Shellcustomer service at shell service station

M Sep 01, 2018

My partner and I stopped into the Shell service station on the corner of Princess Highway and The Boulevarde in Kirrawee NSW 2232 at 12pm on 02/09/2018. We filled up my partners ute and went inside to pay.

As soon as we walked into the service station, the attendant was watching us very closely for some unknown reason. We grabbed some drinks from the fridge and went up to the counter. We asked if we could please pay for the fuel on my partners Shell fuel card and the drinks separately. She was instantly rude to us and stood there crossing her arms. The fuel card declined, even though my partner had used it a couple of days previously and there has never been any issues. She was very rude about this but he tried again, thinking maybe he entered the pin wrong. But no it declined again. The attendant tried to make us feel embarrassed about this and we were just thinking out loud about why it's not working and she turned around and snaps 'well you need to find another way to pay!'. As if we didn't have any money... my partner said to her 'I'll just go get my other card but you don't need to be rude about it'. To which she replied 'I wasn't being rude'. Which was a total LIE! She was treating us like complete scum.

Anyway my partner got his card from the car and came back in to pay. She asked if we still wanted the drinks and we said no don't worry about it. Then she said 'well look who's being rude now?'. This was very disrespectful and not the way to speak to a paying customer! The second card then declined which was impossible as we had just used it an hour before. We were positive there was an issue with the machine but she just insisted we couldn't afford it. Eventually the card ended up going through after a second go.

Once this was over the manager came over and the attendant proceeded to complain to the manager in front of us, claiming we were upset the fuel card didn't work and becoming angry about it. But the fact of the matter is we were upset with the way we were spoken to! The manager stood there not really knowing what to say so we just paid and walked out.

The attendants name was Kerry. I am very disappointed with how we were treated at this service station and it's unacceptable. I would appreciate if someone from Shell could contact me to discuss the matter further.

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