Skrillskrill is denying me access to my money

C Aug 15, 2018

I'm very frustrated due to the constant rejection of my ask for bank statement I sent it to you as a JPEG image through my pc YOU REJECT after waiting in line at the bank for 2 and a half hours and also paying the bank a fee for the receipt !!! WHAT IS WRONG wouldn't let me widthraw what is rightfully mine...the other option was the tenant agreement I sent it while it was very clear yet you still rejected ...
To be honest I was warned about Skrill by a friend had an account with you who stated how you clearly locked his acct robbing him of his 150£ (I can provide the name) I feel your just trying to do the same thing here ...why don't you then let me access the little balance on my acct then I delete and leave you alone ...I honestly feel harrased you honestly know how it feels to wait at the bank for almost 2 1/2 hrs !!!
Just to be told REJECTED!!!
One day you'll get sued for what your doing never know how this world works you dispise someone today and tomorrow they may be ahead of you...just do what is right ... kindly I don't want to waste any more time ...just return what's mine ...and I'll leave you alone
My email is [protected]

Warm Regards

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