Shellair for my tire


I went to the gas station in Livermore California off Stanley Boulevard at 5:45 p.m. to get air in my tire. The attendant said he would turn the air on and when I went back to the car he did not so I then made my way back into the store and asked him to turn it on, he said he already did so I went back out and he didn't. I then thought maybe I just couldn't hear the air so I decided to put a dollar fifty in the coin slots to see if it actually worked and that's when it did so I went back in to confront the attendant that he had lied to me when he said that he did turn the air on when he actually didn't. He THEN said that it was actually a dollar and that he had turned it on twice and the fact that it didn't work wasn't his problem but in fact it did work just with money. If this man and others like him are who you have representing your company I am very disgusted his attitude and demeanor towards me was unwarranted and unnecessary. I feel he tried to slight me and he did because I am a woman. This is all the information I have about him because when I asked his name so I could report him to a manager or corporate he would not give it to me. You may not care that I am one person who has been wronged by one of your employees but I will not get gas at Shell anymore until this situation is rectified and I will not step foot in that Shell station ever again regardless of what happens. Air is supposed to be free so the fact that he wouldn't turn it on because he was being a cheap man or something else, is wrong AND ILLEGAL.

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