Southwest Airlinesairline flight - damaged contents in luggage

C Dec 02, 2019

On November 31st, my daughter, Cassandra LaRose and her daughter, Adeline LaRose were traveling from St Louis Mo to Nashville TN on Southwest. It was storming and when they arrived back to Nashville and the conveyor belt broke. They had to wait at baggage claim for the belt to be fixed. EVIDENTLY, they left the luggage outside in the open, pouring rain, as her luggage was DRENCHED, SOAKING WET when she took it off of the carousel. She had electronics, blow dryer, curling irons, flat irons, and MOST IMPORTANT, a BOOK that was given to her as a child that i gave her as a keepsake for her daughter and the Book was SOAKING WET AND RUINED! This is UNNACCEPTABLE! i fly Southwest all year long for all of my business flights, along with my company, and i am completely infuriated by what has taken place now and don't know if i can fly Southwest anymore, or put my family on it. Please tell me WHY Southwest would do this? Flight CONF UC4L5L

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