Sears Brandsair duct cleaning overcharge

M Jul 28, 2019

Recently l contacted sears to do duck cleaning. Once the gentleman arrived l was told the service would cost $1700.00. I was very surprised and couldn't believe the service cost so much. The salesman convinced me it was a good price st 73 l knew no better and trusted the sears name, he called his office and spoke with someone that agreed to $1500.00 the service was performed on invoice 835595 or 140358 l payed the money on AMX card which l really could not afford. I spoke with several companies that price ranges were half the amount. And the ducts air is not any cleaner and minus many of the services that other companies doing it my air seems to be worse my throat is scratch my nose is stuffy and l feel like l have been taken advantage of. I want my money back

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