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Scam and Liars

My Wife and I decided to replace our existing queen mattress set, so we made a decision based on an advertisement in a sales flyer from Sleepy’s Mattress. We went to visit the Sleepy’s located at 101 Baltimore Pike Springfield, PA and took a look at and tried out the advertised mattress that we had planned to purchase from the sales flyer. After trying a few of the advertised specials, we decided that they were not the comfort level we were seeking, so we to purchase a more expensive set which cost about $300.00 more that the advertised specials which were not pillow top, the set we decided on was a pillow top. The entire set came to around $700.00 plus delivery. Sleepy’s did deliver the matters the next day. About 30 to 45 days later after sleeping on our new pillow top mattress we noticed a concave on the pillow top mattress for each of our sleeping positions, there was a hump between us where we both sleep, when we retired for the night we both rolled into the crevice of the pillow top mattress. I and my wife’s weight are about 160 pounds each. Well this was not good, not to mention the sagging for support that our bodies so desperately needed for a good night’s sleep. We contacted Bri our sales rep at the above location and told her about our concern. Bri informed us to call the Sleepy’s warranty center to inform the about the problem. We called and got an appointment for about three weeks later for someone to come out and take a look at the mattress. The hired contractor came out to our home and did all the preliminary inspection of the mattress, he had his laptop computer and tape measure digital camera, etc. did his report and left. The conclusion was that the mattress was indeed defective and we were sent back to the original place of purchase to resolve the matter. Upon arriving at Sleepy’s showroom of the original purchase, we were greeted by Bri, our original sale rep. In so many words we were told that (to sleep well buy the better mattress). Ok here we go off to the machine where we both one at a time are requested to lay down on this (computerized mattress) to determine each of our stress point associated with our individual body structure, after that an (digital analysis) recommends a mattress type that will be suitable for us. We were shown some more (expensive mattress) that would resolve our situation. After all the ring a ma roe we decided on a model called the PN CAMARA PL QUEEN MAT to the tune of $1132.31, Along with 2 PERFECT NIGHT 30X80 BOX at the price of $233.85 each. Total cost for this purchase with delivery and tax: $1775.99. Minus the approval of return for defective product of previous purchase that we paid more than $700.00 + for $353.85 (wow my defective return lost more than half its value in less than 45 days after purchase which had a 15 year warrenty?) Total for this purchase; $1422.14 of which we were encouraged to finance, after a brief credit check. Well our credit is good so GE Money Bank took our application which was done by Bri (Sleepy’s Associate). Not only did we get the finance for the purchase, we also got a GE Credit card with a $6, 000.00 line of credit. Not what I wanted. My Wife and I had already made arrangements to pay off the $1422.14 in less than 60 days which we did. The new mattress and box springs were delivered 9/25/2006; After about two week (the standard recommended rotation schedule per “warranty” instructions) we did as per instructed per supplied information. Upon the scheduled “warranty rotation” we noticed that when we did, there was a deep indent at the “now top of the mattress” which would be the head, that had no support, as if it were missing some springs or padding. There was a concave across the width of the mattress that sank in to touch about 2.5 to 3 inches. Because it is a one side mattress I am unable to rotate it when it needs to be, if I do it is very uncomfortable because my head sinks into where there is no support or padding causing me neck pain. My wife and I not wanting to be a complainer tried to live with the defect, but it just caused more and more stress and restless nights and was no longer tolerable. We decided to contact the Sleepy’s warranty center on 2/4/08 to inform them of the defect. Sleepy’s sent out another hired contractor on 2/25/08 to come out to look at the new mattress, after going thru all of the motions listed above he left, some days later I received a email of his inspection, his report was that the frame was not the right one for the set and there for Sleepy’s claims that my warranty is void because of that. Well the mattress has had the defect from the time of delivery, the frame we have is a frame with a center support as recommended on the flyer “Caring For Your Mattress” if it were not, the bed would not stand because it has a split box spring. I called the Sleepy’s warranty center again on 12/1/2009 and spoke with a operator named Sue ID # SZO, Sue asked me for my phone number and for me to verify my address which I did, she returned to the phone and told me that my warranty was Void because of their hired contract inspector’s report. I tried to explain to her again that the problem was not with the frame and there is a defect in the mattress, well Sue was not going to listen to me and said I voided my warranty “case closed” and proceeded to hang up, I tried to explain the problem again and ask for another inspection but that was the end of the conversation without a good bye. Know that Sleepy’s does not to want to admit that their $1422.14 mattress has a defect and is using the “Voided Warranty” approach to get out of making good on our purchase. Now my Wife and I are out of $1500.00 and no way to replace the defective mattress from Sleepy’s along with many more painful restless nights. I hope someone higher up in the company will take a second look and see that their mattress is indeed defective.

Broken Mattress/company won't replace

We purchased a new mattress & boxspring. The mattress spring system colapsed/broke on one side within 5 months. The inspector came took his pictures & measurements. They called us saying that because there was a stain on the mattress they would not replace it; it did not matter that a stain had nothing to do with the structural integrity of the product..

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    pobarjenkins May 01, 2011
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    Why didn't you use a mattress protector?

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    pobarjenkins May 01, 2011
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    Or a diaper?

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    anhie May 01, 2011
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    How heavy are you guys? I've never heard of a mattress collapsing before 0.^

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Awful Experience, hate my bed! Sleepy's unresponsive to customer's needs!

I purchased a Dr. Breus Signature series bed (a $2, 600 purchase!) with the expectation that this 20-year warranty bed would be the greatest purchase ever as per the sales person's "this bed's warranty is for 20 years, but it will last most the rest of your life." It was promoted that it would be like sleeping on clouds. The store model was very comfortable, my wife and I loved it. But the delivered bed is HORRIBLE!!! We've attempted to sleep in it for the past 9 days and it is UNBEARABLE! I wake up many times during the night having fallen into one of the many large holes that is just off-center of the middle of the bed, trying to get out of the bed is impossible! My wife and I sometimes hug each other, but we can't in this bed because the moment we get within a foot of each other we sink into a hole.
I spent A LOT of money on this stupid bed and it is the worst experience of my lifetime. We've gone back to the store on three separate occasions to look into why this bed is so bad and each time our sales guy says, "you just have to get use to it, you have to break it in, jump on it a little, it'll open up the cells so that it is more supportive, " bull crap! I HATE MY SLEEPY'S BED!!! Do not buy from Sleepy's EVER, they are used car sales men, nothing more. My sales guy has had me return to the store 3 times, I just had surgery on my knee and eye, it is very difficult to walk and be returning at all!
Every time he gives me a song and a dance about this and that, wastes my time, and makes false promises. I'm tired of sleeping poorly and having to exhaust myself trying to fix my situation. HELP! Dealing with SLEEPY'S is going to kill me.
We even asked a few of our friends to try the bed out and without saying anything they made the same complaints that we made, the bed is full of depressions, nothing supportive.

  • CMRVA Nov 14, 2011

    Getting the idea that Sleepy's uses the "Break it in for awhile" routine as I have read that in numerous posts. Part of that reason- there is a very short defined "comfort guarantee of 28 days and NOT ONE DAY MORE. This place looks good on the outside and feels, really, really fraudulent on the inside. We all need to send BBB info. Not that it does much good, the BBB is paid for by retailers but once there are X number of complaints, the BBB rating goes down.

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Return Policy misrepresented

I purchased a bed and frame from Sleepy's in Kingstowne, VA recently. When purchasing anything, I do my homework before going into a store and thought that I was pretty knowledgable. I worked with a salesman for over an hour to find the "right bed" for my back issues, and ended up spending over $2000.00 for a bed. After 2 nights, it was clear the bed was causing more pain. Their return fees and delivery charges that I have a problem with, especially after spending so much already. I specifically said I wasn't going to purchase until I was sure that I had the right bed, but the salesman said "Don't worry, you can sleep on it for 21 days and return it if you don't like it- no problem". He didn't make clear that there were return fees and delivery charges of $350.00, only that you pay the additional for a new bed. If you have issues with a company, go to the Better Business Bureau website to complain. It seems to be the only way to stain their reputation. They hid the return fee on the back of the receipt which I read only after the bed had been delivered. I take some responsibility, but just beware that you have to ask specifically about the return policy. Better yet, if your gut tells you to wait to purchase, wait to purchase!


I've been calling sleepys since january 2010. four times in eight months

my mattress is five years old.

they came out in january said I didn't meet warranty standards to receive a new mattress.

so I called them in april again they sent a warrantyinspector out mattress marshals. nothing again so I called them back in june with a gapping sagging hole at least 1 1/2 now.. the warranty dept said we will give a discount if you buy a new mattress.

I said for get it. I spent $3000.00 dollars on this mattress. Ialso have the same mattress at my shore house no problems. and have bought numerous other mattress too. but it seems that kingsdown sleep numbers have the problem.

i've had surgery in the 2009 on my neck they put a plate and fused it. my back and neck hurt every night. right where my butt goes now it almost two inches. they were there today 8/31/10 REPORT will come in 7 days butif its not two inches your screwd they do nothing..

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Just whole bunch of liars

Don't you even go there. Its a RIP OFF! I bought mattress there ( Miralux Rave 11 full size $500...

Defective mattress

Bought an expensive Simmons Beautyrest pillow top queen mattress set in August 2010. Within a couple of...

Bad Mattress/Scam

My husband and I were looking for a bed in November and went through the whole "Sleep to Live" assessment. We...

still waiting for credit to be issued

We reviewed beds on 12/27 and were interesed in a set of beds. we negotiated a price but in order to hold that price for 48 hours they required us to put a hold payment of $422.00. when we got home we dicided to do some research on the mattress that we were interested in and Sleepys reviews in general. I also reviewed complaints for this store on the BBB website. we found that their were very many complaints -over 866 in a 3 year period with the BBB and nothing but bad reports on the "life time "guarantee for the mattress that we were interested in. we promptly called the store the next morning but no one answered the phone untill nearly 3 pm. I was told by the sale associate that a refund would be issued promptly and that the manager would be in touch by the end of the day. at 8pm I called the sales associate again who stated he had sent an email to his manager. I looked up the cancel dept 800 number and called to state that we had decided not to purchase the bed and was told that I could choose anohter bed! I insisted on a refund to my credit card and they stated it may take up to 5 business days. funny that it only took them seconds to charge my card.. day 3 I wnt back to sleepys to speak with the sales clerk who printed me out a reciept showing that my balance was 0 and they had credited my card on the 28th. stating in a defensive way "why would we keep your money, you need to call your credit card company. it is not our fault that your cc has not posted this credit". day 5 and I still have not recieved my credit! surpise surprise.. I called my credit card company to dispute the charge and they state that I must wait 30 days from the day Sleepys i"ssued the credit" now the real kicker- my cc statement closes in one week at which time i will be forced to pay interest on something I cancelled within 24 hours. I will never do business with this company. their customer service sucks

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    Thomas Suffield Dec 22, 2011
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    I'm not looking forward to having to deal with the same thing. They owe me almost 2, 800.00 on my cc. I also found customer service is really bad! One of the worse I had to deal with!

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ive had nothing but headaches and run-arounds with sleepys. let me explain my story:

So i went into a sleepys wanting to just browse around somehow got talked into buying a mattress. Opened a card, made the delivery date, and just had to come back with a co-signer so my entire amount was financed. no problem.
i go back to another sleepys closer to home with my co-signer. We fill out all the papers and are then told i was sold a discontinued bed but no worry its still in stock in new york . The guy then says hes never had to file a co-signer application and doesnt know how so he'll get it figured out before the delivery...
Fast forward a couple weeks and i get a phone call from sleepys saying i owe a balance of $1, 000 due the date of the delivery.. I contact sleepys and get the rudest customer service rep telling me theres nothing she can do the co-signer papers were never filed and i have to deal with the person at the showcase...So i call the showcase, no answer. call back customer service somehow i get the same rude woman telling me once again theres "nothing she can do i have to figure it out for myself"... really???? so i have to run around on a holiday weekend(fourth of july) on MY day off to fix a problem YOUR employee made!?
So after many phone calls im finally told i have to go to a sleepys to sign and re-fill out an application.
When i get there i explain the situation to the guy and instead of just looking at the notes in my account looks at me like i have 3 heads and keeps trying to ask questions that i have no answer for..
2 hours later of trying to explain to the guy to just call customer service and him trying to find the papers because he had never worked at that showcase, everything is all set..
So the mattress is delivered. It feels a bit more firm but i figure its been a few weeks so i just forgot what it feels like.. Oh and the men so convenietly left my old mattress on my front lawn. A couple weeks later i recieve my bill.
It's for $1, 045.77. $1, 000 less than expected but i figured it must be because the bed was discontinued. So i make the payment and then a couple days later..another bill???
So i then realize i didn't get a deal for having a discontinued bed, i just have two accounts because the idiots never filed them together. AND i look at the tag of my mattress and realize the name of the bed i ordered is no where to be found???
So i call sleepys and the guy reads me back my info and names some mattress i never heard of. So i ask him again to read me the name.. he repeats it.
Great so now i dont even own the mattress i originally purchased.
I discuss to him the finance issue and he tells me hes going to contact GE. I tell him i already did and they told me it was an issue with sleepys. He says hes going to email them and tries to rush me off the phone.
So i say "um so are we not going to address the fact that im not even sleeping on the mattress i ordered?"
He tells me the mattress i got is the same price and is the comparible mattress to the discontinued one. So that apparently makes it okay for them to send me the wrong mattress.
I say no, i was never told i was getting a different mattress. I addressed the issue when i was told it was discontinued and was assured there was no problem i would still be recieving THAT MATTRESS.
At this point im astounded with the amount of complaints i told him and other customer service reps; and now the fact that i have the wrong mattress, that i havent been credited any discount. He told me one issue at a time and takes the mattress info and said ill get a call back within 48 hours.
My billing issue was NEVER resolved and with about 2 months of going back and forth, complaining to the better buisness bureau, and trying to exchange my mattress; all they have to offer me is credit to go towards a new mattress in which id have to pay the delivery fee and still have a bill payment for this more expensive mattress. They tried to claim that i stated that i was "out of the country" and didnt do the comfort exchange within 21 days. 1) when i bought the mattress it was 30 days 2) it doesnt matter how many days because its not a comfort exchange, ITS THE WRONG MATTRESS, 3) i wasnt out of the country, just no one tried to get back to me in a timly manner.


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    Sleepys Rip Off Jun 23, 2014

    I have been waiting over 3 weeks for a deposit credit of 50.00. Finally threatened I was going to have charges brought against them for theft and fraud. They are trying to reverse my charge by end of business today. They need to close all the stores.

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  • Pa
    Pat Taylor Athanas Mar 11, 2016
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    Verified customer


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We entered on of their stores excited to buy a Mattress set for ourselves. We shopped at other places first but after seeing all the commercials, we thought this is the place we needed to go. We were up front with the salesperson and stated our budget which was under $1000. Needless to say, he placed us on some machine and placed us on a very noce mattress. The mattress he stated was $4000 but was on sale today. When we asked how much, he stated $2999. Well that was great but way over our budget. After going back and forth, he decided to go to the phone and call a manager to see if there was anything he could do.. Well guess what, now the mattress was $2500. We then stated the set was way over what we wanted to pay, He then went back to the phone and spoke with the manager again. Now the same set that was $4, 000 was $1, 999 today only. After we said we had to leave to think about it, he then got rude and could not believe we were not going to buy today

We did not get this from the other store we went to and felt their pricing was honest and up front.

Had we said we liked the mattress, I am sure they would have sold it to us for $2, 999 not knowing we could have paid $1, 999.. Who knows what the real price even is.

  • Cathy Sable Sep 18, 2010
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    Verified customer

    Hi, my name is Cathy from Sleepy’s Customer Care. Sleepy’s strives for 100% complete customer satisfaction and appreciates when a consumer takes the time to inform us of how we might improve our organization and better serve our valued customers. We want to maintain your trust and loyalty; therefore, please contact me directly at [email protected] and reference the customer code on your purchase invoice, so I may provide you with some assistance.


    Cathy Sable
    Sleepy’s, LLC

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Breach of Contract

My wife and I purchased a mattress from a local Sleepy's retailer two weeks ago. The salesman, a young...

Not what we ordered

We purchased a mattress for our son as a birthday gift. The specific model of mattress that we were looking...

Laverne Mattresses

Tricked and Scammed by Sales Associate

My wife and I entered the store to casually look and get some information about purchasing a mattress for us. We knew that these places have pushy sales associates and were upfront and honest with the sales associate that approached us that we were not buying that day and we were out for the first time just looking for information.

The sales associate was helpful and informative. He was trying to sell us on a $2800 mattress even though my wife and I liked another set that was a $1000 cheaper. As we were about to leave he wanted to get our information if a deal or special came up he would inform us and if we changed our minds in the next couple of days the purchasing process would be started. As we were at the desk he kept throwing in more perks such as free frame, sheets, pillows, covers, etc... we still kept telling him that we were not ready to purchase and the price was out of our budget.

He informed us of the 0% for 24 months and we sad we were not interested. He insisted that he would check and see if we could just qualify for the financing. We said that we could check after we were assured that it would not affect our credit score and that we were not purchasing anything.

After a couple of minutes he said we are approved. We said good and we will get back to him if we changed our minds about purchasing the mattress. He then informed us that we needed to select a delivery date. My wife and I looked at each other and asked if we just bought this set the sales associate said yes we did, but if we want to cancel we just have to call 1-800-sleepys within 30 days "no harm, no foul." My wife and I were in the store for several minutes informing this associate that we did not authorize a purchase and to cancel the order. He said that he could not do anything about it now and that we had to call the corporate office to cancel.

We left the store fuming mad and returned several minutes that to again address the issue. The associate and manager refused to cancel the order in the store and again refereed us to the 1-800 number "no harm, no foul."

Horrible Customer Service/Rude Saleslady

I wanted to alert your customer service department about a very rude sales associate in your Edgewater, MD store this evening (6/17/10). I do not recall if she ever told us her name, but she was short with us and very rude from the moment my husband and I walked through the door. Within about 30 seconds I had pretty much determined that I was not going to buy anything in the store based on how extremely rude she was to us. I actually continued to walk around and attempt to find the product that I had seen online and wanted to see in person, however, in the meantime she proceeded to tell me that they do not carry most of what you would find online and made no attempt at showing me anything in the store. We decided that instead of being left alone in the store with this hateful woman that we would go to the other mattress store in Edgewater. As we walked out, my husband said "Thank you for your time" and she didn't even bother to say much for a future sale! We ended up going to the competitor and within 30 minutes, not only did we have a great experience where they worked with us, our desired price point and had us test out various models...but we had also purchased a mattress and box spring. Just thought your company should be aware of people you employ, not only did she lose a sale for your company, she was just a rude, hateful human being. Thank you for your time.

After less than one year the mattress started to sag towards the edge making it almost impossible not to roll out of bed

I had bought a $3, 250 King Size Mattress from Sleepy’s two years ago. The Mattress warranty is supposed to be for 10 years as you would expect with an expensive mattress like that.

However after less than one year the mattress started to sag towards the edge making it almost impossible not to roll out of bed unless you constantly woke up and re-adjust your sleeping position. After two years it has become so bad (it sages from the center to the edge by 9 Inches) that I can no longer sleep on the mattress and had to move to our guest room.

I contacted Sleepy’s who sent out someone to test the mattress laying a string across the sides and without putting any weight on the mattress, then measuring the indent with a ruler. You can not tell if there are broken springs by that method. As expected this bogus test failed their requirements since it was done without a human body laying on it to replicate and show the real problem. If you want to measure the indentation on a pillow top this method may be fine, but not with a structural problem.

Thereafter I took photos of the mattress with my 180 lbs laying on it as it is supposed to be used showing the 9 Inch drop to one side and sent them along with a registered letter to their headquarters addressed to the president of the Sleepy’s with a 10 day ultimatum to respond, as expected the claim was rejected. Since neither Sleepy’s, nor the manufacturer are honoring their warranties, my only remaining options is to contact you and take both the store and the manufacturer to Small Claims Court, then I guarantee you I will get results. Stay tuned...

If more people would sue for these type of warranty breaches, maybe the stores and manufacturers would finally get their act together. Where is the Government if you need them?

  • Bi
    binkeung Sep 27, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Here's how sleepy playing the game when you make a complain and want to claim warranty for your mattress suppose to be still under the 10 years warranty:

    1) The inspection kit for checking out the level of sagging will be mysteriously lost a few times.

    2) Even when you finally finally receive it after months, it won't including a case number. Then you make many phone calls and you finally get thru the phone and talk to someone, and you finally obtain a case number.

    3) Then you carefully taking good pictures of your mattress which is in a terrible sagging situation, and gives you a back pain because of sagging.

    4) Then you may receive a phone call weeks later telling you that the sagging is only about 1/2 inch. They won't honor the warranty until there's a 1 1/2 inch sagging.

    5) Then you keep complaining and leading to no result. They will said eventually that Sleepy is just a retailer, you have to complain to the manufacturer...

    The whole scenerio is just trying to wear out your patience, so you will discourage and eventually give up.

    Forget about the 10 years, even 100 years warranty they promise you. As a matter of fact, when you purchasing at the Sleepy's, no one will ever telling you about the 1 1/2 inch rule. Doesn't a matter whether you purchase a $500 or a $1500 mattress, you still need to comply with this 1 1/2 inch sagging rule in the industry. You may just want to spend $100 to buy a firm mattress make by palm tree fiber material in any Chinatown furniture store. And you can keep purchasing a new one every another year. So for example, if you want to buy a $500 mattress with a 10 years warranty. You might as well buying yourself a $100 palm tree material mattress every another year X 5 times = 10 years. This way, your back will thank you for providing a firm mattress for 10 years straight for the same money but without any hassle from Sleepy's.

    People, wake up! SLEEPY'S IS NOT GOING TO GET YOU A NEW MATTRESS, PERIOD. They will keep dragging it, until you finally give up. Stay away from these people!

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  • Sleepy's Customer Care Team Oct 06, 2015
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Good Morning binkeung, we are very sorry for any issues you've had with your warranty & we'd like to help! We've assigned you case #01497488. Please email your contact info to [email protected] so we can address this issue ASAP! Thanks!

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Padding bill, double tax, by Fast talking scam artists

As I write this I am waiting for Sleepy's to deliver my replacement mattress via warranty. When delivery gets here I must refuse the box springs...and call my credit card rep to dispute the $192.00 taxes and $542 for boxsprings... there is and overage here of about $650.00 and customer service is doing their best to double talk me all morning. "Yes, Mame, but after the replacement of the yadda yadda and the charges for yadda yadda your total is yadda yadda." Buddy, I have a calculator too and am right with you.
Let’s go line by line. I know you are not telling me that you do not see the problem, right? 45 minutes of this. It was like dealing with a politician’s double talk and David Blaine's magical manipulation of reality via slight of hand, but in this case it's numbers.

Less than one year ago, 2008, this newlywed purchased a King Size Sealy Posturepedic Island Manor set from Sleepy's. It didn't take long for me to make jokes comparing this bed to the I Love Lucy episode where The Mertz's and Ricardo's are forced to spend the night in a dilapidated shack next to a train yard out in the boondocks. The bed the Mertz's are assigned to have a huge depression where they would roll into a heap towards the center. Ethel’s solution is to tie Fred to the frame with his bed shirt. My husband refuses to comply with this solution, so we opted for the replacement Our back’s are killing us from this sack of polly fill. This bed is not only not good for sleeping, but for anything else--if you get my drift-- as you are basically stuck in a depression and can’t move.

So here is what they did. My credit is for $1, 375.26 to replace mattress and one box spring (there are two box springs side to side under a king, and one was ok).

I choose 2 pillows for $99.00. Delivery is $89.00. Now for some stupid reason, when the sales guy told me the difference was $864.17 (as he ran my credit card) I sort of stammered as I questioned and got out of it that was the price differential for the mattress and taxes. It sort of made sense at the moment. But soon as I left the store, I knew something was wrong. My immediate investigation revealed that I’d been charged for 2 new box springs to the tune of $271.46 and $271.47 for a total of $542.93. And that I am being charged $192.00 tax as if I had purchased the replacement mattress!!!

Well, that was yesterday. We shall see what happens when the mattress is delivered and what adjustments are made. Will it be that because I caught the bamboozlers they will simply comply or will they continue the shell game?

And for all this, from what I have read on this board, I am probably getting another defective mattress!!!

condition of mattress

in 2008 we purchased a kings down mattress i believe cost somewhere in the $2, 000 bracket we complained about the sides of the bed that when you sit/sleep in it pushes/impresses (not correct wording I dont think) downward they did replace the new bed with another new bed but because of some misunderstandings about the finances the old one was returned to us we still have the problem and had someone from bedcheck come out to the house and from what i understand we are a1/4 of an inch shy of what they consider defective now why should i accept his comment as exact a quarter of an inch could be manuevered by a fingertip what can i do i am willing to purchase another mattress by sleepys but one that does not have my 83 year old husband sliding down during the nite and practically sliding to floor when he sits on the edge thank you for your comments i do not have a phot and am illiterate in attachments etc on computer sorry

  • Ck
    C KIlduff Oct 01, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Unauthorized charges.

    Three queen mattresses sets were purchased in June 2004. NO PAYMENTS WERE REQUIRED, NO CHARGES AND NO INTEREST - were to be applied IF the bill was paid before June of 05.

    Both my husband and I checked and rechecked several times the terms of the agreement(stated above) we spoke with several different salespeople and all said " as long as bill is paid in full BEFORE June 2005 NO OTHER CHARGES WERE TO BE APPLIED."

    Bill was paid in full by DECEMBER 2004.

    In October 2004, my account ( unknown to me) was sold to GE Services .


    This was put on my credit reports.

    Account was sent to several collection agencies and they agree, that account was paid in full.

    Still to this date 10/1/08 I'm trying to geta this off my credit reports! Sleepys has not responded. When this first showed up on this complaint board, Sleepys sent me an INVALID e mail contavt to try to clear this up!

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very shady company

I have had a past dealing with this horrific company. After reading through so many complaitns, I see that nothing has changed with them. Deceptive sales practice, no integrity, shell games, blatant fibbing, and anxiety provoking conversations with the most obnoxious miserable and downright disrespectful people is all that I remember from my "wonderful" purchase that I made several years ago after I spent $3000.00 with them. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE TO PURCHASE YOUR BED AND SUPPORT SYSTEM. YOU WON'T REGRET THAT YOU AVOIDED THIS COMPANY. BUYER BEWARE!

  • Cathy Sable Mar 18, 2010
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    Hi mantis1962,

    My name is Cathy from Sleepy’s Customer Care Department. Sleepy’s strives for 100% complete customer satisfaction and appreciates when a consumer takes the time to inform us of how we might improve our organization and better serve our valued customers. We want to maintain your trust and loyalty; therefore, please contact me directly at [email protected] and reference the customer code on your purchase invoice, so I may provide you with some assistance.

    Cathy Sable

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    Denise Millet Dec 15, 2011

    I truly agree with all the complaints...
    Also, i honestly beleive they re-use the mattresses!

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    Denise Millet Dec 15, 2011

    I have tried three mattresses from them in the past 10 years. Not one was up to "standards" and they charge for "comfort exchange"?!

    One was deemed as "not up to manufacters standard"and they took the mattress back.

    However, I had to pay for shipping again! Not included with guarantee.

    Any way they can steal your money, they will!

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wrong product sale

Re: Invoice # 04259YQPATB Order Date: 04/25/09 (attached) Barb & Ken Estey 3 Mountain View Drive Franklin NH...

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