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Resolved deceiving the consumer

CAUTION-BEWARE-CAUTION When you purchase the Time Warner (TW) bundle package, buyer beware because you are not locked into the initial agreed price for the entire 24 month period. Time Warner will deceive you by not fully explaining that after the first 13 month they will increase that price, and they can increase it by whatever they want. Even after you prove to them that their verbal contract did not clearly state that there would be an increase, you the consumer are wrong. (Even the TW representative agreed it wasn't clear.) The TW Representative told us we were sent a written contract, which clearly states on the second page, there would be a price increase in 13 months. We honestly did not get this written contract. When we asked for verification of sending this written contract, he stated that we should have received it in a TW welcoming letter one month after we signed up. We keep all, yes all, the information we receive from our utility providers. Guess what, it not in the file. You see TW doesn't make mistake, they are perfect. In addition, BUYER BEWARE that when you ask a question or cost from one of TW representative's does not mean that when you talk to the next TW Representative it will be the same or even close. TW Representatives will quickly say or imply that you didn't understand what you were being told, or they'll say I don't know why you were told that. What it comes down to is you, the consumer's are dishonest and not trustworthy!

When I repeatedly explained my problem with 6 different TW representatives I was told that I was being difficult to work with, when all I wanted was for them to honor their 24 month bundle service quoted price. Get this, TW will tell you that your conversation may be recorded, but when ask the TW representative to check their recordings of your previous conversation, they can't. WHY! Also, BUYER BEWARE that when your initial 24 month contract expires, TW will automatically renew your contract for another 24 month. The only notification you will about this will be attached to your monthly bill. Don't try cancelling before you receive this notice, because TW will not or can not recognize it. Finally, in my ending conversation with TW, I told him that it appears that everything it set to the favor of TW, he replied, "Yep".

  • Tw
    TW SUCKS Apr 16, 2010

    Time Warner Cable is the single worst company I've ever had to deal with. My Internet goes down for weeks at a time, On Demand doesn't work for days/weeks at a time, and they raise my bill a dollar or two about every month or two. I've actually considered moving to another town just so I can get another Cable company service since TWC has the monopoly in my town.

    Another thing to be weary about is what they call "free." Nothing is free in this world, TWC. I am paying for the HD box, paying for digital cable, and you call your HD free?? So when my HD channels were out for a month, no credit could be issued because HD was... "free." My most recent issue with the award losing company is now my On Demand services are no longer functioning. I cannot watch HBO/Showtime On Demand, but no credit can be issued because its a "free" service. How can this be a free service when you can't watch it if you don't subscribe to HBO/Showtime?

    I've been here a little over three years and have had nothing but problems with TW and their horrible customer service, poor quality HD, and on and off internet. For your own sake.. avoid them at all costs

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  • I totally agree with TW SUCKS! I ordered Time Warner Cable for two reasons Time Warner claimed to have the fastest speeds in this area and the apartment I moved into had free cable TV with HBO and Showtime. When I finally moved here the apartment complex came with Time Warner Cable pre wired with free HBO and Showtime. It took Time Warner two weeks to turn on the HBO and Showtime. Customer service was courteous each time I called. The first time the customer service agent said that cable was an issue the apartment complex had to deal with. The second time the customer service agent said it was a local agent’s job and the third time I called the customer service agent took care of the issue. Internet speeds are junk. I pay more for 1Mbs up and 15 down, the fastest speeds for residential use, with speed boost. My actual speeds are, .488Mbs up and 18Mbs down (according to Therefore, I am getting speeds that are offered for half the cost. My phone line rings off the hook with ADT and other security companies offering me their services. This started 24 hours after Time Warner installed my phone lines. These people know all the information I gave to Time Warner when signing up even though I have an unlisted phone number and I have recently joined the national do not call list. All-in-all Time Warner are crooks. They have the capability to run much faster lines but have it dialed way down for some unknown reason. Oh, and as for the free cable I get more pixel scatters and snowy screens than any other service I have ever had from any other state and I have their box!

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  • As
    asamuel Apr 22, 2011

    [email protected]:~# traceroute -n
    traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 38 byte packets
    1 9.001 ms 6.383 ms 7.395 ms
    2 9.504 ms 8.954 ms 9.433 ms
    3 9.451 ms 9.883 ms 3246.235 ms
    4 50.257 ms 9.677 ms 26.572 ms
    5 14.856 ms 12.888 ms 9.497 ms
    6 10.398 ms 8861.945 ms 12.429 ms
    7 13.489 ms 39.502 ms 9.430 ms
    8 11.978 ms 13.087 ms 18.258 ms
    9 8220.797 ms 18.342 ms 27.543 ms
    10 19.597 ms 21.867 ms 31.099 ms
    11 17.087 ms 19.598 ms 23.852 ms
    12 21.029 ms 24.482 ms 18.855 ms

    3 9.451 ms 9.883 ms 3246.235 ms | they will say reboot the router here...

    NetRange: -
    NetName: ROAD-RUNNER-1
    NetHandle: NET-24-24-0-0-1
    Parent: NET-24-0-0-0-0
    NetType: Direct Allocation
    RegDate: 2000-06-09
    Updated: 2002-08-22

    couple of _hours_ later that took under a second to complete:

    [email protected] ~ [1937] % time traceroute -n
    traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets
    1 0.244 ms 0.256 ms 0.251 ms
    2 12.012 ms 12.941 ms 13.196 ms
    3 10.982 ms 10.961 ms 11.884 ms
    4 17.854 ms 17.855 ms 17.890 ms
    5 151.928 ms 151.929 ms 151.891 ms
    6 151.932 ms 151.943 ms 151.879 ms
    7 20.268 ms 16.175 ms 16.098 ms
    8 20.171 ms 20.115 ms 26.777 ms
    9 160.365 ms 157.126 ms 157.048 ms
    10 178.778 ms 178.321 ms 179.437 ms
    11 24.684 ms 164.857 ms 169.299 ms
    12 175.873 ms 165.869 ms 172.223 ms
    13 171.923 ms 171.899 ms 171.850 ms
    14 44.502 ms 174.186 ms 52.465 ms
    15 182.448 ms 182.329 ms 167.135 ms
    traceroute -n 0.00s user 0.00s system 0% cpu 0.369 total

    what makes it really suck is it occurred 1. in the time of a major amazon outage where I was working with my client to resolve things. 2. This has occurred so many times this month its seeming to be normal now.

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  • Ga
    Garen Wisner Nov 25, 2011

    I willing entered into a 2 yr price lock guarantee with Time Warner Cincinnati in July 2010. The INTENT of the agreeing parties is to a fixed price "locked" for a two year term. At that time I was transferred on the phone to a 3rd Party verification representative and I listened carefully to the terms and agreed to an early cancellation fee. However the OTHER TERMS AND CONDITIONS were not read or pointed out to me in this phone call. Nor was I informed that this contract would automatically renew at the end of the period at whatever terms are listed in the renewal notice which Time Warner would send me APPROXIMATELY 30-60 days prior to the end of the two year term.
    When I called Time Warner in August 2011, I asked for Time Warner to flag my account NOW to NOT RENEW after the 2yr period, I was told this is NOT POSSIBLE. I must call in after I receive my renewal notice. This is not a proper or fair contract.
    Starting on November 2011 Time Warner will be raising the rate for my converter box by $0.99 and the DVR service $1.00. I called to question this price increase given I had assumed I was under a price lock guarantee. The quickly pointed out that this was addressed in the OTHER TERMS AND CONDITIONS and was read to me by the representative. I stated this is not a proper or fair contract either. Time Warner has the discretion to increase charges at any rate on equipment that is mandatory in the delivery of the content of the package for which I have a price lock guarantee. I have no recourse available for this price increase since they state that on cancellation I must pay an early termination fee.
    In summary - Time Warner can increase the equipment necessary for delivery of the content of my digital HD package and I am in "rate prison" with no ability to exit without substantial financial penalties. Time Warner can change anything they want in the contract and I have no ability to cancel without penalty AND I cannot ask them to remove me from any renewal of this contract until they notify me with an automatic renewal notice (also with price increases they define without my approval). THIS IS NOT A PROPER OR FAIR CONTRACT.
    I have cancelled my service as of 11/25/2011 and will not pay the $37.50 cancellation fee (plus $2.44 tax). I have written the BBB, and will be contacting the PUCO.

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Resolved bill scam

i had cable service with them and canceled it before i went to iraq and payed the final bill and a few months later got letters from collection agencys sayin i owe them money and i called charter and they said i payed off my ballance and 3 years later the Credit Protection Association, L.P. is sayin i owe them money and i called charter again and now i magicly owe them over $120 and they cant even send me a writen history of the bill. same this happened to a bunch of my other freinds i went to iraq with

  • Cp
    CPA Contact Information Apr 05, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am posting on behalf of Credit Protection Association (CPA), L.P. to address many of your questions and concerns. You may contact CPA by:

    Phone: 1-877-332-2432

    Fax: 972-726-7557

    Email: [email protected]

    To access your account, visit Here you can review your account, check your balance, make an online payment/dispute, and get instant confirmation for your transaction in a safe and secure manner.

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  • Za
    Zac77 Aug 09, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am having the same issue. It seems that no one at either company can give me a bill breakdown on what I owe or any paperwork from the day I walked into the office and dropped off the equipment and payed my final bill. Did you resolve this? If so how?


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Resolved customer service

I find that the customer service in Brooklyn branch of TWC is really lacking. We have been trying to transfer our Triple Play Service (cable, phone, internet) to our new apartment for about a month now.

Our first scheduled technician appointment never happened. When we called TWC, the rep said, "Oh you're service was canceled." We replied, "well we didn't cancel our service, we transferred it." They also reported that there was no record of the scheduled appointment. We rescheduled for two weeks later.

The next day the TWC phone division left a message about the transfer of phone service and asked that we call back. So we did. The rep said, "oh well that's the phone division, you need to speak with them." "Okay - so how do we do that?" No response. They also mentioned that a technician had stopped by the day before at 12:15pm but no one answered the door. The day before we were told that there was no record of an appointment because our service had been canceled not transferred.

The phone division called again yesterday. We missed the call. they did not leave a callback number but instead left a message saying "Well, since you're not answering your phone, we can't do a verification so we're canceling your service." We called TWC back. Again, they said, "well your entire appointment was canceled by the phone division." We argued and argued until they finally said that they might be able to schedule us in from noon-4:00pm on the day of our original service.

Of course, no one showed up. So the battle begins again. The truly unfortunate part of all this is that they are our only option for cable/internet. The other company does not service our street.

  • Jo
    JohnClark1 Feb 22, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I too signed up for "triple play". Responding to TW's ad with a low special price come-on, I ordered cable TV reception at 2 stations in my house, the living-room and the bedroom. A TW installer came, did the job in the living-room, but in the bedroom, only installed limited program reception. He said that that was what I ordered, no more.

    I called to complain, and was informed that TW was not responsible, as they did not handle the order, it was "farmed out" to a third party company. I then remembered that when I made the order, I asked for a name and call back phone number, and was informed that they were not authorized to provide it. They pretended to be a unit of TW, but were not. I now realize that this is all about legal liability. If a big company wants to avoid it, they insert an independent company, and thus introduce the runaround issue to handle complaints, and of course nothing happens. The fact that the third party acted as an agent of their hirer, and so TW WAS responsible leaves one with the only available remedy, which is small claims court. They bet that nobody will call them on it, because of the expense involved and loss of time.

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  • Ye
    Yellow Car Jan 30, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We live here in Pine Bush, NY...My daughter has TW Triple Play...On Thursday Jan. 27, 2011...sometime during the morning the cable was pulled from the telephone were are work /school...when her husband came home in the afternoon of Thursday Jan 27, 2011...He called to have the cable connected. Was told the earliest was Monday Jan. 31, ...My problem is this family of 4 without telephone service...Now that's not a good thing case of an do they call 911???? This day and age...without a phone is very scary... This is unexceptable...5 days...without service...You would think phone service would be top priority.. I guess there was NO rush on this matter... Triple play is NOT a Good thing...

    Arlene Pagano...for Daughter and Family Regina Onesty...

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Resolved Lies and deceit on their bills

We were offered a 2-year package deal if we switched our phone service to Charter. Charter reps had offered phone, an additional DVR box and a few extra channels for only approx. $20.00 more per month. When the bill came it was close to $100.00 more, not $20! We went to talk to them about it before we paid our bill, and was told our service would go back to the original plan (at an additional $15.00 per month...of course!) We agreed. Wanted to pay what we owed with the new changes. Charter clerk refused to take our $$. Said he wouldn't know what exact charges are until all changes went thru their system, but we would receive a revised bill shortly. We didn't! What we got a little over 2 weeks later- a "Final Notice Before Disconnect" With a charge of $386.26!!! That's an increase of over $160.00 from the original bill!! Not too mention, doesn't "Final Notice" imply that (1) You've received a bill? And (2) You've also received a "Past Due" notice at least once??

Resolved internet service outages

We moved into our house a month ago, and signed up with Charter for super-fast (20mbps) internet service...

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Resolved billng

I was a customer at time warner in Dayton, i recently move to cincinnati i have been hassle about a box that...

Resolved stay away from this company

I have been a long time 7 yr customer of time warner service, I have always loved their roadrunner internet service, today I had an appointment with them to send a technician out between 8-10 am, the guy never showed, so I called at 10:30 am AND THEY GAVE THE GUY THE WRONG PHONE NUMBER TO CALL ME AT, I LIVE IN A SECURED BUILDING, SO WE SET UP AN APPT. FOR 3-5 PM SAME DAY, SO 5:30 PM CAME AROUND STILL A NO SHOW, I CALL AND TALK TO YET ANOTHER "CUSTOMER SERVICE" REP. FOR THEM TO TELL ME THEY GAVE THE GUY THE WRONG PHONE NUMBER AGAIN!!! Their suggestion to switching out the modem was for me to wait an additional 3-4 hrs for the guy to get here. I asked to speak to a manager, go figure I was on hold for another 10 minutes still no manager, I called back I asked then if i could just return the modem to one of their offices...and exchange it...nope they cant do it. So I am a very unhappy customer they dont care about you or your time. Do yourself a favor GO WITH WOW!!! OR A Company that cares!!!

Resolved terrible service

I should have trusted my instincts. I finally signed up for broadband internet access after years of using...

Resolved fraudulent billing

I have had TWC of Dallas since I moved here. I had a previous issue with TWC and billing that was addressed...

Resolved refund

Too bad I can't give NO stars or negative stars. I cancelled my cable on 9/18/2009 because I got the new...

Resolved scam

Where to begin: I ordered charter internet services for my wife for christmas. They were scheduled for December 26 between 3 and 5 pm. The first guy showed up and said it was too cold to hook up my internet and had every excuse in the book. I immediately re-scheduled for Jan 1. Second installer same problem, its too cold to climb the poll. I finally convinced him if he would hook it at the poll i would do the rest. After 10 minutes of excuses he finally sighed and gave in. Yes i did the rest myself. Upon leaving he noted the cable was strung across my neighbors yard and mine. He said someone would show within 3-5 business days to bury the cable. No dice, it's still strung across both of our yards. Today Jan 20 i call charter because i receive a bill in the mail saying i owe $129.00. You guessed it, not even close. To have the internet installed i had to write the installer an $80.00 check which customer service said could be deducted from my bill. "Like i was supposed to know this." Im not done yet, and i was warned by everyone i knew who has charter "DONT DO IT." Well i should have listened. As i called customer service today to find out about my bill they informed me that i was to pay $29.99 a month instead of the $19.99 Package i signed up for. Go ahead and look on their home page. Charter basic internet $19.99 a month. She informed me the installer gave me the Charter media package. What does this consist of? It is a wireless router and to avoid this extra ten dollars a month i would need to surrender my box to a local charter office for a regular router. What A SCAM! I am so mad at myself for even considering Charter, why didn't i listen to any one of the people who already have Charter. There is no complaint dapartment at Charter and you cannot understand anything the customer service rep is saying to you. So, after an hour on the phone asking her to repeat herself because she cannot talk english and i cannot talk arabic i realized the whole conversation could have been boiled down to about 5 minutes. Good thing they were not charging me for the call. I will be posting this comment anywhere and everywhere allowed. I want people to know what their experience will be like with Charter Communications.

  • Valerie Dec 04, 2008

    I pay for charter communications "high speed" (ha ha) internet. I'm supposed to be getting 10 megs but all I get is about 2-4 (if that much).

    It's not the 70 percent that is guaranteed, and instead of being eager to help fix the problem, they are only eager to somehow find a way to blame it on the consumer. One person said my problem was linked to spyware, however the problem persisted before, and after a fresh install of windows xp. All along this, my upload rate was consistent, which showed things on my end were fine. All customer service wants to do is talk you into switching package deals, promising lower rates, only to have your next bill arrive fifty dollars higher (they call it a pro rate, but neglected to inform me of this).

    Anytime they send out a technician, it's usually someone fresh out of jail who just comes out to look at your cable wires, nothing more. One character acted like he was casing my place, for a future break in.

    Charter Communications...thanks for nothing, you take my money and don't give me what I pay for. It's because you know you're the only provider in my area. You guys suck.

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  • Ku
    Kurban Jul 09, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Canceled internet service over the phone initially in mid-may. Later canceled tv service over phone and returned equipment on May 18. Was told I would receive a $166 refund in 3-5 weeks. Called 888-get-charter to verify. at this time told I no refund issued until residence physically disconnect june 8. I asked if I may have an earlier date. Scheduled it for may 28. Now the wait begins &it's 4-6 week I have called 888-get-charter at least 6 times told it was processed 6-16-2010. Would be mailed in 6-8 weeks from processing date. today I call, told by representative to walk into the local office. No phone number available for local office. I find the number and call talk to Aaron. Who can verify everything but is of no help. His supervisor (Linessa Garmon)is on vacation won't be back until Wed 8-14. Ask for her supervisor: Kathy Statler she in St. Louis but I can't get her number. Aaron tells me to call 888-get-charter and they can get me to Ms. Statler. And that I could file a complaint. This directs me to an agent in Atlanta. I ask for Ms. Statler. She can't transfer me to Ms. Statler. I ask her specifically where my refund is? and that I want to register a complaint.

    She says she can see I have called several times. Yet no one expedited my concerns but she would do that if I file a complaint. She wants to know if my credit card was credited. I advised her that I do not use a credit card to make payments. Sill no info given as to the status of refund.

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  • Lu
    Lucas Oct 07, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Customer service rep, said her name was Aja, did not understand her companie's promotions, would not slow down her speech, (Very poor English, difficult to understand) Would not give me any employee identification number. Would not answer questions About wire service.

    I told her for 30 minutes "Do not make changes to my account, Connect me to a supervisor"

    She refused, and then hung up on me.

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  • La
    LALUSK Mar 29, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    charter is the worst service there is. When we first got charter I told them that I am on a fixed income and get paid on the first of the month. Today they called regarding my bill and said it was going to get dissconnected at midnight on tuesday. I told them I called and made arrangements and they claimed they did not have any record of my call, but I did. DO NOT USE CHARTER!!!THEY ALWAYS TELL YOU SOMETHING DIFFERENT!!!THEY HAVE NO CLUE WHAT THEY ARE DOING. THEY ARE CLUELESS

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  • Je
    JETMUSIC Aug 06, 2011

    Charter is a fradulent company. I ordered a double play package of basic TV and internet express with free installation and free modem. The installer brought a digital box which I immediately questioned thinking this is more channels and more price. He told me the service comes with it. Then he wanted a $60 install fee when it was supposed to be free. We spent over an hour calling various people at Charter and all of a sudden no one knows anything about any promotions or free installation, even though they've been running these promos for over 2 weeks...but no one knows anything. I called Charter corporate office the next day and talked to escalation rep who told me Im being billed $150+ already. I signed up for a $39.98 per month package, basic Tv (15-16 channels) and internet. AND NOW IT'S $150? I GOT NEWS FOR YOU CHARTER...WHAT YOU'RE DOING IS ILLEGAL. I think I got it straightened out, but it took 4 hours of my time and 200 minutes of my cell phone time just to get it where it should have been to start with in the first place. If they screw with me anymore I will take them to's as simple as that. And I will call Mike Lovett (CEO) at his home to let him know what I think of Charter's unethical and illegal business practices. Oh did I mention I tried doing business with them 3 years ago and they pulled the same crap back then too. So this is not a rare mistake, apparently from my personal experiences, this is a regular event and how they conduct business.

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  • Be
    bettyboop2534 Apr 06, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    When I become a customer of charter TV services they gave me a promotion for small cheap price and now all sudden there charges are gone up without warning too me and they just keep raising price on my services. I am single disabled mother low income and just can't afford to have them keep this up. What can I get done with this matter!

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Resolved Cheating Customer

I'm looking at this great deal from Charter for cable and internet & phone but there's no way I'll deal with them - two friends have been cheated by these folks. One called to find a way to lower her bill, was told to do xyz, which she agreed to and the next month her bill, instead of being $40 LOWER was $20 HIGHER. When she complained was told, so sorry, you misunderstood...because there was nothing in writing, nothing my friend could do. And she deals with such details every day on her job...not just a misunderstanding! I won't even consider dealing with Charter - that's the second friend with a similar complaint - they tell you one thing and then you are NOT pleasantly surprised that what you heard and what you got are 2 different things. And no one has said good things about their business.

Resolved terrible customer service

I had the worst customer service experience I have EVER had several days ago, when I called Time Warner. I had just moved from an address in Cleveland, Ohio and had called approximately a week before I moved to cancel my cable/internet and get the information of the office that I would drop of my DVR and road runner cable modem. The representative game me the wrong address (added an East to a road that wasn't there) and told me I could drop it off on Jan. 2nd (which was a Saturday). I had to drive out of town that day. When I went to drop it off, I couldn't find the address, I had to call Time Warner AGAIN, and you know how it is virtually impossible to get a real person on the phone, but finally got the write address, and found out the office was closed. There was nothing I could do at that point, so I took the DVR and road runner modem with me and figured I could drop it off in an office in North Carolina, where I was moving.

When I called Time Warner to tell them what had happened, and ask if I could speak to a manager (I felt like I had wasted a lot of time due to misinformation--even though that customer rep was at least really nice and respectful) I was blown out on the phone by a rep. I wish I could have recorded that conversation, and I would have posted it all over U-tube it was so bad. He literally was yelling at me, saying "Ma'am! It was your responsibility, it is your fault! not ours! Ma'am! You cannot talk to a manager, I decide if it is appropriate if you talk to a manager, and this is not an acceptable reason!" He literally was yelling, and I was literally crying at the end of the conversation, before I finally hung up on him. I told him, that an apology would be nice instead of bullying me, which was exactly what he was doing, he gave me a sarcastic apology. I have NEVER, EVER been treated so badly. I told him that I thought they should make an exception and let me return it in NC, they refused, he told me I had to mail it to Ohio. I told him that they should have to chip in, he told me that wasn't even an option. I still can't believe how rude this guy was, and that Time Warner allows their reps to yell at their customers, and not allow them to speak to managers. I would be fired from my job as a nurse immediately, if I spoke to a patient/customer like that! It doesn't take a genius to know how to give good customer service, if they had allowed me to talk to a manager, then apologized (without me asking for an apology, and were sincere about it), I wouldn't have been upset, just a little irritated to be inconvenienced. They have no idea how to give customer service. I wish you guys could have heard the conversation, it was unbelievable! I am not someone who makes complaints, but after I was treated this way, I am prepared to tell anyone who will listen how TERRIBLE Time Warner Cable's customer service is!!

I figured I would share to other examples of poor service I received from Time Warner as well:

Several years ago when I paid a bill, they credited someone elses account with my check, were telling me I was overdue, when I faxed them a copy of the cashed check to them (by them!), and asked if they would knock off some money for my inconvenience, they told me they would knock off the late fees only. The late fees that didn't apply to me, b/c my check was cashed by them on time...the idiots just credited the wrong account!

When I ordered my internet at this last apartment, I have a laptop, so I asked for wireless, I was informed, "Well, ma'am all out internet is wireless, " which it isn't and of course the guy showed up at my apartment and hooked my computer up to non-wireless modem. The woman was so busy trying to sell me more services (i.e. get this service and we can fix anything in your house...), that she didn't even listen to what I was ordering.

My question is, what do you do when Time Warner is a monopoly?!?

Resolved tansfer services

Subject---- why time warner team lieing with custmors ? <br />
<br />
<br />
Question <br />
<br />
hi, i m vishal, i allready give u sir my all information like ph number, account, address, etc i m last few years urs custmors before few days i move in new home and i apply for transfer my services at my new address but everybody make me fool, i m very very upset, plz call my all chat or phone call records with time warner team, and look how can he make a fool thats not a professional way . we pay bill but u dont have right to brake our heart .he say he is coming in my home last saturday and we dont open the door but whole day i m in home nobody came here, and if he came and we dont open the door then y he dont put the sighn or message here, but i know urs technichian work as a indian technician means lieing same ### in india also bcoz i know nobody came here bcoz next to my appartment stairs is our store if time warner cabel van coming there how can is possible i dont contact with him .today when i contact him again on the chat urs agent told me oh sir in urs area our services is down again lieing bcdoz in my store i have other connection from twc if service down then how can we charge the ebt card from custmors and how can i charge the credit card if urs phone is not working, next to my appartment my friend live he have time warner connection also no problum there also today . overall manage urs team first and plz teach him how can face the custmors problum then after plz manage urs share market and others things bcoz with custmors share going up or without custmors shar going down u have good degree u have good experience, i read about u everything if u give me personal appointment in uirs office then i came there then i show u with proof everything two saturday he play with me i lost my income time everything, thats y may be company anme is time warner ...means may be custmors lost time with u thats mean time warner means warning right sir ...anyway thanks for u and urs team

Resolved lies/deception

Time Warner just finished its "Roll Over or Get Tough" Campaign against the Fox channels regarding prices increases for Fox programming (Dec. 2009) in order to "hold our bills down."

This month (Jan. 2010) my cable bill from Time Warner was INCREASED by TEN DOLLARS!!! I called the TW billing department and it was explained to me that in 2009 I had been receiving a "special discount" of $10 each month for the year. How "strange" that no one had ever told me about this before!

I called again and spoke with a different person in the billing department and was told FLAT OUT that the $10 increase in my bill was due to a RATE INCREASE. Hmmm. now which of the two billing reps was lying to me?

I decided to call customer service and explained the two different responses I had received from the billing department. Now she told me that, indeed, I had been receiving a "special discount." I then asked her why I had NOT been told about this discount and its expiration date when I signed up with TW and why this "special discount" had NEVER appeared on my bill as a $10 credit. I then asked her to send me the documentation indicating that I had, indeed, received this "special discount" and when it expired. She told me, "We do not put things like that in writing." WHAT???

I guess, Time Warner puts as little as possible in writing so they can change the terms of their agreements with you as they see fit, whenever it suits them or whenever they want to SCREW YOU and raise your bill!

And, this is not the first time the employees of Time Warner have lied to me. I have battled with them over having to change my password to my email (almost monthly) because I could not get into my Roadrunner email (actually it should be called Road"Crawler") with my regular password. That is just one of the problems I have had with Time Warner's RoadCRAWLER. And, EVERY TIME I have called with a problem with RoadCRAWLER, Time Warner has blamed it on MY computer. They have NEVER taken any responsibility for ANY problems I have had with their internet service nor their cable service.

Our cable service was going off regularly about once a week, but THAT was not their problem either. They even blamed THAT on everything else- weather or signals or whatever- I can't remember ALL of their "excuses." Once, we were without cable for EIGHT DAYS as we had to WAIT for them to come out and fix it. For a few months, our picture on the upper channels kept breaking up into little squares and were totally unwatchable- even though they had "made the proper repairs."

BUT, their customers service people sure are GOOD at saying how "sorry" they are that you are experiencing problems. And that is all they are good for!

I am currently researching services to replace Time Warner and I am sure that ANYTHING will be better than the service I have received from TW. I am sure I will have a lot of free time on my hands in the future since I won't have to be "on hold" waiting to speak with the useless people that TW calls their customer services reps.

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    James848180 Apr 14, 2010


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Resolved awful experience

This is a complaint. this is the worst customer serivce i have ever experienced.

- No one takes ownership, every promised call back is never made and noone returns a call. 2 appointments have been made and noone has showed up. We ave wasted 10 hrs of our cell phone time being shuffled around and 24 hrs waiting for failed appointments.

- Mid August - Appointment made 15 days in advance, $10 fee
- Late August - Found out appointment never made, complain about $10 we lost, set new appointment. promise to call back and no call back
- early septemeber, 1 week later: we called to confirm to make sure we had appointment and we find out appointment was dropped. promise to call back and no call back
- mid september, 1 week later: we go ahead and try setting an appointment again that will be in 2 weeks
- mid september, i call and complain about this experience and i never get a call back
- late september day of final appointment: no one shows up. we call and cust service rep tells us tech lied and put down that they showed up at 8am but left no notes which shows they didn't do anything. they promise to call back and don't

Can we get some competency here? ownership? accountability? does anyone know what they are doing?

I am going to the better business bureau and will do my part to make sure people use their other tv provider options before wasting their time with Time Warner.

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    Este Aug 17, 2009

    I found out through co-workers that there is a bed bug infestation at our call center after i was bit by one while on duty. When I went to HR they confirmed the infestation and stated that they have been spraying chemicals bi-weekly to rid the office of them. I am 5 months pregnant and was never notified of the infestation or the bi-weekly sprayings. I discovered soon after that my home was actually infested, and since the infestation has been present since 2008 its no doubt I brought the bug home from work. HR has no sympathy or compassion about letting the new employees train blindly amongst these bugs. And they will only pay for the extermination BUT not your infested furniture that you have to throw away or risk getting the bugs again. So now being five months pregnant I have to not only work at a contaminated office I also have to come home to the same thing. Not to mention I'm completely exhausted since I stay up all night scared of the bugs biting on me and cant get any good rest anywhere in my house since my mother, sister and brothers rooms are infested as well as our living room!!! This is HELL!!! Im so angry at TIME WARNER CABLE and I want them to warn all the new employees such as myself (only been there 5 months) of the ongoing infestation. At least give us a choice if we want to work for a company that houses bloodsuckers!!!

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Resolved non existent customer service

Anyone who's done business with TWC knows that their customer service is non-existant. Complaints do no good. Here's the solution: I contacted the FCC and was told that complaints need to be directed to Time Warner's local franchising authority for your area. Time Warner keeps this information a closely-guarded secret. I ultimately had to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau to get TWC to divulge the name. In Texas it happens to be the Texas Public Utilities Commission. Find out who that franchising authority is in your area and file a formal complaint.

Maybe if enough people do that TWC will change their ways. They're long overdue for a reality check.

Resolved unable to provide hdmi, terrible customer service

Though I was assured an hdmi capable box when upgrading our charter cable service to hd, they were never able to produce one. An installer showed up with a component only box and tried to tell me that there is no difference between an hdmi and component connection to the tv. Fact is there is one big difference, hdmi is a true digital feed to the tv whereas component is a digital signal converted to analogue, then back to digital in the lcd tv's circuit. Some may not notice the quality hit from all of that transcoding, but I do and besides I was assured hdmi by their sales person, so just do it. I finally cancelled the upgrade after days of haggling with incompetent customer service reps who could only apologize then try to up-sell me on their "bundle" package. Yeah, right.

Charter is the worst cable provider i've come across, they make an excellent case for the dish.

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    Lefty Aug 29, 2008
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    Not being able to reach service for two days for missing cable channels, and having to deal with mind numbing robot voices with endless idiot6ic questions before connection can be achieved, only to be disconnected again and again! And I'm paying real for this nonsense!

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    crissy1203 Aug 27, 2014

    Hi. My name is crystal in am complaining in regards to the cable service of Donald Stuart. I am in his account. He got his account in Febuary. We also upgraded all of our televisions at that time. Our cable has been great for the most part. However our Internet and phone has always had issues. When the issues first occurred we thought that it was something on our end with the new tv and game systems that we had recently got. I have called several times and the people I spoke real nice walked me through the re boot process. Then when it would go out I just started re booting the system myself. I have five children I can't stay at home all the time waiting on charter nor can I be tied up on the phone all day.So the problem lingers on into the month of July and its not working at all. I called and spoke to a nice young lady who told me it was a outage in my area. When really it was faulty equipment. We had some rainy days around that time so I wrote it off as bad weather and that the problem was weather related. A couple of weeks later the problem is still there and the rain is gone. I call. The lady I spoke with told me that she could see where it was down and that she was getting no signal from the modem. She sends a tech who comes and walks around for two hours. He says he found the problem that it was a wire on the outside that the end was off of and rain had gotten in there. He fixed it. Not. Now mind you when my Internet goes out I also loose my home phone. I call. They send some one out. They hook up there equipement and say we have found the problem because they could see a noise on the meter they was using. They trace it down they end up having to re wire all the stuff. They also had to go in the crawl space of my home which is where the last guy claimed he had went. They informed me that know one had been in there prior to them. So did the first guy do anything? Then they went on to show me the piece that was bad, all the time telling me that it had nothing to do with me or anything on my end. So finally its fixed. A few days later goes by back to the same problem so I called. They tell me that it an outage in my area. The lady reboots everything gets it working. Then a few days later it goes out again I call. Called all weekend from Friday till Monday and kept getting a chat line? Not sure what's up with that. I have told the all month of august that I didn't feel like I should pay the whole bill because I didn't get to use the services. Plus I have only had to repeat this story about 20 times. It goes on finally they offer me a credit of 35 dollars but not on the bill for the services I did not use but for a bill I have not received. So then it goes out again so here I sit . Just got off the phone. Charter has me so mad right now. The little girl I spoke with tried to tell me that they had no way of knowing whether I got service for the month of July and that they had done everything possible oh and that it was the customers responsibility for the faulty equipment after 60 days of installation. After they had assured me over the phone and in person that it had nothing to do with me or on my end. So I ask to speak to her boss this go on three bosses later and 45 min on the phone. I get told her supervisor is still busy and will return my call. So I ask for her and her supervisor's name she gave me her first name and the name of a holly Belongia and assured me that there was nothing else that could be done. Holly Belongia just called and gave me a credit of an additional 35. So two services for two months equals 90 dollars plus tax and they gave me credit for half. What my problem is the way it was handled. I have dealt with customers for 15 years and I know that this situation was handled completely wrong. It should not had to come to all this. I feel like that the only reason that they gave me the credit they did was because I told them that I was filling this complaint .It should have been because they done there job and seen that the service was down. I am very un happy with charter.

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Resolved worst company I have ever delt with

I have been with Charter for over 7 months. To this date my services don't work properly. The first 4...

Resolved deceptive practices

Today Charter changed out our old boxes for new ones, they are doing this in my town in the state of Massachusetts. They said we are getting 7 new channels but what they didn't tell us is that they took away about 25 channels. After calling them, they now tell us if we want the digital view it will be $5 and for the whole digital view plus it will be $10 a month. This is unfair and deceptive. 10 minutes ago I was watching G4 and now that they switch out to a different box, the channel number changes and I have to pay for it. To name a few of the channels they now want us to pay for:<br />
<br />
G4, BBC, Planet Green, DIY, Discovery Health, IFC, Sundance, Fuse, Biography, Military Channel...All these channels where included in my current line-up 10 minutes ago, now I have to pay $10 more a month for them. I think I will get the town together and have a class action lawsuit filed against them.