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Reviews and Complaints

Sears verified

tire installation

I would not order tires via Amazon and send the tires to Sears Auto Center for installation ever again! It was the only choice I had via Amazon so I thought it was a good idea.
So, I made an appointment to install four tires at 2pm at 4:52pm they call to say they can't locate my wheel lock. At 5:03 after looking again they somehow find it located above my glovebox and say they are starting to put tires on. I continue to wait with a toddler at the mall because I am stuck with no other option, 3 hours have already passed. They said it would be around 2 hours. My window for service was listed from 2-5pm.
I also emailed the contact person to schedule an alignment they said yes no problem. I arrive they tell me they can not do any alignment, they do not have an alignment guy working anymore (this Sears advertises alignments) and I will have book another appointment and they send the car elsewhere. Anyway, I continue to wait and wait for my tires to be installed at approximately 6:45pm my tires were finished.
Since when does it take almost FIVE hours to install 4 tires! They knew I was waiting! I thought I scheduled an appointment time for a reason. I am far from impressed and will not ever use Sears Auto again! Also, shame on Amazon for contracting with such a awful business!