much confusion) processed my payment.

I don't know what the problem is...maybe a language barrier, or cultural differences...but it is ALL EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING.

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awful service

Charter communications is a franchise. They pay the areas they are in to do business there with your money...


I ordered time Warner Cable about a year ago they advertised all this great stuff on the tv about free on demand free hdtv and free movies on demand so I figured what a great deal for my family to get a bundle with all this great stuff well for the past year no on demand no free hdtv and no free movies cause it never works and i have called several times they have even came to the house but it trouble at the companies side they always say that they are upgrading even the tech that came to the house said that they really don't offer it they just say that to have you to contract with them! That is a complete rip off! They aren't honoring what they say that they will when you purchase the cable, but they are quick to send you a bill with all the free stuff on there i mean i know it is free but my whole reason to get it was because it said all this stuff came with the package. I am very unsatisfied with the company!!! they always have excuses and don't honor what they say! Can they get away with this???

  • Harsh Realities Jul 19, 2009

    You MUST deal with TimeWarner in writing. Do NOT rely on phone calls or email.
    You MUST deal with TimeWarner in writing.
    You MUST deal with TimeWarner in WRITING.

    If TimeWarner were a person it would best be described as a pathological liar: They will say one thing and do whatever is most convenient for them.

    Follow EACH phone conversation with a snail-mail summary of your conversation to the place you send your bills. Include your name, address, and account number.

    I have made a hobby out of rescuing people from TimeWarner. They screwed me out of $1000 so I plan to cost them orders of magnitude more in customer loss.

    Send ALL letters to "the office of the president" for your territory.

    If you continue to be defrauded by TWC file a FORMAL complaint with the "Public Utilities Commission"


    remember you CAN also sue them in small claims court. In most jurisdictions the filing fee is about $60. WHEN you win your case you will recoup this investment.

    I recovered most of my money from TWC and you can too. I have since upgraded to FIOS. I hope it is available in your area. :)

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hostage - robbery

Where to start - they say they are "competitively priced" however when they give kickbacks to an aparment complex (that they deny) they do not have to be competitive! A customer has no choice in cable service and they do this: you can have our service at a discount if you sign a 15 month contract (when they know leases are 12 months!) hey and if you choose to cancel your service after 12 months - guess what? You are charged a big termination fee and have to pay for the concessions you had been given!!! They say hey that doesn't work for you? You can have our service at a month to month service however you will be charged full price which is twice as much as you were charged at your last cable company (cable with internet) who you would love to continue with however your apartment complex refuses to allow competition in to there complex (remember they are getting kickbacks - but time warner says they are not paying it!!!). But hey wait you can sign a contract for just 10 months and if you choose to continue from there you will pay full price! Remember thats twice as much?? So someone please tell me where are they competitive???

  • Kc
    kcimitguy Sep 10, 2010

    Wait until your service is interupted or doesnt meet what the terms of service is and you prove it to them and they refuse to credit you or fix it. I was at the end of the service line and so I had the worse reception (cable TV) and proved I was not getting the bandwidth (Cable Internet)they guaranteed (3MB/s downstream and at least 384KB/s upstream). I proved to them my downstream speed was 1.2MB/s and 55KB/s upstream. Their response was for me to purchase a line amplifier (which they charged me $50 for) and then to tell me I had the option of cancelling their service after the 3rd tech came out and ran all new cable throughout my house, replaced the line on the pole (I was told all three times it was full of water or something like that). And so I finally took them up on th eoffer to cancel which led to my first post about the idiot/dirtbag who let me dogs out of my yard. Quality of service and customer retention is not important to them apparently; probably because they have all these contracts with apartment complexes, etc.

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sent me to collections for a modem that was taken from my house from their agent who installed my internet in my new apartment

I moved to a new apartment. I called time warner cable to cancel my old account because I didn't know...

terrible experience

I moved to Chicopee MA in April of 2007. I signed up for Charter Cable and immediately began to have problems. The billing amount was slightly different than what they told me but it was a small enough amount where it wasn't worth the time to report it. I let it slide. I paid my bill online via a method that did not require a username or password.

For months, my bill was paid without error. During a system upgrade, the option to pay without establishing a username and a password was removed. I attempted to establish a username and password but due to system difficulties, I could not. I began paying my phone utilizing their automated system. This is where the real trouble began.

Prior to a summer cruise, I paid my bill. A short time after arriving back, I received a late notice. I knew that I had paid in full, so I pulled my credit card statement up and phoned Charter. On my statement I was able to read back the account number that had been paid. I read that to the Charter agent who determined that somehow my phone lines were switched with someone who lived on the same street.

I was told the matter would be resolved without any further information needed from me. Later in the evening, I received a phone call from a supervisor demanding that I send my credit card statement via fax showing that I had paid the bill. I have previously worked in the Fraud Division of a Financial Institution and felt that fax was not a secure method to send any personal information through. I refused.

After some arguing, I agreed to take a trip to the local Charter Office and show my credit card statement to an individual woman. I did and the matter was resolved until the following month where the same thing happened once again. Again, I took the trip to my local Charter Office. I then phoned the 1 800 number and asked to be established online.

After speaking with three different individuals I was told they were unable to establish me online but did not know why. I had the account number and passcode correct but their online banking would not register me. I was frustrated but attempted not to take my anger out on the agents and instead let it go to the following month where once again, my funds were attributed to another account. During this time-frame, I had spoken to supervisors and managers in vain.

I had made every logical attempt to resolve this matter kindly. Still, because they kept attributing payments improperly, I was receiving late notices and threats to discontinue service in the mail. I pay my bills on time. I dislike threats and little yellow warnings. It just didn't stop. After dealing with the same situation yet again, I demanded being established online. The agent I spoke with had the audacity to state that I needed to go through Charter for my internet to establish a username and password to pay my cable bill online.

I knew from previous phone conversations that this was untrue so I asked to speak with his supervisor and was hung up on. I still didn't want to go haywire so I let it go until my bill was due yet again. I phoned in and asked them to take my payment over the phone with a live-agent. They would but for a $15.00 fee. I understand that $15.00 isn't much, but the principle really bothered me.

I couldn't rationalize paying them to take my money. It seemed unethical. I declined their offer and went online. Finally, a chat representative was able to establish a username and password for me. I was happy and relieved. Immediately following, my digital cable began freezing more than usual. I became dissatisfied with the quality and frankly I was still rather upset about the whole payment fiasco. I decided to cancel.

In October of this year, I brought my cable box to the local Charter location. I paid my bill in full. I received a receipt which I still have showing that my balance was zero. Sure enough, I received a late notice. I phoned Charter and informed them that I had proof I was paid in full. I faxed a copy down to their 1 800 number. They stated the case was open.

Due to the dishonest approach of the company, I filed a complaint with the BBB. I dislike this approach but found it necessary. Sure enough, they have emailed the BBB stating that they conducted their own investigation and concluded I still owe them over a hundred dollars.

This is ludicrous. I owe them nothing. I have documentation from them upon returning my cable box that I owe them nothing. I've provided this to them. It's as though they are hoping they can aggravate me enough where I will just pay them off. I've let them slide on so much. They've added programming without my go ahead. They've overcharged me. They've made promises of free items and never delivered.

I've never endured so many issues with one company. I don't believe it is a conspiracy but I also don't believe this is an isolated coincidence. I believe the company is acting in a purposefully deceitful manner to ensure that they make the most money possible from each customer. I feel cheated. It isn't the money. Part of me says, pay them to get them off of my back...but the other part of me is just DONE. I've done everything right by this company and I've received nothing but headaches in return.

It seems that there are enough decent people out there who have endured the same sort of behavior I have. If you are interested in a Class Action Lawsuit, I believe we have a case. I have all of my documentation and can back up everything I've said here.

  • Ma
    Matt Dec 30, 2008

    Charter Communications is a franchise. They pay the areas they are in to do business there with your money, you are taxed on your bill . It is called a franchise fee. If people are so upset take action... Petition, get signatures, protest at city hall, do what you must, to get them removed and make room for a better and more reliable company.

    This company is very deceitful. They put you in campaigns/promotions, and say we will e-mail you or send you a reminder when your 'special pricing' expires. I for one have never received any reminders, and when you do call, they say the pricing isn't available, or that in order to get a low price we need to bundle your services...WHAT? I don't want any other CRAPPY service . I already have internet service that goes out daily.

    My advice to Charter: Keep your prices steady and your customer service reps in check, and maybe then you would have a good reputation. Oh, and your supervisors are ruder than the reps. And maybe get a service that is reliable, because I am sick of hearing... OH THERE'S AN OUTAGE IN YOUR AREA.

    I also have to laugh, ask for an e-mail confirming your new price and how long it will last... They WILL NEVER EVER E-MAIL THIS TO ANYONE! Apparently when I asked a rep why, he said legalities. LMAO legalities cause they lie & add things to your acct. Ask to hear a previous recorded conversation, they don't exist for customers to hear. Yet they say you will be recorded. Oh the DECEIT GROWS.

    I would suggest to Charter Communications: replace your LEADERSHIP teams and TRAINERS, because they are not doing a very good job at retaining your revenue or teaching your representatives how to be honest with a customer, not lie, because they just want their commissions. What are you 20 BILLION in debt? Someone needs to open their eyes there, and make some serious changes. And start regaining the clients trust.

    I went to Dish today, so you will not be receiving my $175.00 a month now, sorry about that.

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  • St
    steviebzzz Feb 20, 2009

    Several months ago I mailed my congresman, I'm still waiting for a reply. Gee ya think maybe they're in bed together?

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  • Cr
    crystalshadow319 Jun 12, 2009

    I completely agree with you. The day I had my service installed problems began. The guy who set everything up seemed like he was high on something, he couldnt even get our internet going. We ended up getting that going on our own. He didnt seem like he even knew he was at work, let alone in a customers home. Then I got a bill for $135 when I had just paid the installer $109, and my monthly bill was only $85 after taxes. I called, they said that bill was sent out without the updated $109, to disregaurd it. I said ok... THen a few days later, the same bill came. For almost a week I recieved a bill for this every day. I called again, and they said I had to pay this amount, and the next month I would be credited back everything I paid, it hadnt caught up. Now, I am not a genius, but I do know my basic math. $109 plus $135 equals $245... My bill is only $85. I said no, I paid already, according to the lady I spoke with to set up service I would not recieve any bill until the next month, bc the first bill is a month in advance plus some "extra". I then found out I had been charged for installation, which I was assured would be free for internet and tv. As a matter of fact, I told her I would have to call her back to "ok" the service after I spoke to my husband, as we make financial decisions together. She told me that if I hung up, she could not guarantee the next agent would exepmt both fees. So I said, ok, sign me up. I found out later that they ALWAYS exempt the installation. Well, that is what 1 person said, another said they exempt it for 1 service at least. So either way, I had been lied to. Well, kept having billing issues, finally spoke to a nice older lady and she got it straightened out. The other ppl there couldnt even tell me my correct due date, that kept changing also. A few days later, I log in and see it is BACK to the old price. Uhg. So I contact the BBB. They do a investigation, and someone from corporate calls me, andwe work it all out. I go to let the BBB know it's resolved and notice the bill is screwy again. I say its not ok, and the lady calls me back. Everything after that is ok, except that our internet is horrible, usually just sits on a blank screen... I went to pay our last bill, did it thru auto pay online. I put in my info, set the date, recieved a confirmation email and all. This month I went to pay, and what do ya know, but there is a late charge! They say I never paid last month. I call them and they deny I ever did such a thing. I have the proof so I decided I will call corporate to get it fixed. Still awaiting a call back from them to this day. I cancelled my auto pay, and then recieved an email that they were taking money out of my account as of that day to pay, bc I requested it! I called back, and they deny that too. Even though I have an email, dated that time, that date, it came in as I was sitting there contemplating my conversation with the helpless customer service. So, I am contacting the BBB, bc its the only way to get any help at all. I am so done with them. So far I have paid WAY more money that is needed for my account. DO NOT USE CHARTER!

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unauthorized charge

Unathorized charge of "csw subscription renewed @ $9.99/mo" please remove any and all charges a.s. a.p.!!!

increase in monthly payment

On 8-11-08, I purchased a monthly package including basic cable for $7.08, Road Runner Lite for $29.95, and...

Technician problems

I've been trying to get Internet access at my new apartment, and apparently, the only company that...

raising prices 14%

Charter Communications is the only game in town in Saginaw Township, Michigan. The local government set Charter up to rip off the citizens with no competition. Can you believe it? Who in this day and age doesn't do the right thing and set up a competitive services provider situation. Well, I can tell you who - the Tim Braun and the government of Saginaw Township in Michigan. The township is probably getting huge kickbacks for eliminating the competition and perhaps even some things that are not being made public... While DirectTV is available, they are the same kind of predator as Charter. Set one price and then hike it up...They're all ripoff artists in the end...Stay away from Charter, they are the worst...just enter "Charter Communication complaints" into your browser and you'll see so many hits it will take your breath away...They are not only predatory but their so-called customer service is trained to lie and to frustrate customers (hang-up in the middle of the call, can't find your account, you're not on the account, etc. etc.) who are wanting to get rid of services. Deals are not deals for very long, the hike up the pricing even before your agreed to deal duration expires...Don't take my word for it, just read what's on the Internet...

tv cable reception

For the last three months, channel 3, which is WRAL TV local, has been intermittent. Fuzzed out, herringboned (off frequency).
This is on analog cable, and it is on this channel only. They admit they have a problem, but they won't fix it.
To watch programs on this CBS affiliate, I must disconnect cable and watch via an antannae. I think they have a problem in the frequency lockup for this station, or their digital to analog converter is bad. Whatever, they are ignoring this problem!

  • De
    de Oct 27, 2008

    I have called Time Warner twice now to complain that their election info channel, 1404, only has the Democratic convention, and nothing on the Republican convention. Both times the customer service reps argued with me that that was not the case, while I was looking right at the menu on the channel. They also both said they had not had any other calls about that (including my first call?). The second time the rep (with an African American accent) was very rude. The listings have not been changed.
    This obvious bias plus the fact that Time Warner is financially supporting the campaign for gay marriage and adoption in California has me looking for another internet provider.


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  • Pa
    padriag Nov 12, 2008

    Hey Diane - blow it out your ###. And what the hell is an African American accent?

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  • Ma
    mary & philip cordova Dec 03, 2008

    we have been having problems with our cable hook up for computer, tv, high speed dial up since the mid-summer.
    the problem comes and goes and we never get a return call from anyone with your company,
    please help us...
    thank you


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  • Ya
    yabba Mar 07, 2010

    I've been having problems with my digital cable reception since the system was installed 6/2009. Pictures dissolves in to blocks of digital noise. Tech has been out to test and says everything fine -- in fact, the on-site tech told me that it's their network distribution.

    The problem reoccurs frequently -- and usually on highly watched channels (CNN, NBC, etc). I called the local help number and the operator says, "That's the first call we've gotten any complaints." I say ###.

    Is anyone else in the Los Angeles area (and especially the Inland Empire) having reception problems with Time Warner Digital cable?

    I'm really tired of Time Warner Cable: high fees, crappy reception and poor customer service.

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charged for digital box that I turned in at the site

I moved from the above address and five days after I moved, I gathered my DVR and Digital box (total of two...

selling off phone numbers

I decided to get the time warner 3 service deal, that being, internet, cable TV and digital phone...they...

customer service/ billing issues/ lack of trust/ time effectivness!!!

Time Warner: Has the worst customer service that I have ever experiecned in my whole life. I have never...

dvr box/service

Terrible customer service for high prices. We have had nothing but problems with the technical service every time we move and transfer service. None of the previous boxes work, and when the tech guy shows up, he doesn't have the right equipment for our order (DVR boxes). So other than him being at our house for 4 hours, no cable is working not even basic cable. We were told we had to drive 20+ miles one way to a time warner service store to get our DVR boxes and when those were plugged in nothing happened. Now we call and FINALLY get someone that can speak English telling us well there is nothing we can do for you the next available appointment is NEXT WEEK WHILE YOU ARE AT WORK?! This is ridicuous because I'm sure I'll be charged full price for the service I SHOULD be getting...

horrible customer support

Today, at the hands of Charter Communications, I had the worst customer service that I have ever experienced. Two weeks ago we scheduled a service call to expand our existing service from an old house to a new house that we had constructed next door. I took vacation time to be home for this service call. This morning I confirmed the appointment which I was informed would occur between 1:00 and 3:00. By 3:45 no one showed. I called Charter and explained the situation, I was put on hold and disconnected. So, I called Charter again, explained the situation, was put on hold and again disconnected. So, I called a third time, explained the situation including the two disconnects and asked that, if a disconnect happened a third time, that the customer service rep please call me. I was told that Charter is not set up to do that. The service rep, Jennifer, then informed me that Charter's records showed that they did not have a service call scheduled at my address for today. I expained a second time to Jennifer that I confirmed the service call earlier today. She said that she was sorry but that she couldn't do anything about that. I asked to speak to her supervisor. She put me on hold, checked back with me twice to say that she still had me on hold and finally said that the wait time would be about 25 minutes. I asked that she have a supervisor call me so that I wouldn't have to wait. She said that Charter was not set up to do that. I will be disconnecting my Charter service this coming week and I urge any customer who values even decent customer service to avoid Charter Communications.

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