Shellemployees of the shell station/groovin novins

T Sep 15, 2018 Review updated:

On September 15 at approximately 1:30am, my sister enter your Shell Groovin Noovins at 2205 West 9 Mile Road, Pensacola, FL 32534, (850) 477-9431 and (850) 477-9200. Now she had just been attacked by 2 men and had blood everywhere. She did beat them off but was injured and fled to your establishment for HELP! When she entered the store, told the clerk what happen, and ask to use the phone, the clerk did let her have a phone and told her to MOVE OUT OF THE WAY! What kind of people do you employee? Not anyone who cares about others, especially ones who are in need of help! Now there were no people in line for her to move out of the way of, but the employee did have her friend that was more important than an injured woman with blood all over her. I have found out the name of the manager of the store, not the owner I guess, his name is Chris Troy and apparently he will not be in until Monday, September 17th, between 10 or 11am. The clerk was Trisha and was not present when I called. I will tell as many people as I possibly can what happened, post it on Face Book, and any other social media forum that I can. I would be so ashamed! I do not know what you could do to make it up to my sister, but I would definitely think of something if I were you!!! Again, I would be so ashamed...


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