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FlyDubai Complaints & Reviews

FlyDubai / not refunding the ticket for 7 months

Iskica on May 22, 2017
As I already sent in several emails, and said to several people, answering flydubai customer service no, I canceled ticket in October 2016. One month later tried to refund it over website but it did not work. So I called and emailed but I was ignored, neglected and treated badly. At the...

FlyDubai / worst procedure of scheduling travel time and no refund

Faridfansopkar on May 21, 2017
I would like to bring this notice to all the Passangesrs and to alert them that before booking a ticket to a flight in flyDubai, Be prepared to the consequent trouble and harassment made by the FlyDubai for their own several reasons given. I made a booking to a flight from Mumbai to Riyadh...

FlyDubai / tampered luggage

Shipra Pareek on May 20, 2017
Hi, I came from Fly Dubai flight FZ 021 to Bahrain on 19th May, 2017. My luggage was not arrived and the staff asked me to come tomorrow again. I have been today and got my missing bag but when i came back to my hotel and opened my bag, there were several items missing from my bag like...

FlyDubai / request for the claim the damage

mohamed risly on May 12, 2017
8th may 2017 Request for the claim the damage Dear sir/madam, Passenger name : mohamed shibly ubaidur risly Booking ref : 8psomv Ticketing agent’s name : adriatica travel, al muntaza area, p.o. box no: 22786, doha. tele: +974 33672240, email:adriaticatravel.com, imran@adriaticatravel.com I...

FlyDubai / lost baggage - fz784456 (5 may 2017)

Shagufta Merchant on May 7, 2017
Was travelling from Najaf to Mum via Dubai (FZ 445 - 5 May 2017). We were part of group of 80 people and everyones baggage arrived at the airport except mine. One Baggage did not arrive at Mumbai Airport. The form for missing baggage was filled at the airport itself. Have been calling the...

FlyDubai / ok to board from sharjah office

alimujtaba on May 1, 2017
I booked a ticket Karachi Dubai Karachi for my friend for ok to board I went to Sharjah office near bird market they refuse reason that, ticket not mention middle name according to passport and visa shows full name, it was closing time and flight was early morning we request but refuse...

FlyDubai / flight from afghanistan to dubai

Crangel on Apr 30, 2017
If there were ANY other choice for me to fly, I would. The tickets are way overpriced, for the Americans only that is. Boarding the plane is a mad scramble for seats with zero organization. The monopoly the have on this flight should be illegal. Over inflating prices and horrible service because you know we don't have any choice. Horrible service!!

FlyDubai / flight fz 911

Liliyaa on Apr 29, 2017
Dear sir/madam, I am, Liliya Habashi, British citizen, was travelling with my 3 children: 8 years old, 6 years old and 7 months old on the 19th of April from Dubai to Moscow. Flight number is FZ911. The flight was delayed by approximately 40 minutes. We were on the air plane at 9:00 am...

FlyDubai / flydubai fz335 can't take off. 2 hours late

Adil Arshad on Apr 25, 2017
Hi Team, It is to inform you that I'm flying in fz335 from dubai to karachi. The flight time was 10.15am and it's been almost two hours still flight is on ground. I have spoken with flight captain he said we are refuelling! I want to raise this issue why this much time they took and what...

FlyDubai / lost of baggage

P.V.RAO Nsc on Apr 24, 2017
I travelled from delhi (India) at 4.00hrs to dubai (Uae) reached 6.15hrs., after from dubai (Uae) at 8.25hrs to basra (Iraq) reached 11.30hrs, through flight flydubai no. Fz 432 is up to dubai and fz 229 dubai to basra, my baggage booked from delhi to basra vide voucher no. Fz359886...

Fly Dubai / علشان تاخير الرحله

238468215 on Apr 23, 2017
انا /المدعو عصمت الله محمد يوسف لقد حجزت تذكرة فلاى دبى بتاريخ22/04/2017 من كابل الى القصيم وقت الرحلة كانت 18و15 دقيقه من كابل و 1و30 دقيقه من دبي الى القصيم لقد تاخرت الرحلة الى ساعة 1 صباحأ وصلنا الى دبى تقريبأ ساعة 3 صباحأ لقد طلبت من فريق فلاى دبى يوفرلى سكن رفدو كلمت عدت اشخاص من موظفين فلاى...

FlyDubai / Unclear false instructions

Dooko on Apr 22, 2017
My flight was on suterday 22/4/2016 at 23:40 from Khartoum to Dubai, i went on Friday to change the flight to monday before the 24hr changing fees. I went to the office in khartoum but unfortunately the office is not working in friday, so i went to the office in the airport they told me come...

FlyDubai / check in at terminal 2 dxb

Ash Robey on Apr 17, 2017
Awful check in experience from DXB. I emailed fly dubai prior to flying to ask what I needed to do in terms of documentation as at the time of departure I would be 33 weeks pregnant. I received a very helpful email explaining I needed a drs note -which I obtained. The staff at hamad...

Fly Dubai / Flight delay

Asif Tasweer on Apr 16, 2017
Gents, I have 2 complaints and 1 general question which are as follows:- 1-I traveled 14th April 2017 from Dubai to Jeddah having flight number FZ 833. The flight was delayed for one hour while we were sitting in the plane. Can you explain proper reason as what the actual reason and why...

FlyDubai / not allowing me to enter the gate due to unintentional tardiness

mahmoud amin on Apr 15, 2017
I has a reservation on last March 19 from Doha to Alexandria, the departure time was 08:30 AM, i have arrived 07:45 due to the traffic jam while the plane was still landing then i tried to pass my luggage and enter the gate but the staff was very rude and didn't allow me to go as the...

FlyDubai / gold stolen from luggage

mrs pallavi on Apr 15, 2017
Dear.. I Travelled by FlyDubai Airline from Dubai to Mumbai on 30th march 2017 at 11 pm by Flight Number SG 51 this was the first time i used this airline, and was highly dissapointed due to the lost of my luggage When i landed in Mumbai, i was waiting for my baggage for more than 45...

FlyDubai / Check in staff extremely rude

Jaikap on Apr 14, 2017
Hi Firstly let me tell you that am very pleased with your airlines service overall and this is not about flydubai as a whole but one member of your staff who you may need to discuss the below with as they are giving your efforts a bad name. Am at the airport as am writing this complaint...

Fly Dubai / About staff on boarding from dubai terminal 2

Mehtab Alam on Apr 11, 2017
This is to complaint about the behaviour of a staff member, who was present yesterday (10/04/17) evening on entering boarding pass, As i was travelling from baku flight no FZ 332 to karachi via dubai terminal 2, it was observerved that the staff member were not behaving as to delt with a...

FlyDubai / lost of luggage and stolen item from other luggage

Rana Zeshan on Apr 11, 2017
dear Team, Last friday 08-04-2017 i had a connecting flight from Faisalabad(Pakistan) to Dubai and Dubai to Jeddah(KSA). My stay in Dubai was only 20 minutes and my next flight FZ831 was ready for Jeddah. I reached jeddah and didn't recieve my both luggages. Very next day on 09-04-2017 i went to...

FlyDubai / cabin crew very rude..

Shilpa Sankar on Apr 11, 2017
Everyone knows how it is to travel with children on board. I was travelling Zanzibar to Dubai and after giving my one year old his feed I wanted to get his bottles washed. So its ready for the next feed on landing. I have always had the cabin crew wash it for me. So assuming the same I...

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