Southwest Airlineslack of communication

C Jul 11, 2019

My family and I were delayed in Ft. Lauderdale due to a storm. The staff there did a great job letting me know about updates. We finally got on the plan nearly 5 hours after we were scheduled (flt 754 to Dallas on 7/8). We didn't leave at that time because the pilots were allowing others to get off the plan because they people were not going to get their connecting flights. We were also delayed to allow others on standby to get on the plane.

As we got closer to Dallas, I asked the stewardess if we could get off the plane first to get to our connection to Albuquerque. She let me know that "they" know we were on the plane and they would wait, but it would not be possible to allow those of us to get connected flights off first. (This is something I have been afforded on other airlines.) There was also supposed to be someone in the terminal to help us - NO ONE was there at 12:30 a.m.

When we got off - we found a sweet SWA lady who was trying to leave, but took the time to help us. I wish I could have remembered her name. She called the gate but the plane took off 10 minutes prior. 10 MINUTES! Then she gave us the information for hotels or options and the number for SW Customer Relations. The first 3 hotels had no rooms available. Due to the 4.5 hours we had to get ready for our next flight out that was rescheduled the next day, my family and I camped out in the airport. I had NO luggage because I had checked it from FL. The area was freezing and I have a terrible respiratory infection from the night. When we met others on the flight to NM, they reported the same bad issues of communication. One family spent $150 for a hotel for 5 hours.

I would really like someone to contact me at [protected]. I realize there is nothing that could have prevented delay due to the storm, but the lack of communication and the fact that we were told the wrong information from your employees is deplorable. You should have had an employee at the gate helping your customers with information. Your kind pilots in FL resulted in many of us not getting our connecting flights and cost a great deal of money, or caused great inconvenience without consideration of the fact that some of us couldn't get our luggage and get any supplies or warmer clothing.

I have flown many times over many years, but this was the worst experience I have ever had with any airline company. I look forward to someone in a supervisory position to call me.

Cathy Baehr

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