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Reliant Energy Retail Holdings Customer Service


Reliant Energy Retail Holdings, LLC

1201 Fannin
United States - 77002

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 713 207 7777(Customer Service) 1 0
+1 866 222 7100(Customer Service) 1 0
+1 713 207 7243(Pay By Phone) 1 0
+1 713 537 3000(Head Office) 1 0
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P.O. Box 650475, Dallas, TX 75265-0475

Overnight Delivery 
Dept. 650475, 1501 N Plano Rd, Richardson, TX 75081

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P.O. Box 3765, Houston, TX 77253-3765

Reliant Energy Retail Holdings Complaints & Reviews

Reliant Energy Retail Holdings / app payments and customer servicedept

Barrett Bean on Nov 15, 2018

barrett bean 2190 s uecker lane 613 Lewisville TX 75067 Review all calls in inbound and outbound and tell me how the heck my service gets shutoff after a clear aggremment is made at around 10am. agreed i had until tomorrow 11/16. shutoff at 130 11/15. your customer service dept. need...

Reliant Energy Retail Holdings / the ever increasing cost of my account without cause, without explanation. without the audit I requested

Judy Dixon on May 2, 2018

To Reliant Energy Retail Services, LLC Apr 19 at 2:10 PM now, they have my bill up to $240, HOW? I run no appliances, shades down at all times, heat/air off 95% of the time, I'm 66 still healing from a bad car crash, only have SSN. Help I have no way to pay this 176 in full and don't...

Reliant Energy Retail Holdings / jj watt jersey texan plan promo

Ethan Skognes on Dec 19, 2017

12991075-8 account # I received a double XL jersey I wear a medium I cant wear it its to big. I switched to Reliant because of this Promo now I cant even wear it. Please send me the correct size I will send this 1 back. Its like getting your favorite pair of Shoes 2 or 3 sizes to big you cant even wear them. [removed]

Reliant Energy / reliant surge protection

Ricky Martinez on May 30, 2017

I had a storm come through about a week ago. After that my 55 inch tv went out. I called Allied warranty and the told me they would call me back. They were supposed to call me back with a date for repair the following day. I did not receive a call so I had to call back. They told me that I...

Reliant Energy / reliant energy / average billing scam

EG1970 on Dec 14, 2016

To all consumers average billing is a SCAM!! I signed up for average billing when I noticed that the bills on a 1 bedroom apartment were as high a the bill for my 2 story home. The representative never once said that if you cancel before the 12 months there is a penalty even when I asked...

Reliant Energy / worker

mariav508 on Aug 19, 2016

You have a worker named Alma Amador in Laredo, Texas working for your company. I have a complaint, she was Recomended by a friend and well my experience with her was just unbelievable and outrageous, she is very rude has no class in her way of talking to a customer doesn't even explain to...

Reliant Energy / inncorrect information to equifax credit agency.

Michael Dawkins on Oct 24, 2012

Why have they (Reliant Energy) submitted to Equifax that I haven't paid a bill when I can prove I moved from 106 Old Ingram Loop; Ingram, Texas to 1000 Paschal; apt. #901; Kerrville, Texas when these alledged cost occurred. I was with K.P.U.B. Kerrville Public Utility Board-thier...

Reliant Energy / poor customer service

On Est Tex on Aug 27, 2012

I received a late bill payment notice from Reliant Energy, which urged me to call to make payment arrangements on a late account. When I called, I was on hold for an inordinate amount of time, only to speak with a rude customer service representative, who took even longer to get me to a...

Reliant Energy / wrong letter of credit for electric service

Emersonkp on May 30, 2012

Reliant Account No: 70047706-0 I have requested for Letter of credit from reliant over my previous services as I have recently moved to OHIO and had to change the electric company. Reliant had published a wrong letter of credit both to me and my current electric provider stating 6 late...

Reliant Energy / horrible customer service

FourLittleDiamonds on Aug 2, 2011

Called Reliant to ask about their plans. The guy on the phone went into hard sell mode on one of their plans. After I listened for a while, I asked him where I could look at the Electricity Facts Label (EFL) for the plan so I could compare it to other plans. He said he couldn't...

Reliant Energy / customer service

Danny H on Jul 7, 2011

Have you watched the commercials about the way big electric companies treat their customers. That is exactly the way reliant treats their customers. Words cannot express my frustration with the way reliant has treated me. All I want is my power turned on. I don't want to be miss lead. And...

Reliant Energy / electricity switching


I have been a Reliant Customer for 7 years and transferred my service every where I have moved. The last move was just from one apartment to another and I thought that everywhere was okay - a few months later I received a phone call asking did I want to switch back to Reliant, I advised at...

Reliant Energy / to connect or not to connect

Applied to join Reliant and was told would need to supply a $530 deposit which would be refunded after 12 months. Filled out all the necessary forms online, they deducted the $530 from the bank and 7 days later we receive notification by phone and mail that we have been turned down. I...

Reliant Energy / fraudulent marketing practices


A telemarketing representative identifying himself as a Reliant Energy representative contacted me concerning using Reliant service claiming huge savings particularly on demand charges. After much debate and calculating bill comparisons with the rep I agreed to to a 3 month trial with them...

Reliant Energy / raised rate against 12 mo contract

I signed a contract 4 months ago. It is called "Secure 12" and I was told that I agree to keep Reliant Enegy for 12 months and they agree to give me 11.8 cents per KWH for 12 months. The first three months I was very happy with my 11.8 cents. But this month they raised it to 11.9447 per...

Reliant Energy / billing /customer service

Why is it that the consumer must pay for the providers incompetence. And then they want you to feel like its a privaledge that they let you pay. I received a bill for 172.00 as opposed to my previous bill of 7.19. Called to find out what happened, was told, probably bad meter, but if I...

Reliant Energy / cheating the customers


Hello, I took the service from Reliant energy when i was new in the city.Later i wondering why i am i getting so high bills comparative to usage .My friends used the same watt of electricity and even more than i did but always their bills were less than me .After 9 months i collected the bills 2...

Reliant Energy / unauthorized billing


On February 2009 I received a corrected bill from Reliant Energy saying that I owe $468 for that month. This was quite a shock to me because in the past six months I had been paying an avg. of $60; and since I am single, rarely at home, don't even turn on AC or Heater often, probably...

Reliant Energy / billing


My December bill from Reliant had a meter reading that was 1000kwh higher than it should have been. I didn't notice it until after I paid the bill. When I called and complained they said that it would even out on the next bill. On December 31st we saw the guy reading our meter in the...

Reliant Energy / incompetent billing with no protection


After hurricane Ike I expected a small delay in getting my bill. Instead I waited two months and then fearing a cut off I called in a complaint that I had not received the bills. The previous two months before Ike I had not received bills either and called to find out what I needed to pay...