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Mattress Sag

I purchased this top of the line mattress at Sleepy's in 2004. It is a beautiful double pillow top. I...

Not bitter...just real!

It is not that they are a bad company...they have very poor management and no business knowledge. They are all about the buck. They have the wrong people in management from the ones that claim to run the company to the ones to claim to run their departments. Their department heads do not know how to speak to employees and instead of giving the employees the truth they bull--- their way out of situations because they are just not educated enough on how to speak to people. As for the layoffs, whether the company is doing well or not and it is not there is and was a better way of handling it. They only protect the ones they like. Sleepy's prefers having puppets working for them...pure ROBOTS. If you look at any employment add they claim that they are looking for innovative and aggressive, but in retrospect they are looking for the "YES MAN". If you cannot KISS ###, well than Sleepy's is not for you! Let's not forget how they are cutting cost and no longer are competitive in the job market. They are taking whatever they can away from their employees and stating it is because of hard times. I have yet to see other Companies take from their employees. They might be cutting jobs but they are keeping their benefits intact.
Reality is if you can hide the fact that you SUCK at your job this is the job for you. They don't respect the ones that get things done. They like the ones who take credit for getting it done and yet had nothing to do with it. All I can say is SMOKE and MIRRORS and when they realize what you aren't they promote you.
As for their customer service don't think they treat their employees any better. As an employee it took me a year to get my mattress replaced and it was defective two months after I purchased it. We sit on hold just as long as a regular customer and eat the same lines of bull----!
The company has the potential to be a GREAT company but the big boys are just out for themselves and could careless about the little guys. One day soon they will realize, you need REAL TEAM LEADERS in all departments to get ahead...most importantly you just need REAL LEADERS. They need to learn just because they don't see the poor interaction and abuse from mangers to employees doesn't mean it isn't happening. They need to know that sometimes hearing it needs to be enough to make that BIG Change! Well that is if Management were approachable to speak too!

  • Me
    Melissa May 04, 2009

    Good morning, my name is Melissa and I am a Customer Relations Representative at Sleepy’s LLC It has been brought to our attention that you filed a complaint online and we would like to offer assistance to you. I understand this is a public website and ask that you contact me directly at [email protected] and provide your account information so we may further address your situation.

    We look forward to hearing from you, so we may expedite resolution to your situation.


    Sleepy’s LLC

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Awful company

The problem started in August 28, 2007 when I approved for a GE Money Bank credit card to purchase a Stearns and Foster Queen Plaza mattress from Sleepy's. A month and half later the mattress in the middle was sinking in, causing my back to hurt severely doing my pregnancey. My fiance' slept on it as well and it as well and his back began to hurt him. So I called Sleepy and tokd them about the problem. The woman in customer relations told me it may be a defective mattress, to go back to the store where I purchase the mattress from, and they will exchange it for me. When we got their, my fiance' adn I spoke to a customer sales representative named Ray. He did the paper work and told us this was, 'an even exchange. When the delivery men arrive to deliver the other mattress they will return the first mattress back to the ware house.' I know this because; we asked him what will the company do with the old mattress. Ray the customer representative said, 'The mattress will be used as a floor model. He also said when the deliver men delivery my mattress the next day they will take the other mattress. This is where the problem brgan and all I got was a bunch of rude customer relations service from sleepy's workers. When I did finally speak to some one with some respect for customers; whose name is chanda Nixon, she offered me a $500.00 deduction off the $1918.22 mattress.This is the mattress I do not have, and a mattress that their delivery and sales representative workers took out of my one bedroom apartment-where there are three people living in this apartment. When ever I ask Sleepy customer relations about getting in contact with their deliverymen, to ask them about the mattress, Their answer to me 'they cannot get in contact with them because the delivery company are outside contractors and there is no way to get in contact to them.' My answer to that statement when they say it to me over the phone is always, 'God for bid if one of your delivery men came in here and did something criminal, what will your do and how will your get in contact with them?' That question has not been answered yet. I am still waiting, like I am still waiting for them to find the mattress that they are trying to charge me. I filed a case with the small claims court in Bronx, New York. We have a case that a scheduled for wednesday December 10, 2008 at 6pm When I spoke to Chanda Nixon on December 5, 2008 she told me over the phone that the case was settle, I never receive anything from the court or from sleepy's The Mattress Professional letting me know that the case was settle. Please any one out there need help or can help me with Sleepy's call me so we can STOP this company from stealing from consumers. I Belive Sleepy's The Mattress Professional are selling defective and used Mattress. I don't care what State you are in just call me please and if you won a case on Sleepy please call me.

  • Sl
    sleepyshater Feb 13, 2009

    I have personally dealt with Chanda Nixon and know that she is a representative that DOES NOT hold true to her word...she only says what she has to to get you off the phone. In my dealings with this "woman" (and I use the word woman loosley" I found her unknowledged and extreemly crass, she also seemed to have a love of big words that she'd throw in from time to time in entirely the wrong context (buy a dictionary) ...when it came to resolving issues there is NO ONE in their "customer relations" department who gave a damn. Good luck getting any satisfaction...I cut my losses and took my business elsewhere

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  • No
    NO SLEEP Mar 16, 2010

    I learned a very expensive lesson by buying from Sleepy's. I am out $1500 for a defective inferior product. I am tired of going through the particulars, but they also offered me $500 dollars store credit. I am not going to throw good money after bad. Had I checked with Consumer Affairs, the Better Business Bureau as I usually do before making a pricey purchase I wouldn't be in this boat. I am going to file a Small Claims, case and contact the Attorney Generals office. It seems to me there seems to be a pattern in that thousands of people make the same complaints of defective merchandise and voided warranty's. They also all have the same theme of being offered a $500 store credit. I have never heard of a situation where a mattress was taken away and not replaced, but after my dealings with them I totally believe this woman. I will post again with pictures of my mattress that looks life a muffin top.

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Rip off

This is my first mattress purchase from Sleepy's and after the experience I have had, I don't think I will ever be a Sleepy's customer again nor will I ever be a Sleepy's Promoter. Earlier last week, I purchased a Simmons Maroon Peak Mattress from a representative, Chauncey. After speaking to Chauncey and explaining my needs, I decided to purchase the Simmons Maroon Peak Queen set. After my order was placed, Chauncey indicated that I would need to visit a Sleepy's location to sign paperwork. I visited the Park Avenue location in New York, NY. When I arrived to the location, I met Michael, MM988 who explained that I would not need to sign any paperwork and would only need to confirm my delivery date. Before leaving the store, I asked Michael to allow me to experience the Simmons Maroon Peak Queen set, I recently purchased. I was granted my request and upon completion left the premises.

My first negative encounter was when I received an automated call indicating that I would need to pay the drivers approximately $120.00, the remaining balance on my account. I found this odd as I signed up for in-house financing with Chauncey earlier last week. I called the customer service center, and was transferred to Katie Danalis, who explained that there was nothing she could do to assist and that I would need to visit a Sleepy's location in order for the deliverymen to leave the mattress with me. I explained to Katie that I was away from the city, did not have access to a car and would not be able to visit a Sleepy's location, but needed my bed as I would be returning to my apartment Sunday, October 26. She communicated to me that someone would be calling me back that would be able to further assist but I unfortunately never received a call. After waiting 4 hours for a call back, I called the Sleepy's line to hear that customer service closed at 6PM.

My second and worst encounter of customer service took place when my mattress arrived the following morning. When the deliverymen removed the mattress from their truck, I noticed the mattress size was a Full sized mattress. I explained to the deliverymen that I ordered a Queen sized mattress and that there must be a mix-up. He suggested I call customer service. The representative transferred me to Mr. William Latham, who was unable to maintain a professional tone and whose solution was to play a tape that proves that I confirmed my order. I explained to Mr. Latham that this was not helping my solution of having the wrong bed delivered to me. He indicated that he could have the Queen sized bed delivered to me but that it would be an additional $42 and he could not guarantee a time that it would arrive. I explained to Mr. Latham that I don't believe that I should be charged an additional $42 for something that wasn't my fault. After a heated exchange, he offered me no other solution and transferred the phone back to his representative. The representative ordered the deliverymen to contact the police if I didn't arrive to a solution: sign for the order or have them remove the mattress set. I explained to the deliverymen that I needed a few minutes to make up my mind on what I was going to decide. One of the delivery men went outside and proceeded to call the police. After feeling threatened by the two men, I signed the paper afraid of being mattress-less for the evening.

After the delivery men left, I called Sleepy's customer service and spoke to Tareka, TCR. Tareka was apologetic and said she would honor an exchange. After being placed on hold for approximately 10 minutes, Tareka came back on the line and explained that she would not be able to honor the exchange due to Mr. Latham's direction. This left me confused as Tareka said she was in the process of completing the exchange ten minutes prior.

I am now here unsatisfied with my order experience and more importantly in the customer service I received. Sleepy's assumes the slogan of “The Mattress Professionals, " but unfortunately I don't believe the experience I endured was anything close to professional. Do yourself a favor and don't purchase from SLEEPY's, you'll regret it!

Defective product, horrible return/refund policy

I purchased a mattress set from Sleepy's in Middletown, NY and I have had nothing but problems. I am now...

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Delivery charge for no delivery

I bought a queen size matteress from Sleepys on November 27, 2008. A few red flags went up. The salesman said the price on the bed was a very good price. I liked the bed, thought it was a fair price and
I bought it. He was writing it up and then exclaimed that he couldn't put the price in the computer because it was so low. He had to call the management office to get an override code. He did call and got the code. He said the price on the bed was left over from the Friends and Family sale and shouldn't be there anymore. 2 things bothered me. One the Friends and Family sale had been over for 6 days - no one noticed this sale price on a bed that was directly next to the service desk? And 2) he didn't get up to remove the sign. I'm guessing if the wrong price was on something, as soon as you honored it for me, you would get that sign off the merchandise immediately...unless of course, this entire little charade was done to make me think I was getting a good deal.
The next step is what really bothered me. Delivery for the bed was something like 89.00. I have a van so I said forget it, I'll pick it up. He said, OK, you can pick it up in 2 days in the store 2 towns away. Still not too bad. But then he told me I had to pay a $29.00 delivery fee. And they would not help me load the bed into the car for insurance reasons. I had to do it all myself. What in heavens name am I paying 29.00 for??? The right to buy the bed? The right to take it from their store? I thought I paid that when I bought the bed. I can't imagine another store doing this. If I go to Macy's and buy a shirt, I don't expect to pay more to carry it out of the store.
Bottom's a hidden fee. The price they list will never be the price you pay. What a rip-off.

  • Wa
    wargasm123 Mar 13, 2010

    it's 29 bucks to have them ship the merch from their warehouse to a showroom of your choosing. showrooms are not a little warehouse for cheepskates who do not want to pay for delivery. I wonder, did the the sales guy have a jeans and t-shirt on? no? i guess it isn't his/her job to lift a mattress either. you could pick it up from the warehouse for free.

    seriously, you're an idiot.

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Awful quality product

Stay far away from Sleepy's! I purchased a Stearns and Foster full size Oak Room Rest mattress for 1, 350 dollars. I was told that I had to pick up the mattress which I did. When I returned home with the mattress and opened the plastic, I found a 2 inch puncture in the bottom of the mattress which did not puncture the plastic covering. Obviously, the mattress was damaged prior to delivery.

The company representative at 1-800-SLEEPYS referred me back to the store, which referred me back to 1-800-SLEEPYS. They are not going to exchange the mattress, and they declined my request for a refund. The standard 'CONTACT ME AT [protected]@SLEEPYS.COM' is a phony e-mail address.

Sleepy's has recently settled a class-action lawsuit for 200, 000 dollars due to deceptive and fradulent sales techniques. Their customer service is downright pathetic. Stick with a major department store that will stand by their product. SLEEPYS DOES NOT STAND BY THEIR PRODUCT, NOR DO THEY CARE ABOUT THE CUSTOMER. LEARN FROM MY MISTAKE.


This is my first mattress purchase from Sleepy’s and after the experience I have had, I don’t...

Chemical smell on 2 mattresses

Bought 2 Simmons Beautyrest Balthazar mattresses from Sleepys, both had horrific chemical smells which did...

Sleepy's Scam

Went to Sleepy's today to get a Sealy's Posturepedic advertised in Better Bedding. They advertise...

seams coming appart

bought a international bedding mattress from them for 500 dollers and found the seams on the mattress ripped in places and coming apart in other places. 10 days latter, they replaced this defective mattress with a new one that I found on delivery also had tears in the seams and lose treading on other parts of the seams. They now tell me, theyll send me another one tomorrow, and this time it will be inspected and made from a newer batch. I have fears of future court battles with these people-this so called quality company.

Sleepys is a total Ripoff

Have tried getting a defective mattress replaced. These people are impossible.

1. They are like high-pressure used car salesman in their Sleepys stores.

2. They lie about the customer service.

3. They charged us for delivery and for taking our old mattress away.

4. I later found out that the same exact junky Kingsdown mattress that they charged me $2800 for, they sell to others for HALF of that.

5. Sleepys is the sleaziest retail operation ever...STAY AWAY FROM SLEEPY'S!

  • De
    DESANTIS Jul 14, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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  • Mi
    Michele Giusti Aug 18, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The store employees at Sleepys ruined my mattress!! One week went by from the time I paid for a perfect mattress (clean and comfotable) until I went back to the store to pick it up on the SUV (when the platform bed I ordered came in). They had dragged it on the floor placing deep black dirt scuffs along both sides. The tag was missing too. The store employee made me notice since he was pushing it himself along the floor. I asked for something to clean it off and he brought out disinfectant. I had asked they store the mattress ($1000) off the showroom floor, but they just put it in a bag that didn't fit and left it unsealed (the store manager did this) and leaning up against the wall. Th store worker and the manager alike both denied responsibility for the damage. I had to demand a refund, they didn't want to do this at first. Can anyone say Idiocracy?? !!

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  • Po
    PoetSteve Apr 20, 2009

    I bought a box spring and frame from Sleepy's in Vails Gate, NY and less than 3 months later the thing collapsed under normal use. It is clearly defective with a bulge sticking out the bottom from a weak supporting rail. They sent out their representative who took pictures and they said the manufacturer's report showed no defect and that there was a stain on the box spring anyway so they could not exchange it. There was no stain. They are lying. The product is clearly defective and they refuse to stand behind their product. I was ripped off plain and simple. Sleepy's is a criminal organization selling inferior, defective products to the public and then refusing to support those products. Their customer service is a bunch of nasty, evil, obnoxious people who are trained to blow people off and provide no service whatsoever. AVOID SLEEPY'S THEY ARE CROOKS AND WILL RIP YOU OFF!

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  • Ri
    Ripped off by sleepys Jun 11, 2009

    Report to your attorney general. The are crooks with shady customer service. My son mattress was not even 2 yrs old and it developed a pit in the center. He doesn't even sleep home all the time. They said this top of the line mattress was perfect for him. $1000, what a joke. Avoid at all costs. All he has now is back pain!!!

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  • Ni
    NICKYKOHEN Jan 16, 2010

    i bought 2 very exspensive mattresses from sleepys and a warranty with very exspensive mattress pads that are supposed to protect the beds number one they dont and number 2 i'm not even using the mattress es for 6 months and its like being on a damn slide its sagging sooooo much!!! now they wont even do anything because its 3 or 4 differnet vompanes that i have to deal with and sleepys covers nothing because the delivery company got it dirty but im covered only if i know what the damn stain is!!! plus they say its not sagging enough when im not on the bed hello i cant get on the bed cause u fall off so now im left with crap a lot of money spent for ### no mattress to sleep on and no money to buy another one of course i also paid extra money for the mattress pads and the warranty sleepys go to hell!!! NOBODY BUY ANYTHING AT SLEEPYS THEY WILL SUCK YOU DRY AND ALL YOU GET IS CRAP !!!111

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  • Cathy Sable Feb 09, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi NICKYKOHEN, my name is Cathy from Sleepy’s Customer Care.

    Sleepy’s strives for 100% complete customer satisfaction and appreciates when a consumer takes the time to inform us of how we might improve our organization and better serve our valued customers. We want to maintain your trust and loyalty; therefore, please contact me directly at [email protected] and reference the customer code on your purchase invoice, so I may provide you with some assistance.


    Cathy Sable
    Sleepy’s, LLC

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  • Ro
    Roger May 28, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Sleepy's mattress, i bought a boxspring that was a clearance item, it broke i called customer service they told me there's nothing they can do.i'm stuck with it.i will never buy another product from my son is sleeping on a mattress with no boxspring.i bought it from sleepys in plymouth, ma.the sales person never told me it was clearance & final sale.When i called the store the salesperson told me it could be exchanged, to call customer service, then they tell me something different.i am very upset they won't do anything about it.

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  • Jo
    Jojo74 Mar 05, 2012

    Sleepys is the worst company ever!!! They are such a scam and they will tell you anything to get a sale. They pressured me into buying a mattress that was on the floor because they were able to discount it at a great price and was told what a great bed it was. Well this bed was horrible and I had back surgery so I now my back is worse. These people sold me a bed knowing that I had a back problem and they didn't give a $%%$% and now I'm stuck with the bed because they are saying it is a clearance item. Why would I buy a bed that I couldn't exchange? That would be the stupidest thing ever and it would never happen. On top of it they charged me a delivery fee of 90 dollars and it was suppose to be free and also talked me into buying a mattress protector for 100 dollars and 2 pillows for 80 dollars. So Now I am out over 1100 dollars and using my old bed again. See you in court Sleepys!!!

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  • Cathy Sable Mar 05, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Thank you for sharing your concern(s) with us. We look forward to speaking with you regarding the matter. Please reach out to me at [email protected] and include your invoice number and or customer code and a telephone number with the best date and time to reach you.

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company is

I bought king size mattress set from sleepy's woburn in the month of nov'0..and soon after the 25...

fraud and scam

After purchasing a mattress from sleepys I have realized the scam that is going on with them. You go into a...


I purchased two QUEEN Bed Mattress Sets. 5/24/05 NO deposit required. No payments required. As long as it i...

Potential fraud or mislabeled merchandise

Purchased Kingsdown mattress color-coded to be specific firmness; however mattress received turned out to be...

Bad experience

On 06/14/08 I purchased a mattress and a box at the sleepy's manchester 169 hale road manchester, ct. I...

Terrible service!

3 years after I bought my previous mattress which delivered its moneys worth, me & my wife decided to get...

Defective mattress!

They sold us a Simmons world class super pillow top mattress with 1/3 of the top stitching missing. Over...

Do not buy from Sleepy's!


I spent $1700 and four months of my life on a single transaction with Sleepy's. I learned A) New Jersey fined this company for its business practices, B) New York state is doing the same, C) the NY BBB has a long rap sheet on Sleepy's and D) Insomnia is the product we bought from Sleepy's.

Over four months I had to badger and beg this strange company:

please deliver the bed (15 times, why didn't they deliver it (four times), why didn't they call me when they knew they couldn't deliver it (11 times), where is my refund (40 times), why does the bed have a gaping hole in it, why does it have yellow and brown stains, why does it SMELL, why did they rip off the law tag before delivery, please get this bed out of here -- it disgusts me. Can I please just have my money back?

I have photos and a video of the fine product that Sleepy's finally delivered -- three months after it was paid for in full.

Insomnia ensued for my husband and me during this time -- we were reconstructing our house after a fire -- we slept in the cellar on couches waiting for a bed that didn't repulse us.

I'm still too tired to even discuss this company. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. Although my story is sad, true and makes me sound like a village idiot, you're still better off trusting me -- not this disgusting company.

We bought a great bed through 1-800-mattress in Fairfield, CT.

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