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I signed up for Time Warner Cable service for my phone, TV and internet and was promised a $300 rebate for either gas or groceries through Saveology. The two appeared to be connected (Time Warner and Saveology). Their printed materials promise a voucher will arrive in 6 to 8 weeks. It has now been over 7 months since I sent in my request (with first month bill from Time Warner attached) and I have called them 5 times, been told each time that it is "being sent any time now", but it never arrives. I was also told that it was already mailed out but I must have missed it because it looks like "junk mail". However, I am sure that was just another lie. This is a phony offer, stay away from it. I don't understand how Time Warner allows this to continue to be tied to their name, very disreputable.

sexual harassment and servive issues

Earlier this year my wife was sexually harassed by a time warner cable technician that came to our house. A...

internet services

Internet services is slow as molasses. Great variance in download/upload/ping results, i.e., 2.06/1.06/19. Slow download and upload. Constant problem since installation over two weeks ago. There help line is worthless. Told by the person responding, " I don't know anything about the internet; I deal with cable. I will transfer you to India!" This is disgusting service. You get an Indian who doesn't know which end to wipe or blow. I am going to pursue my compliants higher up. The service is not user friendly.

internet and cable

Just a warning about this company. For the past 3 years since they came into the Pendleton area the service has been poor. I subscribe to the entire package -phone and every evening between 6 PM Pacific and 1 AM Pacific download speeds dropped to less than 1 meg on a 20 Mb connection. During the summer time however this issue didn't seem so bad. Dropping but not near as bad. Now after 3 years they tell me last week they added a new node to the north hill because there was so many people on the other node that it was causing poor speeds. However upload speed (which by the way during the 3 years has always been a solid 2 megs up) decides to be the speed dropping and download speeds remain solid at 18 plus megs. The technician who showed up last week did a drum test and found the SNR and USNR signals flucuating badly between 17 and 28 flucts per 10 min period. He said they would correct the issue within 48 hours and to call back if they didn't fix. Well here it is a week later and I just got hung up on 3 times while trying to speak with a supervisor or at least someone who what DRUM report rx/tx snr and usnr meant. While on the phone I told them not to reset the modem as it would cut the call. They reset it anyway. Then in the 2nd call they actually transfered me to someone who sounded like he knew what he was talking about until he said ok all your signals are fine so I don't know what to tell you. The issue isnt the signals its the SNR/USNR I tell him and he then hangs up. I've had it with the poor service this company provides and really wish comcast or verizon would come to my area. In the cable dept I have a dvr and can't begin to tell you how many inccorect shows have been recorded or cut short on recording or even worse have the EBS emergency broadcasting signals in them.

cable card support

Time Warner cable has for some time been providing TERRIBLE service to cable card customers by removing channels and not crediting for lost service and generally not providing quality cable service. In the latest problem, they sent out a cable card update in the middle of the day which causes the TV to display a black screen with an "Updating Firmware", "Updating Channel List" message and nothing else. My $1000 plus HD TV is reduced to a boat anchor. The advice of their tech support was first to wait a couple hours. Next was to schedule a call sometime in the middle of the next day. Since both my wife and I work and Time Warner habitually misses calls I found this unacceptable. They have not yet been able to fix a cable card problem with a service call. The problems are always in the head end. Time Warner has virtually nobody in the entire company who knows anything at all about cable cards. They would prefer to sell you a box. Terrible company. I wish there was a viable alternative

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scam/deceptive ad

Charter ad at promotes TRIPLE PLAY special: Charter Cable TV® * 70+ Channels including all local channels * Get the shows you want in crystal clear quality * Upgrade to Digital Home and get On Demand included, plus you can add premium channels! Charter High-Speed® Internet * Up to 5Mbps speed * Up to 90X faster than 56kbps dial-up * More than 3X faster than 1.5Mbps DSL Charter Telephone® * Talk all you want for one low price! Get unlimited local and long distance calling in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico plus voicemail and 10 popular calling features all included for Only $69.97/mo.for 12 months with $150 REBATE. On the website and through the process of ordering the services on the phone, no where and no one mentioned it not 70+ channels but 20 channels (it only says Cable TV Limited Basic, if you know what that means). Only after ordering the services and only when I was scheduling the installation (a separated call) was I told that it included only 20 channels. I went back to the webpage with the ad and confirmed that it did clearly say 70+ channel. I then called Charter again to claim for the 70+ channel service instead of 20 channels. But after long and arduous reasoning and escalating to the supervisors, they still refuse to honor what was advertised. This is a scam, or at least a deceiptive advertisement. I want Charter to honor what it advertises!!!

scam/deceptive ad

Charter communications

failing internet

I work in Las Cruces, NM, but live in nearby El Paso, TX. Most of our work is handled through the internet...

unreturned bad equipment

I was a time warner customer for last 10 years. We were moving from Austin, TX in September with a new Job...

service suspension without notice

Time Warner Cable is temporarily disconnecting users without notice based on emailed 3rd-party allegations of "making available".

The user is given ZERO means to contest the allegations, and is forced to click through a web page stating that they understand the problem and will correct it, if they wish to regain internet service. This page is presented to the user if they open any browser, all other software/applications remain disconnected. (Image attached, typos and all.)

These emailed allegations are based on IP presence on certain BitTorrent trackers, regardless of actual data transferred and are coming from a company in California called BayTSP.

Merely connecting to a BitTorrent tracker does not constitute "making available", and certainly doesn't equate to distribution. Furthermore, according to current U.S. case law, making available does not constitute copyright infringement.

service suspension without notice

Time Warner Cable / Road Runner
  • Dr
    druckercmp Sep 25, 2009

    Look like Time Warner Cable/Road Runner has some of there own spyware running and may even be in some snoopping vialation thereself. Sure they provide the internet but should not be watching what you are doing. I am sure it is the one providing the information to the "Movies Makers" which is in turn complaining to them. That what happen when the "Time Warner" own "the movie and internet sharing it.

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fraudulent company

I had Time Warner Cable TV service. I decided to add Roadrunner and Digital Phone service. It was installed on October 23, 2007. As soon as the installer walked out the door, I had no Roadrunner or phone service.

The first service man was out on October 27, 2007, to fix it and it worked for one minute after he left, and it was out again. Then a third service man came. He was very thorough and said that if it does not work now, it is not going to work. It took about and hour and it didn't work.

On November 10, 2007, just 2 weeks and a couple days after the install, I called Time Warner and told them I wanted to cancel the Roadrunner and digital phone service. I disconnected the phone, returned the Modem plus a TV Box they said I needed and charged me $5.00/mth for to the local office. My phone company said that to keep my phone number, which I've had since I moved here, Time Warner has to "port" the number back to them. I called TWC about this and they said it will take about 10 days. They never ported it back and I finally had to have my phone number changed. This was a problem because I have a non-published, non-listed phone number, so now nobody knew my phone number.

On November 23, 2008, the company of my choice installed the phone with a new number and for the first time in a month I had a phone.

Then the bills started coming. For their service from October 23, 2007 to November 10, 2007, my first bill due December 10 was $294.99. I called and they told me I had to talk to a supervisor, BUT, there are no supervisors around, they will call me back in no more than 2 days. No Supervisor ever called back. I did send in $65.00 for what I thought should cover the TV Cable.

Then the payment due January 10, 2007, was $454.91. How did it go up $159.92 when all I had was TV service and I paid for that. Again I called, they couldn't figure it out and said a supervisor will call back, never did. Again I did pay $65.00 for the TV cable service.

Then I started coming home to messages on my voicemail saying it was Time Warner and I better call them back or they will "interrupt my service". There were 3 to 4 messages per day. I knew that I was paying for the TV and that was the only service I had. I couldn't deal with them on the phone anymore. It was really making me physically sick. It was like talking to a wall.

Finally on February 13, 2008, the service was turned off. I could live with that, but I cannot even get my local channels without paying $6.71 for "basic" service. I called again that day and they said the only way I can get my service turned back on was to pay them $294.99 for service I never had.

In addition to these ridiculous bills, I lost 3 days of work waiting on their service men (I am payed hourly); I also work at home at night on the phone. Needless to say, without a phone for three weeks I had a substantial loss on that and almost lost the job. In total I have suffered a wage loss of approximate $1, 000 over this.

I just want my TV back!


Value Buzz Savings Club offer of $300 in groceries at my favorite grocery chain if you signed up and and Timewarner service was activated in your home you were given a activation code to go to to register yourself. After I registered they sent me to I'm supposed to print a voucher each month for 12 months. Then I mail the voucher in along with $100 of grocery receipts and they are supposed to send me a visa card containing $25. I sent in the voucher with receipts for MARCH'09 and I'm still waiting for my visa card. Also, now I can't access their website and their phone is a nonworking number. Who do I report this scam to???

non responsive customer service

I have been a Time Warner cable customer for a number of years. For years now, I have been making post dated payments for my bill because they cannot debit my checking account on the specific date I required based on when I receive a monthly disability check. So, my arrangement with them was for me to call them monthly, or wait until they called me, so that I could give them my debit card for payment for a specific date.

Their customer service has always been lacking, but yesterday I found they've added a new wrinkle. I called "customer service" two days ago to make my usual arrangements for a post-dated payment. The young lady took my info. I asked twice if the payment would come out on the designated date and that my service would remain on. Both times she said, "Yes." Although I was a little uncomfortable with this rep's response, I took her word that she had performed what ever task Time Warner requires her to do to prevent the interruption of my service. ... WRONG !!

Yesterday morning, my service was interrupted. I called "customer service" and spoke to a woman who did take the time to review my payment history, confirm that I did indeed make payments every 3rd Wednesday of the month, apologized and restored my service. I thought, "OK, problem solved."

WRONG! Guess what, my service was off again this morning. So, I went through the same routine again and called Customer Service. The rep I reached this morning would not re-connect my service because the rep that I spoke to last week did not enter the post-dated info correctly, and if I was unwilling to make a payment today, my service would not be restored. I was directed to call "Collections" again.

Again, I called "Collections." I had left a message yesterday morning for a callback because you cannot speak to a human being when you call. You must wait for a callback. Well, they called this morning. I reached the phone too late, tried to call back, once again I got the recording to leave a message.

It takes 24 hours for a callback from a supervisor. And, if you are on another line with another call, or, as in my case, outside talking to a neighbor, you will have to wait another 24 hours for your call to be returned.

I am going to wisely use my 24 hours. As soon as I complete this entry I am calling AT&T to have them install U-Verse.

  • Cl
    clearboy123 Sep 18, 2009

    Clear 4G Wirless is in Dallas now!! 24 hour same day delivery! Call for a demo 4695791243

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  • Al
    Allogagan Sep 25, 2009

    I signed up for my Internet and Digital Phone service hooked up on August 3rd. I was told I had to pay $104 which would include the first month service, equipment and hookup of the service. When the guy came at 4pm (the latest they come is 5pm he said) he had a lot of trouble getting it hooked up in my ground floor apartment. Come to find out there was never any cable ran from their box to the apartment so it would be pre-wired for cable or internet. So he ran some cable and it worked fine but he told me he would still have it disconnected till the next day so they could bury the line (it was just sitting on the ground. I told them when I first signed up that I was going to be using a laptop with a wireless connection, when the guy came he was going to hookup a normal modem/router/phone but once he seen I was going to be using a Laptop he got the wireless one instead. All was good till I got my September bill for the service which came on September 4th and come to find out two surprises one was that the bill was due in only 9 days and two that there was already a past due amount of $43 from the previous month. When I inquired about the past due amount they told me it was cause the service man hooked up 2 PCs (the wireless modem) instead of the normal modem. Also come to find out that the September billing was actually the 2nd bill they have sent out since getting the service and that I for some reason never got the first one. Upon checking on the website I seen that the first bill was made up on August 14th and was due on Sept. 1st and the second bill was made up on the August 27th and was due on Sept. 10th. So in other words they were counting the first bill late on the 2nd bill even though the date the 2nd bill was made was before the due date of the 1st bill. Also cause of the quick due date I was shutoff for the days from Sept. 11th till I paid it 2 days later. I got the letter it was going to be shut off the day of it being shut off even though it was dated nearly a week earlier..
    Time Warner really needs to work out the timing of bills and letters to allow for postage and the fact they sent out two bills in the same month and due within 3 weeks of each other.

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trying to get my refund

Worst customer service- customer service is all located in the Phillipines and they DO NOTHING. I have been trying to get a refund of $63.78 for about 3 months. I have talked to several of their reps. and their supervisors and still nothing. There is something wrong when this company can not even have their customer service right here in the United States where they can speak and understand English. I am trying to understand their reasoning, and the only thing I can come up with is they want to give the customer a big run-a-round trying to get them to give-up. WE SHOULD NEVER GIVE-UP!
Charter needs to be held accountable

overcharged on international calls, bad business practices

I have been using Time Warner for over a year--the complete suite of services. When I started using Time Warner we were living in an apartment and building a home--my husband is in Iraq. I signed up for the phone services strictly for calling him in Iraq as I use my cell phone for everything else. I got a discounted calling plan for calling Internationally. Had no problems with the calling plan the entire time we were in the apartment (about 8 months). Transfer the service to the new house as it was finished and we were moving in. Get three bills within the first 3 weeks of being in the house--all sent out within a day of one another (as shown on front of envelope). All for 3 different amounts--one for $0.00, called Time Warner to find out what was going on and was informed that one of the bills was from the service we'd had at the apartment and one was from the new service--and yata, yata--it was a big run around but I paid it and went forward. Well--then I started getting outrageously high bills 300+ when my service should run 140-150.00 and had been running that, I paid two months like that and called and talked with Time Warner NUMEROUS times--went to the local office and never could catch the manager in--Timer Warner said there'd been some sort of mistake and took off about 30.00 and said my bill should be right now. Well started getting my normal bill again--then out of the blue I get a call from Time Warner saying I have an outstanding bill for International calls and requested my credit card number over the phone in order to be able to continue service. I knew I'd just paid my bill and was paid in full so I told the person that I'd paid my bill in full and they said the calls weren't on the bill--which made no sense to me and the person couldn't explain why the calls were not on the bill. He said I owed a big bill because i'd been calling a cell phone in Iraq. I told him that I had a special calling plan to Iraq and that, that was the same number I'd always called and had not gotten a big bill before and no one told me that cell phones weren't included to begin with anyway. He insisted that he needed a credit card number to continue service. So I hung up thinking it was a scam. I immediately called Time Warner and was instructed that they would NEVER call a customer and ask for their credit card info and said if I owed something it would be on my bill, that what the original caller said didn't make sense to them either. The represenative pulled my bill, told me it was paid in full and that I did not owe Time Warner anything at the time. I attempted to call my husband and found that I did not have International service on the phone. As of today, I rec'd an OUTRAGEOUS bill from Time Warner and it's showing crazy amount due for international calls. I called Time Warner as the local office is closed and spoke with a very rude represenative who informed me that it'd been turned over to collections and that dept was closed--mind you--I still have Time Warner Service and am not behind in my account--this OUTRAGEOUS bill is the first time I've ever seen such an amount for International calls--though I now think the calls had something to do with the 300. bills I'd rec'd only they weren't coded at the time as calls.
Anyways--the T.W. rep says that she can't see what type of calling plan I'd had at the apartment prior to moving into the new house as that account has been erased and she doesn't understand why it would have been erased--however she doesn't show that I have any International calling plans on my phone now. Which is the point--I'm not sure if when they did the transfer of service if they did not extend the same calling plan I had or what, but I'd never rec'd charges for the phone like that before. After doing a bit of research I've found that this seems to be an on-going problem with Time Warner and they are being accused of an International Calling Plan Scam.
A friend in town that I know was using Time Warner as well and has family in Africa and had a calling plan and had no issues with his phone service for 6 months, then out of the blue got a bill for 1500. He visited the local Time Warner business FIVE times before he was able to speak with the Manager (same experience I've had) and then when he did finally get to speak with her she didn't take him to the back to an office or anything--she briefly listened to what was going on and rather than try to get to the bottom of the situation gave him a short--"Well you've got to pay it" and was off on her way. I am going to be speaking with an Attorney this week as there is something not adding up here and Time Warner is not practicing good business for sure.

  • An
    anonyMiss Sep 07, 2009

    sounds like an employee scam to me...someone trying to make commissions...definately look into it! these people shouls be fired!!!

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  • An
    Anon 51 Nov 20, 2009

    If they didn't submit the bills in a timely fashion, then they cant disco you for non-payment or turn you over to collections.
    The bill is generated automatically, when the service is established, and monthly after that, for All services used.
    If they failed to collect for services used for 6 months, then they are scamming you.
    Dont believe their arrogant answers to you.
    Let your lawyer do the talking.
    BTW.. I work for Time Warner Cable, and deal with this daily.. It is NOT uncommon.
    You would be surprised by how many people dont even question it.

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overcharging for the road runner

I received a letter from Time Warner, that contained their offer of Internet Connection (Road Runner) for $11/mo. However, I found out that they are charging me twice that amount, and when I mention the letter (that I still have in my possession), that does not ring a bell. Last week I had a live online chat with their representative, Randolph Williams, who assured me that the issue would be resolved in 24 - 48 hours, yet nothing is resolved. At the time of the aforementioned letter, I had AT&T as my ISP, around $20/mo with no contract and no problems. Now I am stuck with Time Warner, am under contract, can't cancel and can't get my price, either. All I can do is complain.

Internet intermittant / out for a week

A major outage occurred on Monday August 17, 2009, affecting over 5 million customers at Charter. Since then, my internet connection has been intermittent, and completely useless for good parts of the day, usually between 9a-6p it is up only part of the time. I put in a call last Thur Aug 20 to support over the phone. I was scheduled for a support call 2 days after that on Sat Aug 22. In the morning a tech came out and changed my cable modem. It worked for about 15 min, then the service became unreliable again. I called support, another tech came out about 3p on Aug 22 and told me the problem was outside my home and a "first response" team would be out within 48 hours to look into. I called tech support on Monday Aug 24, 2009, they told me no one would be out to look at the problem until Tues Aug 25 between 8a and noon, but that they were allowed up to 10 days (a contractor) to finish the job. I run an art business from home. This means that in the worst case, I may be without reliable internet service for 17 days. This is unacceptable.
Rick Duim


I dropped my service with Charter on 7-20-09 because I got so sick of the crap with it and the price. When I dropped it I ask about my refund on what I had paid they informed me it takes 6 or 8 weeks to get the refund.
Now this seems a bit much as they bill in advance if I waited that long to pay my bill what would happen, I feel
sure they would have disconnected it all and paid me a visit for non payment. They are always "tootin" their own horn about price and service what a JOKE! I suppose when you are in financial difficulty you don't worry
about refunds, I proably will never get that refund.

  • Dp
    dpurdy Sep 15, 2009

    I am in the same boat !!! they have 182.00 of my money I need to know if you got your refund ?? and if you have a phone number for the cash management team would be much appreciated.

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Well i called charter and order their service for 69.97 Well first bill was over 198 and second was 224.oo And every time i called they told me i was paying in advance well it 2 years later and still getting charged high bills even try to cancel took in black box. And they ask me to stay and they gave me 2 mo for 208 and something . well tis mo f total was suppose to be Io2.00 witha total of 116.58 . well the bill came and almost 143.00 again. No matter who you talk to they have fixed it but bills keep coming with late charges and higher and higher. And nothing is ever fixed. I know i am not only one complaining when man installed my service which installing was free he told me i if you get high bills you have to get at them so i have been and it says its recorded but it still doesn't help . so readers are you having same problem.

  • An
    AngelAries32 Jun 03, 2011

    I am being over charged..I am so frustrated with your company. I had my services all LOWERED from all of your movie channels, 3 dvr boxes, 16mg internet speed TOO Basic Cable and 1 dvr box and internet...I do not understand why a csr would take me out of the contract that included everything and put me in one that doesn't include anything that I find out today was more expensive???? That CSR told me that I was saving over $75.00 a month and now my bill is $40.00 HIGHER??? I need someone to fix this. I just spent 2 hours on the phone with Charter for a $25.00 credit...I dont UNDERSTAND?? I am getting a bill that is $40.00 more dollars??? Also I would like to point out that my bill changes price from month to month..If for the past 2 years I have had the same service...why would my charges change??? Even my taxes change??? It should be the same price every month??? Something is fishy??

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annoying sound before time warner cable commercials

It seems that Time Warner Cable is now adding an annoying chirp sound in front of some of its commercial...

lack of customer service

I had cable and internet service through time warner and was advised that I should add the digital phone...

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