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S Nov 28, 2017 Review updated:

My Daughter and I went to the Shoppers Drugmart at South Common in Mississauga. We waited in line for 20 minutes and were told that it would be a half an hour wait, even though no one else was there for a flu shot, and she did not even inquire with the pharmacist if it was possible to get a flu shot;then she said that she could not guarantee out place in line (no line existed) if we left the store.
We had quite a bit of shopping to do, but after hearing your customer service representative and how un caring and rude, we decided to leave. Is the big poster at the Pharmacy that says " Get your Flu Shot today" false advertising? Does Shoppers Drugmart let employees know of this advertising?


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      Nov 28, 2017

    Your flu shot does not trump the order that the regular customers, who are waiting for their prescriptions, comes in. If a woman with a sick child comes in before you and needs their medicine, and it takes the pharmacy 15ish minutes to put that medicine together, you'll have to wait about 20 minutes in order for THEIR prescription to be entered, filled, checked, and counselled upon. They don't employ special pharmacists just to do flu shots. It doesn't matter if you're the only one waiting for it, consider it a prescription that you're waiting for; you get put into the "customer is waiting" line up. Get off your high horse, not everything is about YOU RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW.

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      Nov 29, 2017

    Your complaint is a little difficult to read due to your grammar and run-on sentences. That being said, why would the "get your flu shot today" sign be false advertising? Having to wait for thirty minutes is not equal to having to come back on a different day.

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