Southwest Airlinesflight attendant


I was trying to put my carry on in a compartment when this very rude flight attendant told me I couldn't put it in that compartment so I began taking it down to put it in the other which I couldn't do in a split second because I weight 100 pounds and my bag weighs about 40. I was in the process of moving the bag carefully to not injure anyone else on the flight when she said "I don't know why she can't just listen to me why is she not moving down. She is incapable of doing a simple process what is wrong with her." When I was doing what she said, I just being careful. She is being extremely rude to the other passengers and has a nasty expression on her face 24/7. She hates her job and needs to be removed. Extremely unhappy with this service when I was nothing but polite to her.

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