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Southwest flight #2180 bound from Ontario California departed @ 7:25 pm to Oakland California landed @ 8:40 pm. After the plane took off and flight attendants started serving drinks and since the plane was stable and flying smoothly, I got up to go to the restroom because I really need to go to the so bad. But the flight attendant STOP me to go the restroom. She said that I need to go back to my sit because the seatbelt light still on. So I went back to my sit despite of the discomfort of not being able to empty my bladder . I waited and waited for the seatbelt light to turn off but it never did The whole time of flight the seatbelt light stayed on. What really bothered me is this on duty flight attendant named Dawn ( That's the name she gave me) did not stop those other passengers who got up to use the restroom while the seatbelt light was on. I felt discriminated . I wondered if is it because I would be blocking their way while serving drinks and snacks or she just decided to give me a hard time because of my skin color. I wanted to forget about this incident but the discomfort I went thru from holding my bladder was unbearable. What are your rules in terms of Restroom use during inflight? Is there any emergency exemptions in terms of restroom use specially when there's no bad turbulence ? I was able to use the restroom anyway but the wait seemed forever. I know you have strict rules about keeping seatbelt on when the seatbelt sign is on but can your attendants at least show fairness in treating your customers. If it's not ok for one person then why it's ok for others . Pls I appreciate a feedback regarding this matter.

Oct 05, 2019

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