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F Jan 05, 2020

I never experience a pathetic service before at Shoprite. I am a loyal customer of Shoprite for many years. Today I wanted to buy Everfresh Parmalat 6 pack and on the shelf it was 74.99 and only to find out that it is 84.99 when the cashier scan it. The cashier called the supervisor after I asked her why the price I saw it is not the price I pay, then the supervisor by the name of Thato did not want to attend the query and say she won't authorise the item. Then she went away from where she seated. Then one of the staff member went on the shelf to double check the price and only to find that the price was removed by one of the supervisors after I left the shelf. So, when I asked them to call her they said they can't find her within the shop so she disappeared. Seeing that there was no one to assist with the query I decided to leave the item at the cashier. When they called Thato to come and assist with the void she also refused to that. My concern is how many customers was treated like me. Last week I brought an attention to the manager(guy) that their prices are incorrect and he said they will correct them unfortunately it was an empty promise.
I feel like the management is not doing their job properly Regards Aicy

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