FlyDubai Complaints & Reviews

Flydubai / 2 hours delay until now still remaining

Apr 17, 2019

I am travelling from Dubai to Multan in flight number FZ5325 at 18 April 2019 should take off 5:20am now 7:35am still waiting in plan, i really did not understand why they are taking too much time it is really very bad people can not wait they had reached on the top of there passion, and...

Flydubai / flydubai/fz-436 hyd to dxb-delayed

Apr 17, 2019

Gentlemen, I had planned to resume my work on Saturday 13th April 2019 morning in Riyadh, but I could not do so due to flight (FZ-436 Hyd to DXB) was delayed. Due to this delay my connecting flight (FZ-847 DXB to RUH) missed. I was allotted a seat in the Flight FZ-8845, which departed from DXB...

Flydubai / staff

Apr 12, 2019

Dear flydubai people, At georgia airport tiblisi at counter 39 at 8:45 am on 12 april your staff misbehaved with me and used foul language in front of other staff and they all supported her. For me asking to attach fragile sticker which later other staff attached. I should have went for...

Flydubai / business to economy

Apr 6, 2019

My name is Sova Elena Madalina. I was traveling with FZ 1795 from.Dubai to Bucharest on 06th of April. With 10 min prior embarking i received a call that the plane is not configured for business and they change my ticket to Economy. The Flydubai employee told me on the phone that i will...

Flydubai / delay in flight and delay in baggage

Apr 1, 2019

Flydubai made me and my family wait in the aircraft for 3 hours without providing us with anything not even snacks. On my return i have been waiting for my baggage near the carousel from last 2 hours and still there is no indication to our luggage. Some stay it has not been loaded in the...

Flydubai / airlines

Mar 18, 2019

Hello, I want to raise a complaint about your bad service, I hope to take my points in consideration.  1 - you canceled my flight without informing me, so I had to drive for one hour to go back to the my brother house. At least you should give a call. 2 - you booked a flight to me without...

Flydubai / baggage delayed

Mar 15, 2019

Dear Managenent, I travelled with my parents(3 passengers) on fly dubai for umrah from multan to madina via dubai on dated 21st of feb 2019 and we had to return on 1st of march 2019 but due to pakistan air base circumstances our connecting flight from dubai to multan cancelled and we got...

Flydubai / traveling delay and compensation

Mar 15, 2019

Dear I am Husssin Ghaniam. Traveling on Flaydubai on flight no FZ252 and FZ021. Traveling from Mashahad to Dubai. And Dubai to Bahrain. Our travel time from Mashahad to Dubai should be at 5:00 am and it is delay to 6:00 am. And our travel time from Duabi to Bahrain should be at 11:00...

Flydubai / life threatening experience

Mar 15, 2019

Dear customer service team, I am writing you this email about the worst experience ever that I had today before even going on board of your flight flying from dubai to jeddah 8:10am and the reason it we have been exposed to a life threatening situation during our transportation from the...

Flydubai / booking cancelled without informing the passenger

Mar 10, 2019

I booked a flight to Sofia for March 10, 2019. This was an Emirates flight operated by Fly Dubai. Not being able to check-in online (without a clear indication as to why), I arrived at the airport on the day of my flight, to be told that my booking was cancelled. Fly Dubai desk informed...

Flydubai / accidental booking!

Mar 9, 2019

I booked this flight less than 24 hours ago, by force. I was forced to make this booking by the Thai security at the airport in Thailand, because they threatened to not allow my wife to fly to my Saudi location, unless she had a return flight. She's my wife, the visa states she's allowed a...

Flydubai / flight no ek2125

Mar 3, 2019

1st March 2019 Flight no EK2125 Delhi to Dubai My ETKT 1762968556081-3 1-Long drop off bag queues even after checking in online. 2-Did not have the opportunity to buy or eat at the airport due to long security checking queues. 3-Flight departure time was 9.50 am, delayed to 11.49 am 4-Staff...

Flydubai / late flight

Feb 9, 2019

Im a passenger on the flight No. FZ 173 flying to Alexandria HBE from DXB airport. The actual departing time was at 23:25, however, the flight has been delayed more more than two hours because one of the passenger had some visa issues as per advised by the flight attendant "Mohamed". Such action...

Flydubai / flight delay

Feb 9, 2019

Im a passenger on the flight No. FZ 173 flying to Alexandria HBE from DXB airport. The actual departing time was at 23:25, however, the flight has been delayed more more than two hours because one of the passenger had some visa issues as per advised by the flight attendant "Mohamed". Such action...

Flydubai / cancelled flight by flight representative

Jan 31, 2019

This incident occured on dec 19th 2018 at 11:35pm, refence number of booking :dxmojg Flight was from dubai to bombay flight #0445 Client number #734 612 3228 I had a conformation# tfjfok too so what happened we reached at the airport and found out that our tickcts got cancelled and there is a...

Flydubai / flydubai poor services.. flight delays/flight transferred to another city

Jan 28, 2019

Legal Notice Date 27 jan, 2019 To Subject: Legal notice for claim compensation Dear sir / madam 1. I purchase two return tickets for myself and for my wife from Sialkot to Dubai, Dubai to Jeddah for the date 03/01/19 and return on 16/1/19 Jeddah to Dubai, Dubai to Sialkot at final...

Flydubai / negligence of flydubai service crew from muscat airport for not checking our visa to baku

Jan 10, 2019

Baku Visa not checked in Muscat airport check-in counter I have made a booking with Flydubai flying from Muscat to Dubai then Dubai to Baku. It's our first time to travel in Baku so according to our contact in Baku, we could get the visa upon arrival. WE had check-in from Muscat airport and...

Flydubai / baggage loss

Jan 2, 2019

My baggage of more than 60 pieces was lost my fly dubai. I am a film producer and we used fly dubai. Its been more than 5 months and every week i get a reply from people at fly dubai that team is working on same. I have lost more than 50 lac rupees worth filming materials .. hope someone...

Flydubai / airplane delay

Dec 20, 2018

Flight delay Booking#vmf5z3 I'm writing in regards to a very distasteful experience I had with your company, I have booked on a flight number fz 158 departing at 15:50 on december 20, 2018 from beirut to dubai. After we board on the plane and it was about to take off on the runway the time...

Flydubai / cancelled flight fz 798 from bucharest to dubai on 1 december 2018

Dec 8, 2018

My name in bivolaru cezar 18.09.2018 I booked from sc abc trading co srl a holiday in dubai between 1-6 december (in 5 december it was my birthday) for me and my wife - bivolaru aura adela - and my daughter - bivolaru andra teodora. Our flight - fz 798 - was going to be on 1...

Flydubai / terrible experience and horrible customer service at the airport

Dec 8, 2018

I would like to submit a complaint regarding my horrible experience with flydubai! I had booked three two-way tickets for my parents and myself from Amman to Dubai on the dates (Dec 1st and Dec 6th 2018). One day before the flight I checked-in online and printed our boarding passes. When we...

Flydubai / flight delay - hotel accommodation night lost.

Dec 1, 2018

I booked a holiday in Dubai, leaving with flight no. FZ798, departing from Bucharest (OTP) to Dubai (DXB), on 1.12.2018, flight scheduled to take off at 14.25. After boarding, it announced technical problems, and rescheduled take off at 5.00 in the morning, information confirmed at 19.00...

Flydubai / complaint against the staff at mashhad airport

Nov 27, 2018

I book the return flight of group of 49 people from KHI to najad dated 5 Nov 2018 and mashhad to khi dated 26 Nov 2018 with reference No: AOJ5E, I was on my way to khi from mashhad where I found that my group has over weight so I paid 400 USD more and asked my group to proceed after...

Flydubai / delayed/lost baggage

Nov 5, 2018

I travelled on October 31 from Bahrain to Dubai and was en route to Rwandair. I had 3 pieces of baggage and after so much delays to deliver, one is still missing. Rwandair is saying Flydubai did not deliver the baggage. Kindly check and give me details on the baggage. This is four days now...

Flydubai / gold missed

Oct 28, 2018

I have travelled through FZ 339 at 25 Oct -18 from DXB-MUX with 3 pack of luggage in which 1 black enclosed with gold ( 1 ring, 3 nose pins ) amounting 800 AED . when we landed at multan airport, flydubai desk informed us that your luggage will come tomorrow and we will deliver at your...

Flydubai / flight cancellation and lack of passenger support leading to distress

Oct 25, 2018

I was due to leave Kabul on flight EK2099 at 1815 on 09 Aug 18. Check in went as normal. I waited in the departure lounge until called forward to the flight. Whilst stood in the air-bridge we were all told to return to the lounge. I waited for some time for an update, which only came from...

Flydubai / double charges for same flight and passenger

Oct 22, 2018

On 02.06.18 I tried to book the flight via FlyDubai with the booking ref. Y6TWJR (round trip from Sarajevo to Dubai), but I received the message that the payment could not be processed and I should try later. On 06.06.18 I tried again with the same visa card and I was confirmed that my...

Flydubai / ticketing/booking

Oct 17, 2018

My cousing was about to depart today from Dubai to Muscat Oman for visa change. She arrived on time and collected the boarding pass 2 hrs before the flight. When she was at the gates to board on the plane one of the airport supervisor put her on hold status and the reason is she was not on...

Flydubai / long wait in the air to land in kathmandu with just water served - worst flight I ever had.

Sep 24, 2018

Hello, I was on a flight (booking ref: EIT3H2 / date: 30/08/18) from London Heathrow to Kathmandu and connecting in Dubai. I changed from Emirates to FlyDubai airlines (EK2355) from Dubai to Kathmandu, which was meant to take 4:40hrs and land at 15:40pm, instead, we landed 4hrs later...

Flydubai / poor service

Sep 19, 2018

I booked a flight from Bucharest to Karachi and at the time I was not notified regarding the change of terminals during the transit. As I found out through a friend I tired contacting fly dubai so I can find out. But it Was of no use as you guys are not being cooperative. I kept asking...

Flydubai / flight delay

Sep 18, 2018

I'm writing in regards to a very distasteful experience I had with your company, I have booked on a flight number FZ 230 on September 4th, 2018 from Basra to my home city Alexandria through a connection flight from Dubai . The first flight was from Basra to Dubai, after we board on the...

Flydubai / flydubai leaving 35 mins ahead of schedule

Sep 15, 2018

Tlbisi-Dubai flight number FZ8932 announcement with my name " Nora el Nawawi " and my husband" Khalil shariff" to come to the gate or we will be " off boarded" 40 mins before scheduled take off time and with screen status showing " waiting in lounge" no " final call " announced even When...

[Resolved] Flydubai / sexual abuse

Sep 13, 2018

please be informed that one of your colleguas name is Maksat Zhooshbaev touched to my friend ass in the air plain he tried to kiss when she was sitting and he touched her chest . My friend was sitting along and she scared to say something, same time he said if she will tell someone he will...

Fly Dubai Karachi Jinnah Terminal Boarding Counter / supervisor on jinnah terminal boarding counter

Sep 6, 2018

The ticket was done by your silly agent for a infant but aacording to papssport she was a child ur rediculous agent confirmed the ticket as infant. On the departure date boarding receptionist stop me to to boarding as i have not the ticket of the child it is the ticket of infact which i...

Flydubai / my flight fz 796 was canceled

Sep 4, 2018

My name is Stefan Papamanci and my flight FZ 796 on 3rd Sept 2018 0:30 was canceled and reschedule for 16:15 and then delay to 16:50, 17:20, 18:00 and finally we left Henri Coanda Airport in Bucharest at 19:05. This cause me a lot of problems with my job and a lot of money. I lost my...

Flydubai / refund based on medical condition

Aug 25, 2018

We have raised this concern / request on the 15th of August - well within the travel dates . It has taken a while to service this request . We have made atleast 6 calls to the call center to assist us on the same. When we raised this complaint our request was to re consider the...

Flydubai / rude behavior in jeddah saudi arabia

Aug 21, 2018

21st of August 2018 at 9.15 me and my friend were in Flydubai Counter to collect our Boarding pass we had purchased the tickets together and were travelling to dubai, we were harassed by the Counter person of flydubai prior issueing boarding pass, I can say he was an racist, I have been...

Flydubai / customer service

Aug 19, 2018

Dear Flydubai I had my first flight with Flydubai travelling from Beirut to Kuwait with a one hour transit in Dubai on August 17. For a flight that was supposed to be a 6 hour process, it ended up being well over 12 hours due to a delayed flight in Beirut and a missed connecting flight in...

Flydubai / service

Aug 15, 2018

Dear fly Dubai team, I have a fly FZ877 from DXB to TAIF and it was on 8:55. They have informed us that it will be delayed to 10:40, unfortunately the gate was open at 11:30 and we are on the plane for around 1:30 hours waiting for the plane to take off without AC!!! Currently the crew have...

Flydubai / loss of luggage

Aug 13, 2018

I arrived Jordan at 8 august 2018 but my buggage did not arrive at the same time and till now there is no clear information about issue I opened report ( AMMFZ16517) but no one contact with me till now although i sent a photo of my bag and filled inventory baggage form what should i do...