Singapore Airlinesremarks from air steward/stewardess

On 23/09/2019, Total we had 4 persons boarded SQ851 back from Guangzhou to Singapore departing time on 1.25pm. We carried a hand luggage which is about 5 kg and we need the air stewardess to help us to carry the hand luggage up to the cabin.

The stewardess made a remark that since it is heavy, we should offload the items, then she get the help from the steward. He took over our hand luggage and help us to put the luggage into the cabin. We are angry that he also made a remarks that since you feel that your luggage is heavy, we also feel heavy too.

We feel that since SQ allowed us to hand carry max 7 kg up in the plane and the cabin is up so high. The flight attendance should be willing and helpful enough to help us instead of marking this kind of remarks.

From Verlyn Chee
Email address : [protected]

This is not our first time taking SQ, we feel that their service was bad. This is the bad experience which we had encountered.

Sep 29, 2019

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