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Complaints & Reviews

Failure to perform service

We have received numerous complaints from our tenants (customers of New York State Electric and Gas) indicating NYSEG is refusing to perform readings at the end and beginnings of leases. They are using COVID-19 as an excuse for not doing readings while customers have the service and giving estimated readings. While this may be justified it is not acceptable to do so at the end of the lease when the account must be settled (and actual numbers provided.)

Tenants (NYSEG customers) don't have access to the meters and property owners in NY state should not be required to perform work on behalf of a utility company. This is time-consuming, the responsibility of the provider to the customer, and the cost for such is paid for by the customer to the utility provider.


I hope this email is going to the correct department. This is more of a landlord complaint that had no furnace to my sons apartment and my son used his electricity using space heaters for warmth.
I am writing because the apartment at 26 Haendel street in Binghamton (apt #1B, first floor around back) that i was renting for my son has been without a furnace and no heat the entire year of 2019! He has been plugging in a portable space heaters and propping them close to him for heat. A breaker would always trip every time he turned it on when another appliance was running. He would have to go outside in the cold and down to the basement to replace it (at his expense). He would have to turn off the heater in order to run the stove or microwave so as not to trip a breaker. Some kind of faulty wiring or too many outlets on one breaker. The back porch light outside of his door was also being run on his electric bill when the light was lighting a common stairwell for all tenants and is supposed to be on the landlords bill.
I dont think an apartment without a furnace is legal. Please advise me on this matter. Thanks

Damian Martin

power supply

I have a refrigerator and freezer full of food that needs to be disposed of and rebought,
I find being without power for more than 24 hours this day and age to be crazy,
Especially when I am charged a monthly supply fee, I can throw a stone and hit either one of my neighbors whom have had power all along when I haven't, there was no visible damage on the line from my house to where
The line terminates, (I have checked)
I would like to know why when we lose power
It is for more than 24hrs, never used to be this way.
I am also going to contact my state representative on this matter as well.
Perhaps they will tell me to get a back up generator just like many around here have,

scam alert

This evening, approx. 6:10 pm, we got a phone call, supposedly from NYSEG. The NYSEG name appeared on our phone as well as a phone no. of [protected]. A recording came on, stating that NYSEG will give us a 15% discount on our electricity bill if we provide additional personal info. I believe this to be a scam. Would you please check into this? We did not provide any information as we believe you have all the information you need from us.

  • Updated by Cathy Arruda · Sep 27, 2019

    Needs NYSEG action and response to Scam Alert

my nyseg bill

I would like a reader put on my meter box the electric bill is way too high!!!
The bill has been $250 to $350 for the last 6 months which is outragous.
I have made complaints previously but no one has communicated in helping to resolve.
I spoke with Matt the new engineer out of the Plattsburgh N.Y. office.

Alvin Nolette Jr
83 Mountain View Drive
Willsboro N.Y. 12996

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damage to my property on 674 squirrel hill greene ny

Do to a new pole and electric lines put on my property. I have damage to my house, the cellar and the roof. Do to a tree, a blue spruce tree, cut down three feet in back of my house. They also ran over my septic system several times. Now I can not flush my toilet. This last July they came back to run more lines through my propery and damaged my two sugar maple trees in front of my house. Nelson Tree company stated they were going to cut down all my trees, when I asked them to stop. I am currently working with an engeneer from NYSEG to move the pole and lines away from my house. This has to be done before I came fix my house. They also promised me they would notify me when ever they are coming out to work. If they had notifed me none of this damage would have been done in the first place. Hindsight is allways 20/20. I DO NOT WANT TO BE A PRIMARY SIGHT FOR THE ELECTRIC LINES. Nelson tree company says I am. I never consented to this. NYSEG PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS.

meter readings or lack of

I would like to suggest that NYSEG instruct their meter readers to do their job with their pants on and not...

ripped up lawn/grass during service call

On June 16th 2019 there was a power outage at my address at 929 Lawton Hill Road, Sidney Center NY 13839. I alerted NYSEG that there was no power and at approx. 230am on June 17th a work crew showed up to fix the problem. They brought in a heavy work truck to do the work and in this process left deep ruts and tire tracks on the side of my house. I believe normally if this happens the work crew takes care to at least lay down wood boards to get to the afffected area but this was not done in this case.
I would like for someone at NYSEG to at least put in some dirt to cover up the affected area, at this point the ruts are so deep water collects in each one causing problems with mosquitoes, etc. I have called NYSEG on several occasion since this happened on their customer service/ claims line with no response as of July 24th 2019.

Please reference the attached photos to see the affected area.

Barbara Sandorf
929 Lawton Hill Road
Sidney Center, NY 13839
NYSEG account number [protected]

ripped up lawn/grass during service call


I am a first time home buyer, and quite honestly, I don't know everything. I closed on My final inspection was on Sunday. I didn't know the whole process, and my realtor tells me that I have to turn on the utilities. Easy enough, I have to call. Obviously they are all closed on Sunday. Luckily (or so I thought) NYSEG allows you to request a turn on via the website. Only catch is that it will take three days. So Wednesday it is... Well it is Wednesday, and still no power. I called to find out if there was a delay for some reason. Turns out they came and went. They couldn't activate because the breaker was on... Now I understand that is an important aspect of this whole thing. How on earth would I know to do that? When I called I was told that they informed me that the breaker needed to be switched off at the time of my request. Not true. I received an email that was in my spam folder that confirmed the appointment and requested that the breaker be flipped. oh well sorry about that. So can I have this turned on for me tomorrow. "uh no. the earliest appointment we have is Tuesday. But that's pretty good due to the holiday." fantastic. Now I can't get started on any projects until next week! It is supposed to rain all weekend and I will have no sump pump for my basement. Thanks for understanding NYSEG. Good thing I have options and you don't have a modern monopoly... oh wait you do. thanks for nothing. Wish I didn't have to give you my business

customer service

I spoke with Alexis about getting my electric back on. I was given an answer that was almost as uncaring as a snake. I asked to speak with supervisor which was busy at first, I refused to hang up so I met James. That there is a pic of crap. He came on phone with this speech would not listen to me, would not let me speak, I'm sure you have the recording. Yes I did call him his deserved name after I got no help from him. Why have customer service when your going to bully your customers? Nysegs sucks. You customer service acts like [censored]. All I wanted was my electric on today. I have insulins in frig, I have CPAP machine, I have a nebulizer, 3 small children and cancer. I'm suffering enough just turn the electric on and get rid of customer service. They are useless! They are who they are.

tree safety/power lines

I contacted Nyseg on March 27, 2019 because their power line to my house was installed in a way so it weaves through a tree trunk and branch and is pressing against the trunk, so during high winds the tree actually stretches the line, and during heavy snow the line is weighed down by the tree branches. We had to knock snow off the weighed down tree branches during one snow fall (and power outage) to stop the branch from stretching the line so far down, but this is obviously unsafe. I don't know how many more times this can happen before the line simply snaps. I spoke with Sam Miller who sent someone to look at it. The man who looked at it seemed like he had already made up his mind before getting out of his car and my call was a nuisance. He did admit it wasn't safe but "Nyseg doesn't want to pay." I asked if he can please include the description in his report, he assured me he would. The follow up phone call with sam Miller the next day was very difficult with him rudely talking over and down to me. My impression was if he were talking with a man the conversation would have gone better. From what he was saying I understood the report he received didn't mention the power line is pressing against the three trunk, but he went on, wouldn't let ne speak until I got frustrated and raised my voice. Despite my valid concerns that the tree stretching the power line during heavy winds and heavy snow, sam told me unless a Nyseg person is there at that moment, they will do nothing. Even with photographic evidence. The power line stretches over the path to my entrance. My very valid concerns for my family were callously dismissed. It wasn't my idea to install a power pole in front of a tree and run the line through the trunk and branches so it would inevitably cause a dangerous situation, it was Nyseg's but Sam made it clear Nyseg could care less.

tree safety/power lines

phone service is ridiculously horrendously bad!!!

You first start out with an automated phone system, which is just them getting marketing information and...

electricity budget billing unethical

I have lived in my house for 4 years. Paid the same amount generally the whole time on budget billing( 50 to 80 dollars a month) Same 4 appliances past 4 years.
1 tv. All the same as when we moved in. Now they claim I am using way more energy. That I owe 155 dollars for one month and that my next months bill will also be 155 dollars. Right before Christmas too. This company is a bunch of crooks. They talk you in circles when u ask questions. I was lectured by a rep who stated she sits down and reads all her bills every month. I cant even pee with out a kid interrupting that
...let alone read my nyseg bill in full. I am very disgusted with the customer service I received and also the extreme raise in my bill right before the holidays no less.

billing / new meter

I sold my home and closed on it on July 27, 2018 all the way back to 2016 I've always had a credit would nice egg in three months before I close on my house I had an over $900 credit with nice egg after closing and moving out living in my new home I get a bill from nice I'll just says that I owe $952.61 I called them spoke to a woman she said yes I got back somethings wrong here I'm gonna have a look dad into and I will call you back never heard from her and I said well my concern is I don't want this to be turned over to a collection agency oh sir this will not happen I will call you back I never heard from anybody today October 1 I get a letter from a collection agency for the bill I called nice again woman looked into it when you talk to a manager goes back on and says sir you had an old meter we just change the meter out In September and it goes back and you can read all the way back to 2016 and get the actual rates I was gone July 27 the new people moved in that day now she's telling me they put a new meter in last month and they can go back to 2016 and read what the meter was doing or not doing she said my meter was dying so it was a recording correctly and I told her I said wait a minute so I didn't hear from anybody all those years and now the lady who told me she wasn't going to have this turned over to collections she was gonna look into is called me back never called me back why not in the woman hung up on me that's your customer service from ni in September and it goes back and you can read all the way back to 2016 and get the actual rates I was gone July 27 the new people moved in that day now she's telling me they put a new meter in last month and they can go back to 2016 and read what the meter was doing or not doing she said my meter was dying so it was a recording correctly and I told her I said wait a minute so I didn't hear from anybody all those years and now the lady who told me she wasn't going to have this turned over to collections she was gonna look into is call me back never called me back why not in the woman hung up on me that's your customer service from NYSEG!

frequent power outages

Partial list of outages. Does not include incidents where power "blinked" which we don't keep track of. July...

electric usage

April 2018 I was Charged for 7356 kwh of Service. I can not see this being a normal especially since other...

new construction service

9/6/2018. Second phone call to obtain status of work order . The usual on hold for 20 to 30 minute...

dead trees on my street cause imminent danger

I live at 32 Hickory Grove in Cheektowaga (Hickory Grove Patio Homes). There is a row of dead trees bordering our property and Yvette Ave. All are leaning towards power lines. Does NYSEG cut these down to a safe level if needed?One bigger limb fell off a few months ago and there was sparking but NYSEG never responded to our predicament then. Getting nervous with the high winds.

urgent repair needed

Utility pole in my driveway was damaged in March Northeaster. NYSEG came to assess and work order was issued on April 9, 2018. Since then I have made numerous attempts to contact NYSEG and get repair completed. This has now become a safety issue. With each new rain and wind storm the pole is leaning over more and wires are drooping lower over my driveway making it unsafe for large vehicle such as fire, oil truck, etc.
This need to be repaired as soon as possible.

new electric set up

We submitted all of the proper information for a electric to be set up at our new house and I called the...

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