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Two other teachers and myself were scheduled to attend a conference in San Antonio, Tx, from 11/19/08-11/23/08. Another teacher purchased the airline reservation for us, using her credit card. We had no idea of the airline policies, she just indicated she received the cheapest rate she could find and we had to reimburse her for each of our tickets. I was unable to attend the conference and requested a refund of the amount ($316) since I did not fly. I was informed by Allyson Luppy and Anthony Whaley that I could not have a refund because the person that ordered the tickets had purchased them under "cannot cancel" terms of sale over the internet. I was unaware that this had taken place. All I knew was that someone had ordered my airline ticket and I had to reimburse that individual. I was not told of any conditions limiting the ticket in any way. I was told by Luppy and Whaley that I could use the ticket, exchange it or give it away to someone else up until July 2009 when it expires. I am not going to fly anywhere and I do not know of anyone that is flying any time soon. The conference was a one-time event paid for by the school district and will not happen again. My co-worker believed she was doing all a favor by purchasing the tickets and then we reimburse her. I feel that I am being held hostage by terms of sale I knew nothing about. Another teacher put the hotel reservations on her credit card, but I was able to cancel those without losing any money.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Oct 02, 2009 5:06 pm EDT

Sorry, but it sounds like YOU need to ask the person who got you the tickets what the rules are. Everyone knows you should "not sign something without reading it first "

Feb 20, 2009 1:31 am EST

I assume you are an adult...therefore next time grow up and take care of your own business...sheesh.


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