Southwest Gas Corporation Customer Service

Southwest Gas Corporation

5241 Spring Mountain Rd
Las Vegas
United States - 89150-0002

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 877 860 6020(Customer Service) 1 0
+1 800 331 1119(Shareowner Services) 1 0
+1 702 876 7011(Head Office) 1 0
Mon7:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Tue7:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Wed7:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Thu7:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Fri7:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Sat7:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Postal Address
PO Box 98512, Las Vegas, NV 89193-8512

Mail Payments
Southwest Gas, PO Box 98890, Las Vegas, NV 89193-8890

Central Arizona 
1600 E. Northern Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85020-3982

Southern Arizona 
3401 East Gas Road, Tucson, AZ 85714-1917
Southern California
13471 Mariposa Road, Victorville, CA 92395-5315

Northern Nevada
400 Eagle Station Lane, Carson City, NV 89701-6493

Southern Nevada
P.O. Box 98890, Las Vegas NV 89193-8890

Southwest Gas Corporation Complaints & Reviews

Southwest Gas Corporation — utility service for my home

Around 4 days ago I called the gas company and requested new service. I have never had an account with Southwest. I was told that I would have to first send in copies of my ID and lease agreement. I thought it was odd, nevertheless I attempted to do so. Well I sent my ID and the lease...

Utility Services  · Oct 18, 2019

Southwest Gas Corporation — reckless driver

Me and my wife were driving down Buffalo towards flamingo tonight Wednesday July 24th at 9:47 pm when I passed through the light at spring mountain it was yellow and I see behind me a Southwest gas truck run the red light so then I get to the left turn on flamingo Blvd. He pulls up next to...

Utility Services  · Jul 24, 2019

Southwest Gas Corporation — gas leak

I had an odor of leaking gas that I called to have checked before 7 am. I had to leave to take my husband to the airport and of course the tech came in i the house when i told the dispatcher that i would be gone. He left no information he only turned off the gas. I called at 8:30 for...

Utility Services  · Apr 10, 2019

Southwest Gas Corporation — deposit

I have Southwest gas and they are requesting a $525 deposit for paying my gas bill late. I emailed them stating that the deposit amout is not reasonable and I can not afford that. They sent me an email to contact customer service. I called and they stated you have to pay or your service...

Southwest Gas — Horrible horrible people

I literally am trying to start service in my name and there telling me I have been living there at the property so the bill from the previous tenant has to be paid before they start my service this has nothing to do with me I knew the person and that still has nothing to do with me they...

Henderson Utility Services  · Feb 25, 2016

Southwest Gas — Service

Southwest gas employees lied. I signed up for service and checked the box for a phone call when they were enroute. Never received a phone call. Called customer service and they said I never checked the box for a call. The only problem is the service rep that came to the house said he tried...

Southwest Gas — Southwest Gas charges

Account # [protected] I sold my house in Carson City, NV on January 26, 2015. On January 27th, I contacted Southwest Gas explaining the house had been sold and asked them to close my account with them. The lady I talked to said she would do that immediately. Over the next two month...

Carson City Unauthorized Charges  · May 19, 2015

Southwest Gas — EEP charge

Our all Republican Arizona Corporation Commission, which is supposed to be protecting us, has allowed SW Gas to add on a new EEP charge as of Nov 2014 (they were probably paid off). If the weather is warmer than normal and you don't use as much gas as they think you should, they now...

Phoenix Utility Services  · Dec 14, 2014

Southwest Gas — Privacy and notification for Pipe Installation

My husband, 5-year old, and I have become victims of Southwest Gas pipe installations in our neighborhood. Six months ago, they put a pamphlet on our door stating they would be installing new gas lines in the area. It did not contain any specific information regarding the scope of the...

Tucson Building, Construction  · Oct 23, 2014

Southwest Gas — $135.00 deposit

We have so little income that the IRS does not require us to file, so of course we struggle to keep the bills paid. Guilty of being late with SOUTHWEST GAS so they're assessing us a fee ("deposit") of $135.00, which we can't pay, so they're saying they'll cut us off! SOUTHWEST GAS HAS A MONOPOLY ON GAS so what can we do? Dee

1 comments Utility Services  · Apr 28, 2013

Southwest Gas Corp — Service Transfer Refusal

I am a handicapped senior citizen. Due to the economic and unemployment situation in this country, I have been unemployed for 15 of the last 26 months and subsequently I have been forced to go on Social Security, and have lost my home as I can no longer afford the mortgage on my low...

Southwest Gas Corp — Billing Practices

I became a Southwest Gas customer in November 2008. During that time I have been late with my payment several times. Let me explain why. They send out a bill from Las Vegas to Litchfield Park Arizona 10 days before it is due back to Las Vegas. If you are one day late it is considered...