Sears Brandsbought craftsman riding lawn mower oct 2018

Craftsman riding lawn mower was used less then 10 months when while my husband was doing our lawn he allmost ran over me due to not being able to control machine as to direction to go to nor was he able to turn it off . The lawnmower did not turn off until it crashed against warehouse wall. I have called Sears over 100 times. The customer service dept is Very RUDE and useless all they can tell me is I have to wait, I have waited over a month. They have sent 4 techs yet problem is the same, lawnmower still does not work. I have lost 5 days off work waiting on tech, on 10/7 I waited all day just to be rescheduled with no advance notice. I have called over 100 times and have been on hold for 20 to 30 min to have rep ask me to repeat my info because he cannot find me. Techs are Very rude, they leave without giving notice and do not inform us what the outcome is.

Oct 10, 2019

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