Shaw Communicationsinstallation of upgrade to present service for my dell desk computer, cell phone, & tablet

R Oct 06, 2019

Further to my previous posting...Was still curious about SHAW Cable/Communications and decided yesterday to look up the information on the Modem which SHAW recently applied to my Internet & TV service on September 8th, 2019. The name Hitron is the name on my Modem. There is a page that you can bring up on your computer screen to connect the service. Of course this was not at all explained to me by the SHAW Internet/TV provider when he was here on my home on September 8th, 2019. I was able to connect to my Internet/TV service another way thankfully myself. Instead of the SSID from SHAW that I was forced to connect to I was able to re-connect with another SSID (which was the one I originally had before I called Shaw and spoke to another representative explaining that my speed had been reduced from 300 Mbps to 144.0 again) and I was able to increase my Internet speed closer to the 300 Mbps range once more though the signal strength is lower. What's with SHAW anyway???? And what is the significance perhaps even further to all of this I do wonder. Is it an intimidation to a woman whom they believe is stupid? What is this all about?

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