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United Arab Emirates

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FlyDubai Complaints & Reviews

FlyDubai / Disappointing service

LindyH on Feb 22, 2017
On 31 January 2016, my partner and I were stuck at Muscat International airport for almost 9 hours when fly dubai flights were delayed due to 'bad weather.' Although we were quite reasonable about the delay. It got to a point where we just could't be patient about it anymore. At first we...

FlyDubai / Horrible worst airline and service

Mohit7390 on Feb 6, 2017
To whom so it may concern My name is Vijay Kumar Jaiswal Flight number - fz434 flying from lucknow (India) to dubai (Uae). Booking ref no- 462948 PNR NO - KCIA71 Associate i spoke to in Lucknow international airport - MR. brijlal(410019) this is what he gave me his employee code. I have faced the...

FlyDubai / Wheelchair

Mojifar on Feb 4, 2017
My grandma and I had a flight in 27th of January, from Iran to Dubai with flight number 242, in business class. I booked wheelchair for my grandma but when we arrived, they only tell us sorry, we didn't know that you have whilchair and we don't have! She is 85 years and had problems in...

FlyDubai / Flights

Ari12 on Feb 3, 2017
I am extremely disappointed with the service of your flights. I had specifically booked a flight from Dubai to Afghanistan from Friday morning 03/02/2017 to then depart back to Dubai the same day. Due to a ridiculous 5 hour delay I am sitting at the airport after hours until they...

FlyDubai / My suitcase has lost from 6 days.

Murtaza maheswar wala on Feb 2, 2017
My flight FZ 437 coming from dubai to ahmadabad 27th January 2017 when I am reaching to ahmadabad my suitcase red troll y doesn't come on ahmadabad airport tag are also put on suitcase tag no is FZ 503910 by name of MAHESWARWA/ I fill up the complaint from on ahmadabad airport . I am again ...

Fly Dubai / Online ticketing glitch

A Mohan on Jan 30, 2017
I am compelled to report the complaint here as Flydubai is not responding and took a unilateral decision. There is a software glitch in flydubai web booking date calendar while booking flights and because of your software issue my booking date was altered to 2017 instead of 2016. Due to thi...

Fly Dubai / Cancel booking - no refund

Muhammad Waris on Jan 26, 2017
Please Please Please never book fly Dubai ticket they are a fraud. They are just wasting our money wile I cancel my booking they didn't show any notification on the screen after that one massage appear 400 AED penalty and -520 your refund. When I call in the office they say its not like...

FlyDubai / Valuables has been stolen from my baggage

Hanan Obei on Jan 26, 2017
I arrivedon 22nd Jan 2017 to Doha (from dubai) at 7:45 AM, headed thru e-gates then to the bags area No 9, took my bag as it was already there and went home. I opened my bag to unpack my things, I found my things are not the way I packed it! Stuff were supposed to be in the bottom were...

FlyDubai / Complaint and compensation for disruption

ZaklinaP on Jan 26, 2017
Complaint & compensation for disruption.. Open member: 233581552 2 x booking ref: wayhai / gw5fhh Response recieved from flydubai Irrelevant to my initial complaint Please read my email below... Subject: re: fwd: complaint & compensation for disruption #03540257 [ref:_00db0dbtz. _500b0wseim:ref]...

FlyDubai / Lost the connection

P on Jan 13, 2017
Dear Mr/Mrs, Insteed to choose another airline company, I choose Fly Dubai, because I was thinking that you are a good company, but unfortunately I was wrong about Fly Dubai. PNR 7NVXPZ // we suppose to leave on 29 of december at 14:05 from Bucharest witz FZ 8796, our flight had delay ...

FlyDubai / Canx flight

Georgiana Donciu on Jan 12, 2017
Dear Sir/Madame, I’m contacting you regarding the tickets of Pop family, PNR XTXU4C, etkt 1412249128706-707. Passengers were in the airport that the flight was canceled due to weather conditions. Passengers told me that they did not received any rerouting options, just filled out a form...

Fly Dubai / Suitcase missing

Dan205 on Jan 10, 2017
My flight fz335 was flying from Dubai to Karachi on 6th of January my 1 suit case is missing and it has been 4 days I am calling Karachi office and they keep saying you may get it tomorrow. another suitcase that was also missing but we get it next day, I put 2 cell phones in it but when I...

Fly Dubai / Service of the crew staff if no. 02808

Karen Santos Salalila on Jan 6, 2017
I want to complaint against this certain crew in our flight fz715 (jan. 6 2017) 11:55am flight, its regarding ordering of food in the flight, we got into the flight and order water, and then after sometime my friend order another water.. then the flight went on 1 hour before our arrival we...

FlyDubai / delayed

sohailiqbal on Jan 5, 2017
my flight FZ 7184 from jeddah to dubai was late for 32 hours, instead of lying on 30th dec 2016 at 2315, it took off 1st jan 17 at 5am and reached dubai at 9am. as a result I missed from flight dubai to birminghma. I need an ugent letter for travel insurance, fly dubai telephone lines are...

FlyDubai / Delay and cancellation of flight

MAJED Masshan on Jan 2, 2017
I have been travelling a lot and try different airlines but fly dubai is the worst airline I have been tried. We were waiting for check in for more than 3 hours fighting people to have our tickets no queue and finally reach the counter and the lady tells us that the flight is full no space...

FlyDubai / Entertainment system and hostess lying

Jamal Sawan Nasser on Jan 2, 2017
Flight FZ158 coming from Beirut to Dubai on Sunday 1/12017. Seat no 23E. Entertainment system was not working. First hostess Angela was very defensive. And asked us to file a complaint. The second hostess Elena tried lying to us by saying that they are refunding the money to the credit...

FlyDubai / FZ780

Sandyishak on Jan 2, 2017
31/12/2016 Flight was supposed to leave Prague at 13:25 on the 31/12/2016 end up to leave 01/01/2017 at 11:AM more than 21 hours delay in flight with the most unprofessional airline team ever . impolite, rude unprofessional team, we stayed 21 hours in the airport with KIDS, Fly Dubai...

FlyDubai / Staff inconsistency and lying

Derek J Butler on Jan 1, 2017
To whom it may concern: My Names is Derek Butler, booking Reference is SWB0E2 We recently had the experience of travelling with Fly Dubai. We travelled out of Dubai to Sri Lanka on FZ - 8557 on 22 December 2016 and we returned on FZ - 8558 on 30 December 2016. On both Flights one of you Crew...

FlyDubai / Cancelled flight

coquillares on Jan 1, 2017
Dear Management, We have experienced a very terrible day last December 29, 2016 when we are supposed to travel going to Dubai. I have missed the important event I was supposed to attend. I am expecting that you are aware of what happened to us that day, see my flight details below. I am...

Fly Dubai / On board delay for 32 hours / whole fight experience

hadeel abdel hamid on Jan 1, 2017
This is to tell you that you are the worst company i have ever dealed with. We were delayed for 32 hours with no particular reason except your ignorance of management rules You let people sleep on the dirty floor of the airport, cold at night, no descent toilet, nothing of human rights and...

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