Shell Gas Station on Cadwell & Gross Point Rdservice attendant night shift

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On november 8th my husband and his co worker went to the gas station on their break from work and the attendant was so rude to them that she made a mistake in counting they change and cheated them out of 10 dollars called the police and everything the police made a report and told them to follow up with the manager next day so the next day come and she calls the police and gives the 10 dollars back but then in return tells them not to come back the officer told her she cant tell them not to come back due to and the fact they did not commit a crime the whole week later when they went to the store again she began to harass them calling them you people and telling them that they are not allowed in the neighborhood and not to come back to the service station this is wrong and if the issues is not addressed I will find a lawyer who will take this shell company to court for racist profiling and harassment based on heinous action if there are anymore question at all just ask the dunking donut worker that works overnight to tell the story because she was witness to this heinous act by your female employee in niles illinois shells gas station on gross point and caldwell overnight shift


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      Nov 21, 2017

    Your complaint is difficult to read due to your grammar and run-on sentences. Since you were not present nor a participant during the exchange, the complaint and follow-up should be done by your husband and not by you. You also do not have any physical evidence that racism was a factor in the incident. It seems like there also may be more to the story.

    "the officer told her she cant tell them not to come back"
    This officer must not understand the law very well. As a private company, the employees can essentially ban anyone from the store for almost any reason. It is not public property. Honestly this statement made your complaint seem a little odd.

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