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Southwest Airlines - damage to items

Good day. My name is Kenesha Griffiths and I was on a flight from Fort Lauderdale to Montego Bay today August 23, 2019. Flight 6569. When I arrived in Montego Bay and took some of my luggage off the belt they were wet. On arrival home some items at the bottom of one suitcase was soaking wet with an odorless liquid. Nothing in the luggage was leaking. I've had to take items out and lay them out to dry including shoes, briefs, perfume box totally soaked and off bottle. The service was exceptional on the airline but not pleased that things I brought home for persons were damaged

Southwest Airlines - Southwest employees

CEO Mr. Gary C.Kelly, Southwest airlines Corporate office. I Helen Crump Williams had a flight from BWI to New Orleans on August 22, 20019 to August 26, 20019 my reservations was Made through a...

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Aug 23, 2019

Southwest Airlines - flight attendant

I was on a flight 2881 from LGB TO OAK today ( 08/22/2019) . Im pregnant on 7th month, and i asked Flight attendant to help lift my carry on in overhead bin, and flight attendant told me if i can not lift my carry on i should've put in luggage. By the end random man helped me . Which is absolutely unacceptable to me. I think thats why flight attendant is there to help passengers.It was my first time flying with Southwest, and i guess the last one.


Southwest Airlines - flight cancellation, political comments

I flew southwest airlines flight 1272 on 8/15/19 (UQ7KH9) out of Pittsburgh to midway. The flight was canceled due to mechanical issues. I was delayed an additional 8 hours! I am seeking free round trip tickets for my loss of a whole day with my family in Iowa. I missed a scheduled food tasting for my sons wedding!

Second the "new" flight from Pittsburgh to Midway had a pilot that said-- over the intercom...drinks your drinks fast...pretend you are Brett Cavanaugh! Are you kidding? I was offended by his political commentary. Upon exiting I told the stewardess that I drink like Nancy Pelosi.
I was offended the whole way around! Please discipline this insensitive pilot.

Aug 19, 2019

Southwest Airlines - service and lost luggage

Hello my name is Hortensia Solis, I flew out of Islip, NY airport on Saturday August 3rd. The flight Number was 5768 and left at 6:20am to Baltimore, and at 9:05am I made a second flight from Balitmore to San Jose, Costa Rica (flight number: 0602). My whole experience with this was a disaster. First off none of the check in computers were working, so I went to the counter. The people at the counter were very nasty and had a poor attitude. They treated me like I was a bother. The spoke amongst themselves in a good mood and joked around, but as soon as they spoke with a customer, the attitudes completely changed. Aside from the service, a luggage of mine was lost. I would like to know if there is a lost and found I can contact, or what procedures I can take to find my luggage. I pray I get a reply. Thank you - Hortenisa Solis.

Please email me at : [protected]
Or call at: [protected]
My english is not so good so my nephew id helping me with all this and has helped translate. His name is Reinaldo Garcia.

Southwest Airlines - southwest ticket agent at laguardia airport

I checked the status of my flight which was 5250 to see the status and it said on time I got into Laguardia and got to the kiosk at the baggage ticket claim and I seen it was too late I was having trouble with the kiosk so the gentleman from Southwest told me to give him my drivers license I asked him if the flight 5250 on August 17, 2019 was delayed he did not answer me he handed me my boarding pass I asked him again he did not answer me I asked and employee of La Guardia Airport and flight 5250 was delayed he asked to see my boarding pass the boarding pass says time 10:45 AM so he told me know no and to proceed to the gate I never received a text or email from Southwest indicating that the flight was delayed I was on the phone with my son and then told him to leave I did not find out for sure until I got to keep 57 and then found out that yes the flight was delayed I called Southwest customer service they told me they can only take complaints about customer service that I had to complain online I had no money and was stuck at the airport for three hours my son was going to stay with me or take me out of here to get food and then when I was told and not told until I got to the gate I told him to leave I have been a customer of Southwest for many years I would like to know if you ask a ticket agent if the flight is delayed are they supposed to look it up for you and answer you because that did not happen and I am very very angry and disappointed in the service I submitted a pic of my emails received today and there is no emails from southwest about the delay. And the boarding pass says time:10:45 even after the delay. How you going to satisfy me as a customer from this negligence and bad experience

Aug 11, 2019

Southwest Airlines - damaged luggage

Good Evening
on 8/11/2019 @ 0905 I took a flight from Orlando Florida to Norfolk Virginia … While waiting to board... the agent rudely had me step aside because she wanted me to check my luggage in .. I downsize for a reason because I do not want my luggage trapped inside with others... and low and behold once I got to Norfolk baggage claim my luggage was damaged and I was pissed. I just purchased this luggage from Dillard's a few months ago and because of the mishandling of it it is now damaged
reservation number KVHN9i

Adrienne Charles

I have photos if you need them
request payment on luggage or feel free to purchase a new one in exchange for the one you damaged.

Aug 11, 2019

Southwest Airlines - poor treatment / no understanding for the human element

Showed up to hear my 8/11 flight was cancelled and only received a 200 voucher (received no notification beforehand of the cancellation). The ticket cost me 700 dollars. I told them I'm pregnant and...

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Aug 10, 2019

Southwest Airlines - flight 123, s.d. airport

This complaint is in regards to flight 123 leaving San Diego airport in route to Dallas Texas scheduled for departure at 6:30 p.m. on 8/9/2019, in which it got delayed 2 hours. I receive notifications and the last notification I got was 8:50 p.m. I, Yanel Olvera, arrived at San Diego Airport at 8pm in which they would not let me get through the security checkpoint because the plane was taking off at 8:15 p.m.

So now I ask the question, why was I not notified about the early departure from 8:50 to 8:15 p.m.? Continue reading there's more...

So I walk up to the baggage check in with my stepdad, and I cannot believe the rudeness and poor customer service that I received all together from your staff. They try to make things right with Monopoly money, $50... I mean like seriously come on...

So because I did not get a notification although I got notifications before that about the delayed Air flight, I got denied. The gentleman at the counter asked if we wanted the next connecting flight in the morning at 6:30 a.m. and we answered yes. Soon after that my stepdad ask for the supervisor, and the gentleman was trying to make something up as to if he did not want to go get him/her. Amazingly enough shortly thereafter she appeared as we all tried to work together to find a fast solution. Things started out fine but then we were given a very unsatisfactory customer service by Mary Masotich, the female supervisor for Southwest Airlines. Actually my stepdad thought she did a great job until we were leaving and she's smarted off with saying, "yeah"... whatever happened to yes or no sir thank you and please? So after standing there for 30 minutes trying to find a solution, we found out that apparently the 6:30 a.m. flight was never put in the computer and somebody took that seat. This was nothing but a big mess and a rendezvous

As a result of all this, I will not be using Southwest Airlines no more hence my baggage was lost last year. I'm attaching a screenshot of the flight. I should have gotten on that plane even with the 10 minute rule, TSA guidelines.

Since y'all are corporate and if y'all want to make things right I will let you figure that out.

Aug 09, 2019

Southwest Airlines - customer service/baggage lost

I got into Las Vegas from a Atlanta at 10am this morning for a military bowling tournament. I received one bag and I checked 2. The bag that is missing is my bowling bag with all my equipment. I wa...

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Aug 07, 2019

Southwest Airlines - disrespectful behavior

I called a week prior to my flight, #1416 on 8/7/19 from Austin to San Jose at 10:25 am, about flying with my chihuahua. I was told to purchase a ticket for him for $95 which I did on 8/7/19. The...

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Aug 07, 2019

Southwest Airlines - canceled flight

We had three people canceled on southwest flight from STL to LGA under confirmation number N2MCGH . We ended up not being able to get a flight the same day to LGA and rerouted to Newark. We lost out on rentals/ hotels and including a lot of money on a show we had tonight that we had to cancel. Is there any kind of compensation we can get towards all of this? It cost us a lot of money and this isn't the first time in the past few months. The company is about to stop flying southwest unless we get some sort of return compensation. And we book 9-11 people numerous times a month. Please let me know what reimbursement we can get.

Southwest Airlines - airline handling baggage situation

An employee and I flew into Charleston SC late yesterday. A man in a red jacket was helping my employee get her bags. She is not from the US. She got a little confused and took a bag that she thought was mine by mistake and with the assistance from the man in the Red jacket (I assume a Southwest employee). When we got to the Hotel very early in the morning I put the bag by her hotel door. She realized it was not my bag, and I thought it was hers.

I called Southwest to inform them of this error. We are here for work and do not have a car and both quite far from the airport as we took an Uber here last night. I was asked when I could return the bag and I let them know I fly back to Florida on Thursday morning. I was told that is not good enough. And I need to do this right away. I again informed them I'm am working, and I'm trying to be a good, honest, samaritan by reporting this quickly. I was told if I don't return it right away it could be a legal issue and the police could be involved. I could not believe what I was hearing.

I explained again that I am on a very tight schedule and must get many things done as I don't live here and fly out to Florida and then Maryland this week. I am a A list customer and so are my colleagues that also fly Southwest a lot. But I don't like being threatened by Southwest for an honest mistake my international employee made. Perhaps she did not understand the man in the Red coat at the baggage claim.

Southwest said it was not their problem as they did not take the bag. I asked if I could pay someone to come get the bag and I was told no. I called Customer Relations next and they said the same thing. I must return the bag immediately. I again let them know I'm on a very tight schedule and cannot return to the airport right now as I'm working. What are my options. I was told to return the bag as it's not their mistake.

I must inform our company executives to stop using Southwest as we work with international employees and due to English not being their first language mistakes can be made. And as Southwest seems to be very inflexible or come up with a solution in this situation I do not feel confident to use the services. We are a very good client and this is not good customer service for someone trying to do the right thing.

Aug 03, 2019

Southwest Airlines - flights

I flew in flight 2342, Baltimore to Rochester on 7/31/19. We were about to get onto the run way to take off and they explain to everyone the bad news that due to weather, we needed to wait there until the weather was better which they said was going to be about 2 hours. Then they get back on the speaker and say "good news, we found a new route and it'll be about another 15 minutes until we are ready to take off." About 10 minutes later they get back on the speaker and said there's more bad news and that it'll be an hour and a half until we could take off due to high air traffic. The last time I flew which was in March, my flight got delayed due to high air traffic. I'm sick of all these excuses. And the weather excuse was a lie because the weather was fine and they changed the story and said it was due to high air traffic. That's ridiculous. That should all be taken care of before they get people on the plane. And they should plan ahead so high air traffic is not an issue. It's very frustrating when all this happens and you're traveling with a small child. I also was inconvenienced by south west because after booking my flight, they said I had to change it due to whatever reason. Probably because of all the grounded planes. Point is, I use to have a great experience flying south west, but I'm tired of all the inconveniences . It's not worth it. So I'll probably start flying Jet Blue and close my south west credit card.

Southwest Airlines - southwest airlines

Recently my family went on a vacation together, in fact our first in about 6 years. My older daughter and son-in-law were boarded as a family with my grandson. My two adult sons, myself and 11 year old daughter were in boaarding section C, which ended up being the last people boarding. Why? Our tickets were not any cheaper than anyone elses! So we get on the plane, the stewardess tells us to sit in the empty seats and my sons find a seat. My daughter was again told to sit and she sat by two strangers and started to cry. I told the stewardess that she needed to sit by me, and I was told to sit. She did not offer to ask anyone to swap seats, etc. Thank you Southwest for starting my vacation off bad! Everyone aroung my was sitting by their friends or family. I dont appreciate the way my family was treated. Complete disreguard for my childs feelings. I do not feel like you can insure the safety of my daughter and with the way our sosiety is today, you have no right to choose where she sits! My child was scared and your stewardess did not care. I will choose to fly on another airline with my family from now on.

Aug 02, 2019

My brand new suitcase purchased 4 days before my trip was burned somehow! the cornew looks like it was caught on fire. What happened? Who is responsible? It was a horrible flight with really bad service throughout only to find out you also ruined my suitcase. I would like someone to call me about BOTH of my complaints.

Aug 02, 2019

Please see above. Start to finish bad service, uncaring staff...

Jul 28, 2019

Southwest Airlines - boarding process at atl

Good night first of all I with my family usually travel by SWA (although we are not frequent travelers.) Today we traveled from Houston to Punta Cana changing planes in Atlanta (flight 1238). We were...

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Southwest Airlines - m1 golf club driver

Greeting SW
My name is Alejandro Lenoir, I was a passenger on flight #3932 out of Birmingham Alabama on 7/7/2019 with a layover in Dallas TX taking flight #5070 to Austin tx.
I noticed on 7/23/2019 my M1 driver was damaged on my flight back from Birmingham Alabama to Austin tx back on 7/7/2019. Why it took so long for me to put in a claim? 7/23/2019 was the first time since returning from Birmingham Alabama I have played golf.
Flight #5070
Confirmation # QWHQAM
Ticket # [protected]

Thanks in advance
Alejandro Lenoir
For additional information please contact me at

Southwest Airlines - southwest airlines vacation package (travel agency division)...

Hello my name is Warren Fikes,
I purchased a Southwest Airlines Vacation Package to Punta Cana, DR in of May 2019 and after all that was going on I canceled my trip mid June 2019. I've called several times to different dept. with the same answer and that was my air was refunded to your vacation part of southwest airlines on 6/28/19. I've been waiting on the charges to be returned or adjusted back to my credit card, so I could have booked another vacation package with your airline; but, at the this point, I am very disappointed with the customer service I was provided, thus far. Simply because, I was informed as of today that the airline portion has just been released 7/22/19. This has been almost a month after I was told that it was released on 6/28/19. Now I have too wait another month before I can have enough money on my credit card, to attempt to book another vacation. I'm very disappointed with Southwest Airline Vacations and I don't know if I will book with Southwest anytime in the future.



Southwest Airlines - flight experience

I traveled on Southwest on 6/29/19. The plane had a broken tail motor so there was no power on the ground which means no AC. It was 95 degrees outside in El Paso Texas. we were told to close our shades to help keep it cooler. It was a sold out flight, not a seat available. It was extremely uncomfortable. We sat sweating for 25 minutes. I had changed my reservation so my rates were EXTREMELY high for my tickets. I would like a refund. In all my flying expreience i have never had that happen.
Patricia Helm
Confirmation #LXJJYK

Update by Patricia Helm
Jul 19, 2019



Southwest Airlines - unauthorized credit card charges/didn't contact me about flight cancellation

made reservation for grandson to fly from atlanta to dallas on 6/4/19 when i called southwest phone number was redirected and the person that answered the phone charged $100. plus on credit card. found out confermation number was not legal and had to make reservation again. was asvised to contact credit card and card was cancelled and another had to to be sent. on the flight back to atlanta arrived at air port early but was told at that time flight had been canceled for maintiance said e-mail was sent but they had the incorect e-mail address even though the original flight booking was sent to the e-mail i provided them. grandson had to catch a late flight to arrive home on 7/9/19 grandson only 9 years old. so my time spent, money paid twice for parking my entire day ruined and also farther in atlanta went through the same. verry dissatisfied with the service and the plane returning to atlanta was an hour late departing dallas. confirmation (WLHC2G)

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