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A Nov 28, 2017 Review updated:

Store Manager Robert Cabeza-Huevo. Store #04028 340 Grove st. Worcester MA.
I went in to buy a Mt Dew and to my surprise there was a New flavor I remember it was yellow so i decided i was goin to try it out. On the glass of this fridge there was an ad that said Mt Dew or Pepsi Assorted Varieties 2 for $3. So i grabbed a cherry pepsi and this mystery new yellow Mt Dew. At the register it rang up $3.88 so I told the manager about the sign and he replied that the sign had a picture of a regular pepsi and a regular Mt Dew and that ONLY those two kinds were 2 for $3. I told the picture book reading manager that the sign clearly stated "Assorted Varieties" that it should be 2 for $3. He insisted that he could not allow the sale at that price. Not only did i miss out on a 2 for $3 sale but also a new flavor of Mt Dew thanks to Store Manager Robert Cabeza-Huevo. It's not right that i have to argue over the details of a sign that he himself must of put up. Shell if your managers cannot read anything that does not have pictures on it please refrain from hiring them. I still want to try that new Mt Dew.



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      Nov 29, 2017

    It's not guaranteed that the manager put the sign up. It is just as likely that it was another employee. In regards to the "assorted varieties, " even if it did apply to more than just regular Pepsi and Mountain Dew, it still might not cover the new flavor (it could be for diet and regular only).

    "the picture book reading manager" "if your managers cannot read anything that does not have pictures on it"
    By the way, any modicum of empathy or sympathy someone would have for your complaint will most likely disappear upon reading these statements. You are a rude individual. I would not be surprised if you were rude to the employees as well. If you choose not to return to the store I am sure the staff will be happy.

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