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electricity bill

I have been a reliant customer for more than 35 years, without ny problems, now they have change the ways to to business and not for better: now is to trap you in a bad contracts, raising my energy charge from $0.041 to $0.1050 that is a raise of 150% . what is the reason to do this? just misslead your customers sending a letter saying you will have the same service? I signed this contract in March 1st, 2019 without puting more attencion, trusting this Company, in March I paid $351.93, then by April my bill was $739.42, May was $ 852.55, June $ 824.04 and July$899.88. this high bills could be worst, but I am turning off one of my A/C from 3pm to 8 amnext day, and still I am paying that much.
Since April when my bill more than double I contact the company numerous times, their response is "well you sign a contract you are stuck with it, or you can break the contract, will cost you around $ 3, 000.00. we said we will provide you with the same good service but we did not said at he same price, you should have read very careful your contract " I am very frustrated and disapointed with this company

service disconnection

Received notice of service disconnection at beginning of May, due to take place on 5/13/19. Showed balance due of $181(which included current balance not due until end of month of May 2019). Made paynent of $90(past due amount) on 5/7/19. New balance of $91 and some change remaining, again not due until end of May. With no further notice, and despite payment already being made, Reliant sent in disconnect work order to Centerpoint Energy for disconnection anyway, on 5/13. Woke up this morning to my AC turning off, in the dead of summer in Texas. Today is 5/28. Called them to ask why my power was out. They state I should have made the full payment?? No explanation on why the disconnect order was not removed despite them having my payment for six days before sending it in. No explanation on why, even though my payment wasnt due until 5/30, my services were disconnected. After years of being a customer, they disconnected my service for $92. I had just renewed for another year with them too. I'll be taking my business elsewhere, and not with one of the companies they hide behind but is still them.

app payments and customer servicedept

barrett bean 2190 s uecker lane 613 Lewisville TX 75067 Review all calls in inbound and outbound and tell...

the ever increasing cost of my account without cause, without explanation. without the audit I requested

Reliant Energy Retail Services, LLC

Apr 19 at 2:10 PM
now, they have my bill up to $240, HOW? I run no appliances, shades down at all times, heat/air off 95% of the time, I'm 66 still healing from a bad car crash, only have SSN. Help

I have no way to pay this 176 in full and don't know where it came from or why. I want a full account review/audit on my account with the record and explanation on email. JD

jj watt jersey texan plan promo

[protected]-8 account # I received a double XL jersey I wear a medium I cant wear it its to big. I switched to...

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reliant surge protection

I had a storm come through about a week ago. After that my 55 inch tv went out. I called Allied warranty and the told me they would call me back. They were supposed to call me back with a date for repair the following day. I did not receive a call so I had to call back. They told me that I would have to find a repair company myself, because they have nothing in my area. They sent me an email with the info. So I went ahead and looked into it. This was not acceptable, they wanted me to pay a technician to look at the tv. When I signed up for this through reliant, I was told and have paperwork, that I would not have to pay a service call. I called Reliant and Allied numerous times. The only answer I received was sorry Reliant only sells it and cannot make Allied do anything. Allied states I can either take the 55 inch tv to get checked and pay for it or do nothing. I couldn't believe Reliant would sell me something that was a scam. I have been a loyal customer, and would not expect this. I have read several reviews on Allied and cannot believe Reliant continues to offer this. I'm just another consumer bullied by the multi million dollar companies.

reliant surge protection

reliant energy / average billing scam

To all consumers average billing is a SCAM!! I signed up for average billing when I noticed that the bills on...


You have a worker named Alma Amador in Laredo, Texas working for your company. I have a complaint, she wa...

inncorrect information to equifax credit agency.

Why have they (Reliant Energy) submitted to Equifax that I haven't paid a bill when I can prove I moved...

poor customer service

I received a late bill payment notice from Reliant Energy, which urged me to call to make payment arrangements on a late account. When I called, I was on hold for an inordinate amount of time, only to speak with a rude customer service representative, who took even longer to get me to a customer service supervisor. I ultimately hung up the phone and called in again to request a service supervisor. While the supervisor did follow through with the payment request, this company needs to teach its front-line customer service representatives that they have a job ONLY because of loyal customers. There always seems to be a disconnect with this company on that point. It needs to be drilled into their heads before they ever get a chance to answer a phone and be rude and condescending to a customer. After six years, I'm choosing a new provider.

  • Po
    ponchovilla6152 Nov 11, 2012

    It's a shame that reliant is not loyal to their reliable customers. I've been with them 8 yrs and have recieved good service from them, but they are giving away nest free to their new customers instead of giving it to their loyal and reliable customers!!!

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wrong letter of credit for electric service

Reliant Account No: [protected]-0 I have requested for Letter of credit from reliant over my previous service...

horrible customer service

Called Reliant to ask about their plans. The guy on the phone went into hard sell mode on one of their plans. After I listened for a while, I asked him where I could look at the Electricity Facts Label (EFL) for the plan so I could compare it to other plans. He said he couldn't provide me with the label. When I said all electric plans have to have an EFL, he hung up on me.

customer service

Have you watched the commercials about the way big electric companies treat their customers. That is exactly...

electricity switching

I have been a Reliant Customer for 7 years and transferred my service every where I have moved. The last move...

to connect or not to connect

Applied to join Reliant and was told would need to supply a $530 deposit which would be refunded after 12...

Kennedale Utility Services

fraudulent marketing practices

A telemarketing representative identifying himself as a Reliant Energy representative contacted me concerning using Reliant service claiming huge savings particularly on demand charges. After much debate and calculating bill comparisons with the rep I agreed to to a 3 month trial with them to see if the rates would really save me money. He told me I had 3 months of bills to cancel and that I would recieve a duplicate bill so that I could compare their rate to TXU's rate which I was currently with at the time.

After agreeing to this I was sent over to a phone varification center and they read me 10 minutes of stuff. Of course they count on you glazing over and agreeing to everything, which I did. One discrepancy that I did not question was a 60 day versus 3 month cancellation time that varied from what the phone guy and the scripted agreement said. The next thing that came up was the cancellation terms which were never covered at all, so they had to back up and sell me on this. It was a situtation of convienent omition and leading me to believe something that was not true with out actually making recorded statements that were false.

So, after two months I called in since I was not happy with the rates and figured out that I was basically paying the same thing to them as TXU. The went over everything again and told me I was in a contract and there was nothing I could do as I was past the cancellation time. I told them I had three months and they reminded me that it was in fact 60 days. 3 months stuck with me because the sales guy went over that period so much. In fact it was 3 bills and not three months if you do the math on the situation. Again, a minor discrepancy and an exercise in leading.

I called repeatedly and worked with a supervisor at Reliant who researched the entire situation. He told me that they showed the contract to have come from a door salesman who came to me. I told him this was not the case and that I was not happy with the timing on the cancellation and how it was presented as well as the rate and went through the deceptive verbage used. He told me he understood and appologized for the situation and said he would work on resolving it. The solution was suppose to be cancellation with no cancellation fee. I told him I would pay the usage, but I did not feel the cancellation fee was fair considering the I never heard back, called him several times leaving messages, and again did not hear back. I proceeded to cancel the service as it was costing me $3-500/month over what I could and should have been paying since they promised to save this amount with the rate change. I went with Stream Energy this time and have been very happy as they saved me exactly what they said they would. Reliant sent be a final bill with a $3400 cancellation fee.

A month or two later I was contacted by Reliants internal collection office and went over with them the situation in an effort to pay the past due and to have the cancellation fee removed. The lady I talked with told me she would work to resolve the issue and get back with me. Again, I heard nothing.

I was later contacted by Robinson Law Group, a collection agency for Reliant, and asked to pay the past due balance. I talked with them about the situation and the lady said she would talk with Reliant about the situation and would get back to me. She called back about two to three weeks later and it was as if we had never spoken. She did not recall any details of the situation or discussed resolution or why I was contesting the cancellation charge. I went over it again and she was suppose to talk to Reliant and see what could be done. Two weeks later I get another call and she wants to set up a payment plan with me. Reliant will not remove the cancellation charges at all so I have turned it over to an attorney.

raised rate against 12 mo contract

I signed a contract 4 months ago. It is called "Secure 12" and I was told that I agree to keep Reliant Enegy...

billing /customer service

Why is it that the consumer must pay for the providers incompetence. And then they want you to feel like its a privaledge that they let you pay. I received a bill for 172.00 as opposed to my previous bill of 7.19. Called to find out what happened, was told, probably bad meter, but if I requested a work order that they (Reliant) will probably try to charge me for back usage. I said it needed to be fixed. Got a re letter 13 days later that they couldn't check meter because it was not accessible. Been in same place for 7 years that I know of along with 12 others. This just keeps getting worse, now I owe them nearly 900.00. And am being virtually forced into accepting there payment, or disconnect.

cheating the customers


I took the service from Reliant energy when i was new in the city.Later i wondering why i am i getting so high bills comparative to usage .My friends used the same watt of electricity and even more than i did but always their bills were less than me .After 9 months i collected the bills 2 c whats worng and I was shocked to c they were charging me 18 cents for per watt.Though i selected the month to month variable plan ..they kept me charging the same price .not even once the rate was down inspite the gas prices being low.I checked their website and their add on other websites their they mention the price as 13 cents .when I called them and ask they said its for new customers ..It means for exsisting customers the rate will alwaz go up and u will just keep wandering, ..
I switched over to startex that
Startex charged me for 500 kw -$70
Reliant charged me for 500 kw--130
Do chk out while using reliant...

  • Ge
    gexacase Dec 21, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Believe me, this conduct they engaged in is unlawful at so many levels. I am also an attorney who may be suing Reliant on behalf of a friend. If you have any interest in my representing you as well, please email me at [email protected] No obligation, contingency fee arrangement.

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unauthorized billing

On February 2009 I received a corrected bill from Reliant Energy saying that I owe $468 for that month. This was quite a shock to me because in the past six months I had been paying an avg. of $60; and since I am single, rarely at home, don't even turn on AC or Heater often, probably 3-6hrs/day at the most, I thought this was appropriate.

Looking over my corrected bill I saw that in the previous months they had received “wrong" readings and they are now charging me in full.

ONCOR does their meter readings, so I decided to sign up on their website to see my readings. Turns out that I can (online) check my readings at 15-minute intervals. So how is it that Reliant got wrong readings in a period of 6 months? Actually it probably was more than that, but by State law they cannot charge me beyond 6 months.

Is it right that I have to assume full responsibility for their mistake, and the only way that Reliant Energy holds itself accountable is by saying that they're sorry? Now I have this $468 bill that I did not expect and am not in the best financial position to be able to pay it.

Lesson Learned: I will now be checking the meter myself, to make sure they do not “underbill" me.

  • Ma
    mauschen Sep 28, 2009

    Same thing happened to me with Hudson Energy Services. They were apologetic and told me that Oncor representatives often just estimate your usage because they are too lazy to take real readings (I don't even have a fence or gate in the way of my meter) and when they come around to take an actual reading once every six months or so and see that the total is different than what they had been estimating (surprise!) they bill you for the difference in one huge lump sum. It does seem like an Oncor problem but it's infuriating to always get the runaround.

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  • Ca
    cancel Oct 11, 2009

    Hudson energy services uses solicitors from Florida and other states
    to sell gas and electricity to consummers in Deregulated states.
    Most the time your talking to someone who dosn't even know where it comes from. Let alone about somebody that reads your meter. Call the Public Utility Commission and complain to them. Then I suggest you cancel.

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  • Ve
    verucalise Nov 02, 2010

    I agree. They were using "central standard time" when they spoke to me, tipping me off. I immediately cancelled- the gentleman "michael" that I spoke to tried to tell me I was paying at the height of the electrical season (December apparently) 14 cents a KwH. I looked thru all my bills for two years- the highest I ever paid was 7.5 cents thru National Grid in NY. He wanted to lock me in at 7.3 cents an hour, when I currently pay in the 6 cents range. I called immediately to cancel, and they are still calling me. As soon as I cancelled, even before paperwork was sent-- I got a call back from Michael. I didn't answer, he left a message about the recording he made me go thru, how I would have to re-do it in order to send out the paperwork. Apparently, when I called to cancel, it also deleted the recording. I foresee many days on end of Hudson Energy calling me... like they didn't already, we were getting 5 calls a week before I finally answered and decided to listen. What a mistake!

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