Shawhaw cable is making clients wait 10 days before restoring tv service.


I have no television service as my Gateway is not working. I was told by Shaw I have to wait 10 days for a technician to get my service back. This is not acceptable as I am paying for a service which I am not receiving. Shaw does not have enough manpower to service clients, this is not acceptable. I have been a loyal Shaw customer for 25 years and this is how good customers are serviced. I reported this April 19, 2017.


  • Jo
    joanna barwinski Jul 10, 2017

    I have exactly the same problem . My cable wasn't working properly since it was installed, now i have no cable and have to wait 2 weeks for someone to come to hopefully fix the problem. july 2017.

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  • Le
    Lee Judy Gallagher Sep 10, 2017

    i am going throug the same thing.shawdoesnt carei have been a customer ihave been a customer for 25 year @ i just want my blue sky up @running
    i am very disappoinment that they told me ten days .Do you think they want us too tell them it would be ten days before we could pay them, no they would not be happy .iam a disable person who really enjoys my tv @they is why i have it, august 20 @when can come they told me all week it would be the same day i talked tothem but to day 20 more days .Do you think we need to go to the [email protected] might figure out you pay @you want what you pay for

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  • Pi
    Pissed Steve Nov 09, 2017

    Yes I agree, pretty pathetic service and I am also waiting one full week for a service tech to come to my house. Customer loyalty means diddly squat. I suggested since iIam without service for one full week maybe they can discount my average $200 monthly bill by $50. Instead the phone rep offers me a $11.99 movie voucher for Shaw Video on Demand. The reasoning was my main TV in the living room would no display any channels but the TV in my bedroom could. When I went to use VOD for the bedroom TV it would not allow me to use that service. Also all of my higher HD channels were not functional, so much for the cheapo free video.
    And your absolutely right miss a payment by one day and you are guilty. I guess I have been with Shaw for 20-25 years both internet and cable services. In any other service biz you have plenty of options but the big 3 -4 service providers are all the same otherwise I would tell Shaw to take a hike in a heartbeat.

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