Sheetzcleanliness of store

stopped innto the sheetz on seminole trail close to charlottesvilee for the first time in several months. the bathroom was filthy, toilet out of service for over a week, food thrown all over the prep areain clear violation of the HAACP. If a manager was present, was nowhete ti be found. shelves are poorly stocked, and heavy lsyer of firt and dust on top of the soda fountains, ATM. and coffee areas. You need to send a full team from corporate to get this store back to a semblance of Sheetz standards. This manager needs retraining and a strong crew leader to be placed at the food prep
time was approx 6:30 pm today thurs 10/10/19
There was only 1 person at thecheckout with a line of more than 10 people waiting. parking area was likewise laden with overflowing trash bins, garbage and cigarette butts throuhhout the lot, and the ice machines appear not to have been cleaned in a long time. This store needs a much stronger and aware management team
Because the mens room was so filthy, I observed at least ten men urinating outside the back pf the bldg over a 30 minute period
Thisvis a total failure at all levels.
This area is only getting busier... if your mamagement team can't copenow how bad will you let it get as volume doubles abd trebles?

Oct 10, 2019

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