Singapore Airlinesraw uncooked chicken and batter in chicken pizza served to me gave me gastroenteritis

B Jan 14, 2020

On 29th Dec flight number SQ245 I flew from Singapore to Brisbane when I was served a Chicken Pizza as part of the afternoon refreshment menu. I ate a couple of mouthfuls but soon became aware it was not properly cooked with most of the dough soggy and raw /undercooked. I complained to a flight attendant who then made a written note when I told her it was soggy and undercooked. She then asked me if I wished something else instead, which I declined.
Five days later I suffered an acute attack of Gastroenteritis. I was very unwell with diarrhoea for 3 days. I obtained a stool test as I was not improving.
The results are attached; Campylobacter infection, a bacterial infection contracted from poorly cooked poultry.
I wish Singapore Airlines to be aware of the infection I obtained from their undercooked chicken pizza and act on it as I have also heard of other individuals on a similar flight acquiring this infection with Singapore airlines who also ate the chicken pizza.
I am 79 years old and I am lucky I was not hospitalised for this illness.
My daughter is a doctor and was able to care for me.
Please send me acknowledgement that this complaint has been acted upon.

Mrs Barbara Rogers
Email [protected]
Krisflyer number--SQ KFLY [protected]
Ticket No.[protected]

Singapore Airlines

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