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Skrill - scam

My Account hacked and I complain Skrill on 11th November 2013 for block my account. More than One year there is no action.
My skrill account (abdus.[protected] hacked on 10th November 2013. The hacker hacked my email address abdus.[protected] and withdraw my money from Octafx. I request on 11th November to Skrill for Block my account. But unfortunately it is not yet block. The hacker already withdraw from my Octafx account (51678) amount ($110+$147) to my Skrill account on 14th November 2013. I am continuously writing to help desk but there is no action. This account is now belongs to hacker.
MS Silvia, Skrill Help Desk written me "Before we can assist you further in this matter we need you to complete the below steps in the exact order:

Choose a new email address (never registered before). From the new email address please send to [protected] the following:

1. Declaration, authorizing Skrill to manually change your primary email address. For example:

"I, the undersigned, [your first name last name], confirm that I authorize to change primary e-mail address to [the new email address]”

• a colour copy (scan or a camera image) of both sides of a valid official identification document (your ID card or driving licence), or the personal pages of your current passport
• a copy of a document verifying your name and address. This should be a document that confirms your name and address, issued in the past three months. A utility bill or bank statement, for example".
According to their requirements I already sent several times my documents but there is no action.

My account details is as follows:
Name : Md. Abdul Shafi
Customer ID : [protected]
Bank Attached : Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd.
Address : 757/1, West Shewrapara, Mirpur, Dhaka-1216.

I have address verification number which is not to hacker. So that this is easy way to arrest the stupid hacker.

Skrill - fifi coins. made 2 payments to the company. I have 2 payments of confirmation, don on the 14th feb. but have still not recieved coins..

On the 14th February, i made 2 payments to . 1. off £8.43. confirmation payment code. FIB1502142105279C2.Gold
2. Code FIB1502150142369C55.Gold £5.56. payment made to The payment was successful. but no coin received yet...

Thank you ...Zena morris...

Skrill - good

I'm really surprised about all the bad comments concerning skrill. We use it with my family since few years now (We live in 3 different country) and we never had problem with them. I talk about...

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Jul 02, 2014
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Skrill - review on tradecomplaint com review on TradeComplaint Com

Been using moneybookers for transactions for years. It is only when we start to request to withdraw fund recently, then we smell something is fishy!We have send a verified copy of our bank account to increase our withdrawal limit. Fine. We passed that test. And in them middle of several email exchange, they started to say our business model is not acceptable and will have to freeze our account

Jun 04, 2017

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Aug 25, 2011

my son tried to buy goods online using my debit card, they siad he was too young, i tried and and they stopped my account, requested proof of idenity, duly provided, and then they "terminated" my account after detailed
"security check" they couldnt check their own bank balance.

Aug 17, 2011

on sunday 13/08/11 i paid for 80 horsehoes for frontierville(facebook) u took my money and i havnt receieved what i paid for


I totaly agree with you, their ###, and their support is absolutely crap, which takes a life for them to respond to a client.

Apr 07, 2014
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Skrill - skrill fraud

I have used skrill for a long time as well as recommend them to others. When I had 8000 on my account skrill stole my money, then faked it with break of TOS and kept the money as "compensation".They...

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Mar 03, 2014
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Skrill - very bad customer service and thieves

I have created 1 case 35 days ago and called them 10+ times regarding an issue. But that issue still not solve. They are hanging my 300$ for more than 40 days. They asked me 5+ times for same docs and every time I had to send them file. When I was send them file and ask them when this issue will be solved then told me they are revewing and will let me know. After a week they don't have any update and after calling them again, they want my file again and said they are reviewing. They kill time and make hesitation to customer. Always they hang customer money for long time. I want to make an appeal about moneybookers services to international court.

Jan 30, 2014

Skrill - withdrawal

I am part of a company that does mystery shopping and my payment goes to Skrill (no choice unfortunately.) In the past, I was able to get my money transferred to my bank account without much issues. For my recent payment, I have raised multiple tickets in order to resolve whatever issue they think there is (I'm getting a rejection on withdrawal no matter what I used, whether bank transfer, debit card etc). I also called their support team and followed the instructions to the letter such as registering a new email address, changing my password, sending them an email from the new email address etc. Until now, I am still unable to make a withdrawal. I've tried to send an email to the person who handled my complaint but nothing, no response at all.

May 27, 2013

Skrill - skrill ripped client's money out of withdrawal amount

I was withdrawing money to my local bank account, the fee was supposed to be only 1.80euro, it 's just aint my day, , when I checked my money in the bank, I noticed my money was deducted about...

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Skrill - locked account

They locked my account after an alleged unauthorised access of which I have no details. Subsequently I was asked to change my email account and password, then provide proof of identity through a...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Skrill - theft of money from my checking account

I found a charge of $26.95 charged to my debit card ...after tracing back to mine craft london gb...i have no one who plays these games in my home...this was unauthorized and has been reported to bank...card closed and red flags on it ...I demand my money bank.

Oct 05, 2014

I've just tried to transfer money using moneygram from my VISA VIRTUON and i think they stole my money

May 26, 2012
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Skrill - order never came but my account has been charged

I ordered Nokia silicone case cover . My account was charged right away and I received one of those automatic response that my account has been charged. I never received the order. Kept emailing them but no response received at all either. This is completely scam. The Item will come from hong kong and there was like an Asian name who apparently will shipped the item. He also used the company money bookers to charged the account which has an address here in New York. All these are scam. There is only one thing it does very good.
RIP YOU OFF. How do these kind of scam be caught and learn their lesson good?

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Skrill - a bureaucratic nightmare

I have been trying to open an account with them and after 6 weeks, they are still pondering the risk of doing business with me. In the meantime, it took me 5 days to open an account with 2co. This company is run like the worst public service you can think of. Slow customer service. Takes them 2-3 days to respond to any inquiry, they keep on adding requests, the process to be a merchant is not clear and they drag it on and on. Probably a good partner if your idea of banking is a Swiss bank but not really a business partner.
I wish there would have been a clear procedure on their websites on how to proceed to open an merchant account with them and I wouldn't have bothered.
They tempt you in offering the security of a British regulated bank and you get a 19th century bureaucracy.

Do not use moneybookers (skrill) if you are in the US. They are completely inept and will close your account if any of your customers have used a gambling site - even once. Which will happen at some point guaranteed. So essentially US citizens cannot use moneybookers for any reason whatasoever. Yes that is right... if you get money from a person that at some point (even just once) visited a poker website you will lose your account. They have an abusrd and incorrect interpretation of US law.

So based on that I would avoid like the plague. They are a nightmare. Even with paypal's issues Paypal is 1000 times better.

Apr 25, 2012
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Skrill - fraudulent charge

A charge for $26.95 just randomly showed up on my credit card statement from MineCraft MoneyBookers GBR along with a second transaction fee for $0.88. I have no idea how this company got our credit...

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Skrill - racist and thieves

They closed my account after I transferred more than 50K USD in 4 years, no reason provided. They only said, "Your kind of business was not accepted". I am in the software industry. lol. Well, they verified my company a few times before and all was OK. Now, I found this to be outrageous and i asked them to explain their actions. They refused. patronizing me and my partners with such a rudeness... I guess you're right, these idiots are simply not worth dealign with.
Racist, and idiots, Avoid!

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Skrill - don't go anywhere near skrill - moneybookers

I had an account with them but recently when I transferred some money to my account in order to transfer to a third party. I can't see the money in my account even after 4 days so I called their expensive 0870 no in order to realise that my account is locked and they need a utility bill to prove my address so I gave them but after that they asked me the COLOURED copy of PASSPORT to unlock my account. I declined to give coloured copy of my passport so they said they cannot unlock my account.
Finally I have to give them the coloured copy of the bank statement from where I send money to them in order to return the money to my bank. I closed my account after they returned money to my account. It took a month and so many expensive calls and email to get money back. They made it as difficult as possible to withdraw money from the account
In the days of identity theft is so common; they need coloured copies of key identity document and utility bills for unlocking my account. They didn't ask these document when you open the account but will ask once your money with them.
We all are aware of hacking of well known companies and their customer details in public domain in the past so what is guarantee for our documents? Forget the hackers; their scrupulous staff may misuse the details
Customer support is arrogant, expensive and useless. If you going to use them be prepared to hand over your coloured identity documents

Skrill - missing money

I really need help, I have won some money on Vernons, I was delighted. When I tried to withdraw I was informed the money couldn't go back onto my debit card! So I had to use moneybookers. I then had to use them to deposit so I had to put money in the account which I didn't want to do. In fairness to Vernons t hey said I could get the money back without having to play it through. I won 75 pounds. So then I went to moneybookers and tried so desperately to put the money back on my card through them. Could I? Could I hell, unless I open up a visa or moneybookers card as my maestro isn't allowed I had to get the money through a cheque. I did that I ended up after payment of fees etc. putting 50 pounds for my cheque. I checked on website it says it's been processed. NO SIGN OF CHECK 2 weeks Later. I've complained and had NO WORD AT ALL FROM MONEY BOOKERS. I hate t hese people I've been forced to use their services when I didn't want to, or bullied into having a visa or mastercard which again I don't want. I want my 50 pounds back. Please help

Skrill - fraudulant cc charges

Ordered a laptop table in jan on amazon and now have $26.95 charges for minecraft through moneybookers and now more smaller charges are appearing on my cc, amazon I believe was hacked before and I guess with all the millions this company makes they still hav, nt learned their lesson to spend to protect its customers I and my entire family will never use amazon again an we will also be cancelling our online amazon accounts. Now I had to cancel my credit cards and have no cc to take on vacation. Everyone this has happened 2 pass the word its the best way to inform ppl hit up facebook an twitter an tell all to stay away, an maybe amazon will do sumthing and spend sum money on keeping their consumers safe, but its to late 4 me an my family amazon has lost alot of money from us, we all cancel accounts and never use amazon again, yes it is the hackers but amazon is just as bad they can afford to have firewall encryption people to monitor these this, but they obviously dont since so many of us are being robbed by thieves that in no way should be able to access our credit card numbers or amazon so called protected accounts.

Skrill - moneybookers or moneysuckers

Moneybookers (or Skrill) is just a trap..

To open an account and / or put money, it's sooo easy, come on!

When it comes to withdrawal, they are not happy anymore, they say :
Oh no! you became a bad boy NOW so, for security reasons (that we forgot to take into account when you came and put your money in our deep dark hole) your account is locked (maybe sucked?), and to unlock it you need to provide us a colored scan of your YESTERDAY'S SPOONS (and maybe eggs too?), hopefully you didn't anticipate that, so they keep the jackpot in your account.

And when you try to contact them: by email, you get copy-paste or automatic / robot response, or by phone ( after : if you are happy press 1, if you give up press 2...) you get a novice that says : I don't know - I will tell our security department about your case !

Their SUCKIRITY department is just a bogus excuse to hide them selves and do what they want quietly.
Anyway, their new name will not help to make up their image, Skrill in icelandic means mob, rabble, rout ! Fair choice !
They are just MONEYSUKERS (or SUCKRILL).

Oct 07, 2017

i have seen also some wrong bank location showing in there emails when withdraw money skrill i am using from last 2 years 6 months bank its good now recently not good i have seen so many fraud complains about skrill .. recently i withdraw money 800 usd on 3rd october still not received money .. my bank account verified 2 years back that time i received funds successfully also now i didnt touched nothing that account same account i withdraw money still not received they send emails when i click withdraw funds that emails 1 email showing bank location name different another email bank account 2 digits omitted still i am in confusing will i receive funds or not ? i wrote email no response how take action on them .. they are sucking money world wide its better to create face book page all the victims by

Jul 24, 2013

I agree with you. I'm just been a victim. My account was blocked and the account of a other person too. For which reason, mystery.
Its impossible to get an answer. But they just replied and show their rules : "They can blocked account without notification".
Because I just saw there are mistake in some transactions, so I notified them and ask them to cancelled them. few hours after, the 2 accounts were blocked with all our money and why ? Impossible to no. Their system made a mistake and transferred the money to the wrong person; its enough to closed 2 accounts ? When there are any mistake, we should said nothing ?

They repeat and repeat: : because of security, they closed our account and can't do anything for reimbursement. That's a ###ing team. Don't care about their customer, they scam and stole our money. They abuse us with their rules. But as they don't explain or give any explanation; we customers can do anything; just send mails and send again...but in final, we receive always the same answer.

Jun 04, 2012

They should be renamed as moneysuckers. ###! I know exactly what your talking about. They are fascists pigs. Changing the behaviour of a scorpion is like changing the behaviour of Bankster.

Skrill - credit card charge

I check my bank account very often and checked it tonight about 9:45 pm central time and found a charge of $26.95 charged to my credit card. I DID NOT authorize this charge and have talked to my bank to dispute it. They have started the process of investigating this charge. I was told by my bank that it was made at 7:03 p.m pacific time on 1/28/2012. I was on my phone between 7 pm and 8:30 pm central time with a relative of mine. Once again, I DID NOT AUTHORIZE THIS CHARGE!

Feb 01, 2012

Same here- except the charge for me was $52.00 on Jan 30th. I called bank to dispute, but the money is still pending and was taken out as a hold. Had card cancelled. Hope it doesn't happen again I need ALL of my money!

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Skrill - processing bank fees

After withdrawal of 51.62 USD from my Moneybookers account to my bank account, I received 41.62 USD. After LONG correspondence with my bank and Moneybookers, I found out that some corresponding bank charged 10 USD, or 25% of total sum. An I was not informed of this before withdrawal. It is not my first time withdrawal from Moneybookers, and I have never been charged this much before. I think that someone is gaining millions, and there is nothing you can do to stop it! So be aware!

Sep 21, 2017

I received a payment of 200 USD but my account was blocked asking me to upload verification documents, I did it 3 times but the company still withholds my hard-earned money. Please stay away from them!


I recently opened a Skrill account. I sent in a support ticket to test their responsiveness... NO RESPONSE. Six support tickets later, still no response. Leaves me very skeptical about this company.

Oct 28, 2012

Skrill emailed me stating that they will be taking money from my account monthly since my account has been inactive. There is no way to contact these fraudsters because you need to login to their system before emailing them. Eventually I sent mail to [email protected] and they refuse to remove my information on request.

Apr 12, 2012

Skrill is a really bad company. It use to be Moneybookers and our company use to do business with them. We mostly process through PayPal and our own credit card processor, but we decided to try Moneybookers. Over the course of 6 months of using them, we made ONLY 2 sales with Moneybookers - Skrill and now, 8 months later, the money we received has vanished and we never got a credit for the cash. It wasn't that much money, but beware, this is NOT a good option to pay online or receiving money online. Go with the bigger guys, GoogleCheckout / PayPal ... there's a reason why they are bigger.

Jan 02, 2012

Same scenario occurred to me as well, but this only occurred when Skrill took over Moneybookers. Deposit and withdrawals were fine, but once Skrill came into the picture money went missing and the worst part is that they do not disclose nor explain why!?! This is BAD business and I highly recommend NOT using Skrill because every transaction will cost you MORE than what you expect. BEWARE!

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