Shoppers Drug Martlife brand “no sugar added” cough drops


I was at one of your stores today looking to purchase sugar free cough drops when I came across the life brand apparently sugar free cough drops. The ingredients list includes sucralose which is sugar, of course this sugar has been chemically changed using chlorine! but it is still legally sugar. In recent studies this product has been shown to cause cancer(leukaemia) as well as many other harmful effects. The FDA has even downgraded their suggested use of this product from caution to avoid.
This would be considered false advertising!
Now I realize you guys will make a ton of money from all the side effects this product causes by selling more dangerous drugs to combat the effects of this product and that is just downright EVIL !
You need to remove this product from your shelves immediately!
I am currently organizing a group of people to boycott your stores in Chatham Ontario, and of course I'll make sure we get plenty of media coverage.
Please do The responsible thing.

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