Singapore Airlinesflight sq 0346

Hi I'm Terry Saward & I and my partner Sabina Nef want to make a complaint about our flight on Saturday 21 Sep 125am mainly concerning our seating.
We had 2 seats in the middle within group of 4 so we had a person either side of us, the person on the isle seat of my side was very sick with a terrible flu coughing and sneezing all the time and blowing her nose with dirty tissues every where.
We couldn't get out of our seats to go to the toilet or stretch out legs, I've had a hip operation so this is very important for me, we had to get flight attendants to get us face masks for the entire flight of 12hrs 50mins, the lady on my partners side was a sleep and we could get her to move at one stage I had to tell the flight attendants that I was going to have to go to the toilet in front of my seat so they managed to get the sick lady up after cleaning up her mess of tissues, this woman was so sick we were amazed that she was allowed to board, now we are in Switzerland both left with this woman's terrible flu which is ruining our holiday we return from Switzerland on 14 Oct SQ 0345 from Zurich 11.45am so we are hoping that you can assure we won't be put in a similar situation.
Regards Terry Saward & Sabina Nef.

Sep 23, 2019

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