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N Aug 03, 2018

I am extremely dissatisfied with my car rental experience. There was no car!
e-Voucher No: 3567906 - pick up July 17, 2018 Athens Airport, Greece.

I booked a vehicle through ECR with Sixt rent a car over 4 months ago, and was provided confirmation of my booking.
I paid the initial deposit (which I now know is just ECR's commission) at the time of booking. The contract clearly states that the
balance is payable at the rental desk.
-> from the contract e-Voucher No: 3567906:
" The amount of EUR 742, 61 is payable at the rental desk. "

When I got there I was told that no car was available and waited over 5 hours to find alternative arrangements with no help from the Sixt car rep at the Athens Airport.

You left me no choice but to rent another vehicle from a different company, pay the commission AGAIN, and pay double the price at the current market rate which was EUR 1123, 26 plus commission EUR 171, 30. * I paid this amount in full out of my own pocket*

This is completely unacceptable.
Basically, because I booked so early, your company (Sixt) knew they could rent the same vehicle for more money at peek season.


In addition, the car I ended up renting from another company a VW Golf.

I originally chose the booking with Sixt because I DID NOT WANT TO RENT A VW GOLF!
...but i ended up with the car I didn't want because Sixt did not honour our contract and left me stranded with no alternative.

I was told on July 17th that Sixt will reimburse me the difference in my car rental costs as well as one of the commissions paid to ECR.

By my calculations, I am owed the following amount:
e-Voucher No: 3567906
original contract cost: EUR 742, 61
original commission paid: Mar. 19, 2018 WWW.ECONOMYCARRENTALS.COMIraklio AMT 60.15 EURO
(1) Total: EUR 802, 76

e-Voucher No: 3848579
second contract cost: EUR 1123, 26
second contract commission paid: July 17, 2018 ECONOMYCARRENTALS.COM IRAKLEION AMT 171.30 EURO
(2) Total: EUR 1294, 56

(2)-(1) = EUR 491, 80

YOU OWE ME 491, 80 !!!

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