Shoppers Drug Mart$10 bonus card expired

M Sep 06, 2018

I received a $10 bonus card because I had purchased over $50 and it was dated to expire on August 16. I was not aware that a card that I qualified for had an expiry date and I was not told about this by the cashier. I purchase very many items at Shoppers including our prescriptions. My issue is that why would a bonus card expire. Why can't it be used immediately towards the same purchase. It is so easy to forget about this card in my wallet and i have fibromyalgia which really affects my short term memory so I totally forgot to use it and i did go into Shoppers a few times before this date. Would it be possible to get a replacement card so that I can use it. I would really appreciate it. Thanks.
Bonus card PLU 3687
Monique Sauve Roy
5514 Poplar Avenue
Long Sault ON
K0C 1P0

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