Southwest Airlineschildren flying alone


My grand-daughters ages 8&12 were going to fly from orlando international airport to albany, ny, a non stop flight. But my daughter was informed by southwest that my 12 year old grand-daughter was consider an adult and my daughter is not allowed to escort my girls to their gate. And I wasnot allowed to go to their gate to pick them up. Who in their right mind wold allow 2 young girls to wald thru a large airpot on their own. What if they were abducted. Or raped. This is not right. Why are parents or guardians allowd to see that the children are safe. I would like someone to look into this for me. Now my girls cannot spend the summer with me. I will not let them be alone in an airport, or anywhere. They, the airlines should be ashamed. Please help me. A3823

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