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Southwest Airlines / flight 1999 on 2/15/2019 between punta cana and chicago midway

1 United States

Referring to Steve Peterson's comments, we confirm everything he said. In addition,
we would like to say that since Southwest came into business, we always heard wonderful things of people's experiences. This is why saying this is such a shock to us. We feel that the passengers were totally disrespected on this flight. The three flight attendants were not cordial, and the lead was rude, and abrasive. How does a non-people person get into a lead position on the flight crew. We don't get it. It is understood that on a non-domestic flight, there are to be no lines in the isles awaiting the rest rooms. It is one thing to ask the folks to abide by the rule, but to demand it with the threat of being escorted back to your seat was uncalled for. The other thing that stands out, there were some documents that required being filled out; however, not everyone had pens. The lead went on the PA system 5 or 6 times about getting all his "ink pens" returned, as he was sick and tired of them not being returned. I doubt there was a passenger on the flight that was not appalled by this individual. I realize that most can be trained; however, how does a non-people person get into a lead position as this. He does Southwest no favors being in this position. He might be better suited retrieving luggage, or working somewhere else.
The topper is what Steve Peterson commented on regarding this flight. The crew needed to be called out on this, and they were. So from our perspective, this lead was trying to get the mentioned passenger in trouble, and it backfired on him. Unfortunately, we have flown many of the major airlines in our time, and this was the absolute worst.

Feb 19, 2019

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