Shoppers Drug Marthow the undercover security did not treat us properly..


Hi, i have a concern regarding on how your undercover security treat us inside the shoppers in 4827 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC V5H 4T6 . Me and my Brother went in this location for first time, and were planning to buy some drink but we just decided to look around first . We were on the fragrance area, when a guy came out of no where, and staredx at me while im smelling the perfumes, he literally stand beside me and stare on what i am doing . Which he made me and my brother uncomfortable, so we decided to go to different section, when we were in the toothpaste area, then he suddenly pops up and stand and stare where we are, so he made me feel like he is following us, i went all the way to chocolate and drink area and he is still following us . Its so yncomfortable that he keeps on watching and following us and his eye is on us only, its unfair and uncomfortable, and so obvious that he is making a false accusations towards me and my brother on how he show his actions . Before we have to leave the store, i voiced out my concern to the cashier to talk to him and dont follow us around like that, because its uncomfortable and we are not inside the shoppers to still something . So when we went out of the store, i looked back and I saw him went out and take a photos of me and my brother, . That is way too much, he followed us around inside the store that made us feel uncomfortable, and made us not to buy something on what he did, and he takes a picture, which is really worse, . I confronted him if he had a problem on us, and he told to my brother to get out, and it is his job, and he bis a security, in the first place we did not steal, or damage Or make a fight or whatever inside, and he tell us to get out ?!! He take a picture ?! Followed us around and only keen an eye on us .?! I feel bad with your security that looks like he dont know how to do it properly . He is basically having A false accussation towards us . Such a bad service And Environment inside that made us dont want to come back in this location ..

I hope you understand, and looking forward to an action regarding this matter, in the future i want to prevent this kind of accusation towards innocent customers who wants to shop in your store . .

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