SBI Credit Cardkeep on charging after cancellation!


I am frustrated with SBI Credit Card. I don't know about Insurance Charges and all. After 4 months they charged me like 600 rupees. I asked customer care Guy who promised me that he is going to reverse all the Insurance charges and they he transferred 16000 rupees DD to me as a easy transfer. After that I payed that amount by 1 month interest for that and I left the Insurance amount. I asked Customer care once again about the reversal of this amount he said that he is going to do that but he never did. Now that amount goes to 2340 rupees. So please don't go for SBI Credit Card It is very bad experience I don't know what to do now.


  • Ra
    Rakesh Bhat Jan 10, 2007

    This is to bring in your notice that I have given four cheques of ICICI branch jammu bearing the cheque no 134056 to 59 to you for the amount outstanding against my credit card no 4317575034652918 and these cheques I have deposited at the drop box of SBI branch Satwari in the month of August. But I was informed by the concerned person (Mr. Satish (9906110261)) SBI collection that these cheques have got misplaced and they have not received these cheques bearing the above said numbers. therefore the concerned person informed me put a stop payment for these cheques.and I subsequently I put forwarded a stop payment request to ICICI for these cheques.but on 19th dec I received a message from the ICICI bank these cheques have been presented for the clearance of the payment .I wonder when the bank has already instructed for stop payment then how come the cheques were presented.

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  • Ph
    Phaneendra Reddy Jan 17, 2007

    I have a serious problem with SBI cards. I got pissed of because of the drop box unavailability and used to pay a late payment fee every time I pay my credit card bill. So I have requested SBI cards to close the credit card. But the problem is that I still receive the account statement after 6 months of closure, by email with attached PDF which I cannot open until I have the card number, Unfortunately i disposed the card and most frustrating part is the customer care number doesn't work (both toll free and a land line number given on their site). When I sent a mail to this id [email protected] I just get an auto reply saying please call the customer care for urgent assistance. Can some one guide me, what to do with this problem?

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  • Pr
    Prashant Pilewan Feb 06, 2007

    The SBI credit card is the most worst card i have ever used. Even after cancelling the Protection Plus plan on the card i am being charged for that for 2 months. The customer care no. is always busy & they have only one number Toll free for communications there is no other no. If anyone is going for that card PLZ avoid it.

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  • Ju
    Julie Merin Joseph May 08, 2007

    SBI credit card payment has become a big headache. When i went to SBI they told, i have to pay the bill at Citibank, residency road, bangalore. When i went to citibank, they told, there is no option to pay SBI card bill at citi bank. Again when i went to SBI, they told me to drop the cheque at state bank of mysore, bannerghatta road. What is this??? Really fed up with credit card payments.

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  • Ra
    Ravi Shankar May 09, 2007

    The bill processing is a very slow and creates lots of impatience in us. As we drop our cheques 5 days before the due date the processing takes 10 days. The charges for the late payments is also very high.

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  • I got a credit card from SBI. I went for it after rings by SBI credit card people. Also if i have gone for it it was because my dad is a SBI employee. I got a card and i never activated it . Please note the point that i never activated it. Also the card details read that only after activation my card can be used. But the bills keep coming telling that my insurance premium from SBI insurance is being deducted from it.

    When i decide not to use the card at all and don't activate it even how can the card account be credited or debited with money.

    I have called them and they were so harsh to me and said don't use the card even by mistake as they said they are blocking the card (Which i have not activated) and if i use it police will come to my house. I had to come to Canada and thus decided to ignore it and came here to Canada. Now i come to know that i have got a legal notice for the same. I am supposed to have sent it. But they do it I wonder what is happening.

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  • Sh
    Shanmugam Devaraj Jul 12, 2007

    Further they never present the cheque in time. They always delay it by one or two days so that the due date is skipped and enable them to punish u with a hefty penalty. So be careful and try to drop the cheque at least five days prior to the due date.

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  • Mr
    Mr L.A.Fugle Jul 13, 2007

    Re: The Credit Card Division
    State Bank of India

    I would like to bring to your notice that I have been getting a statement of accounts from your credit card division in Delhi for credit card no 4317575049295257 which is on Mr L.A. fugle name. The statement shows that I need to pay Rs, 841.80 towards the credit card charges.

    I really do not understand as to why I have been getting this credit card statement for the past 4 to 5 months when I have not even got a credit card nor did I apply for a credit card from SBI. Ever time I get this statement I have been putting it back in the drop box at the SbI bank in tricky. Earlier these statements used to come by post and now I have got the recent one by courier from Delhi.

    I have already informed the SBI bank in tricky Tamil Nadu that this card does not not belong to me as I never applied for a credit card nor have I asked the bank for one. But these statements keep coming to my address and I really would love to know as to how did your bank get my name and address to put on the card. Which I have not applied for.

    I have received a letter date 27 June 2007 asking me to to cut the card into pieces and destroy the card with immediate effect and also that the SbI card protection facility if availed stands canceled and please pay the amount of Rs,841.80 immediately. Now you please tell me how am I supposed to tear the card when I do not have a card to tear.

    I am totally harassed by this statement coming over and over again to my address and it is giving me mental agony & stress and the trouble of going to the bank ever time to drop it in the drop box.

    I really do not know as to why the bank is putting me through this torture when I have not applied for a credit card from your bank.

    This email will be my last email to you. I am contemplating on taking legal action against your bank for harassing me and making up a credit card which I have not asked for and it has been issued in my name. Would love to know where the card is.

    Why should you send me statement when I do not have credit card from your bank why this harassment.

    Hoping to hear from you soon.
    Mr L.A.Fugle
    No 12 Brindhavan Street
    Kurungi Nagar
    K.K.Nagar Post
    Trichy 21
    Ph: 0431- 2456043

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  • Ra
    Rajesh malohtra Jul 19, 2007

    SBI card service and the people engaged in this business are thieves. They are harassing people by charging them for no fault of the customer. So no one should Go for SBI cards or any other card even by mistake. If some agent from SBI comes just kick him and throw him out so that he will never turn back again.These agents come and sale you the card but do not give proper information and after that just keep on harassing you for money in the name of late fee charge, settlement charge, etc. So to all the people of india who are working NEVER GO FOR SBI CARDS.

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  • Ak
    akepati sulakshana Jul 19, 2007

    Dear sir/madaM

    My name is A.sulakshana, my credit card number is 5264 6853 1613 1109. I didn't use till now your credit card, but everymonth i got statement from your bank.i don't want life insurence policy, i told to u previously but you cut the amout and monthly sending statement. I will never pay the bill if you are doing like this. If you don't cancel this life insurence i will cancel my credit card. Please cancel my credit card.


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  • Ad
    AdityaKumar . B Jul 21, 2007

    In March 07 i have communicated to SBI call center for stoppage of my card. As per their advice i have cleared their dues. But as on today i have received their outstanding statement. They shown more than @900/-.

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  • Ma
    manoj p chaudhari Jul 25, 2007

    SBI card service, the sbi insurance and the people engaged in this business are thieves. they are committing the people & after that no fulfilling the customer requirement. Only calling for the money. They are harassing people by charging them for no fault of the customer. So no one should Go for SBI cards or any other card even by mistake. If some agent from SBI comes just kick him and throw him out so that he will never turn back again. These agents come and sale you the card but do not give proper information and after that just keep on harassing you for money in the name of late fee charge, settlement charge, etc.

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  • Dr
    Dr .B .SUDESH SHETTY Jul 30, 2007

    I am not receiving my monthly credit card statement till today to my mailing address from the date i received my card. I have recently changed my mailing address &they have confirmed about my address. They are charging late payment for my payment.


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  • Yo
    yogesh babulal baviskar Aug 02, 2007

    I want to give a complaint regarding the fact that I have not being told that SBI card is enrolling my name for health insurance. I am not at all ask for and applied for this type.

    But still I am getting the statement showing the charges about this. Want to request please cancel this enrollment for health insurance and consider a normal card.

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  • Sa
    Sachin Abraham Aug 17, 2007

    Past six months i have to call up to check my minimum dues to pay they stop sending statements they keep on telling that it will be delivered by within 4 days of time but till date i have not received any statements from last six months.

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  • Na
    naveen_vyas Aug 20, 2007

    Today I received one call from the cards collection agency from delhi. He used choicest of abuses and threatening language which is beyond imagination. I suppose they have hired hooligans for calling the customers and pay them for their abusive language. Such agencies should be booked under such offenses and the ruffians they hire should be hanged for their absolutely abusive and filthy language.

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  • Ay
    Ayila Sanjay Kumar Sep 12, 2007

    I would like to know the status of my credit card as the verification regarding offical and residensial has been completed. Plz let me know what is the status of my card as off now.

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  • Nr
    Nripendra Nath Palit Oct 04, 2007

    I am receiving constant due bills for my card as penalty on non payment of bills. But the fact is that I have regularly paid my bills on due date and I have spoken to their executive every time regarding the same but with no good result. Now it is height and impossible for me to carry over the same. I would like to give them their card back and will make sure that no body in my knowledge will ever make a card from SBI atleast.

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  • Ko
    kOTA NAIK V Oct 06, 2007

    the amount cleard with interest was Rs 75 paid more by cheque and now am getting unnessessary message to my no 9448032965 stating your bill is pending with due of Rs 898.08
    amt received Rs 27000
    amt given back Rs 30075 [inspector intelligence]

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  • Ni
    Nitin Singh Nov 01, 2007

    Same like complaint heading I am not getting my credit card statement on time, earlier I received after by asking to my post office and it was sent by SBI through simple post which I feel very irresponsible.

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  • Sa
    Sanjeev Goyal Nov 16, 2007

    SBI credit card people are really unprofessional and card is a Headache. I have to get a refund of RS. 781 against the extra payment made to SBI, but inspite of continous complaints to SBI call center and even to head for complaints for SBI credit Card for 3 months, still I have not got my refund.

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  • Yo
    yogesh bhugra Nov 17, 2007

    I ordered some electronics item on internet & used my Credit card But they are not telling me the status of my order & delivery date.

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  • Sr
    SreenivasaRao.Ponguru Nov 24, 2007

    I have SBI Credite card,last that was expired.Till now I never received statement properly,If I droped the check that not comming to my account proper time.That was theire mistake for that also they charging.some times GE preple calling up they saying that don't drop check in any SBI drop box/if you droped stop the check payment,we are going to send a person give money to him.If we did like that they charging collecton charges of 120 Rs,and SBI Customer care is saying is that they are charging 3.1 RS interest on my Credit card and that is legal.

    Finally I want settle my Card what to do,How much reductin I will get to settle account.

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  • Al
    Alok kumar Nov 26, 2007


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  • Ne
    NEERAJ SRIVASTAVA Nov 30, 2007

    Since last three months I am unable to get monthly statements either by courier or on my e-mail. Even after filing a complaint on their helpline, they did not sent any duplicate bills or satisfactory response.
    very poor and rough response from customer services.

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  • Dr
    Dr M.M.Chetana Anand Jan 06, 2008

    i was issued a sbi doctors credit card telling that it is life time free card and has been subsequently i have been charged by the company.

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  • Dr
    dr anjali koul Jan 25, 2008

    i,dr anjali koul,having sbi card no.4317541044845165 is disgusted with the customer care and billing system.i have not been using sbicard for more than a year september 2007 i received a bill of rs.1530.53 which i never used.i despatched a cheque of the said amount and i earnestly requested the person on line to cancel my card account with immediate effect for i did not want to with services anylonger.and the person on the line from delhi said he would do it.but till date it is not done and more so they are despatching monthly statements with ever accruing bills.i am registering my last request to cancel my card immediately or else i would be forced to take legal recourse. thankyou. my changed mobile phone no.09234608500.

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  • El
    Elvis Jivani Feb 02, 2008

    I have cleared all my dues for the credit card and was in a credit + position when i left india, i had the same problem there and a customer care executive assured me that my card would be released for operation, why the F##k then is my card still not working??? I cant even buy a damn book !!!

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  • Ki
    kiran vidhate Feb 07, 2008


    currently I am in USA and from here I am trying to buy some articles of worth @ Rs 15000 online.
    I am not able to buy anything online saying bank doesn't allow the transaction.
    What is the problem? If my credit limit is over, is it possible to increase it upto 1 lakh?


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  • SBI cards- Very poor customer care service.
    I fully agree and such Card services should be stopped if management cant run the show professionally. Even the basic things like sending the card statement is unmanagable by SBI cards and I do not recommend this card. It can only bring problems to you all... please pass on

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  • Di
    dilip mehta Apr 25, 2008

    setmante of april

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  • An
    Anand Apr 30, 2008

    Realy i had consider for using SBI card because of good opinion about SBI. Now a day SBI becomes very shame full to their all kind of activities. Particularly SBI credit card section behaviour completely spoiled the SBI name.

    Recently i have been experienced an incident with SBI credit card, i.e., SBI card section without my knowledge they had booked the one mediclaim policy and credit about Rs. 6000/- on my card account statement.

    On enquiry they had aceepted to cancle but they have booked cancelation charges about Rs. 500 on my card account. Still this problem was pressiting.

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  • Ha
    harish prajapati May 18, 2008

    I HAVE NOT RECIVED MY CREDIT CARD TILL DATE . MY APPLICATION NO 1106107922609 DATED 15/3/08 . I RECIVED A BILL 18/3/08 FOR Rs. 561.80 as annual fees Ihave masde payment but i havent recived any credit card the number mentioned on my card is 431 757 564 422 2078. there is no respone on land line regarding my query please send me my credit card at earlist

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  • Su
    SUSHIL KUMAR May 19, 2008

    I have a mastero card of SBI but this card is not working in philippines in any bank, but other than SBI, all mastero card are working in philippines of indian banks. Plz do something about my complaint and i am in very problem and i am in philippines.
    Thank you!

    with regards

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  • At
    atanu ghosh Jul 23, 2008

    Dear friends,
    I have sbi credit card and i have many problem to with the card.
    The SBI bank do not own to accept the payment directly even they have no drop box in their bank premises.This month I have received 21call from the call centre to pay the amount due for the month of June 2008 though I have submit the cheque in time, Intially they have said to pay only the minimum amount due to the bank.When I have confirmed that total amount already paid by cheque.Next day I have a discussion to the executive of SBI= GE and it was said to me that they have received the cheque but I have forgot to write the amount in word, When I demanded the cheque it was told to me that as per RBI guide line they will not provide me the same since the cheque is unbankable.I do not know how to prove the statement made by the SBI call centre.
    I was totally disturbed since call centre executive telling me as defaulter and I have to pay the penalty since my payment they have not received.
    Next day it was said to me that I have to pay total amount due including the payment for the month of July, Next day morning again I have received a call that I have to pay the amount and I have to pay the total amount.Being afraid of more phone calls I have submitted another cheque considering full amount due including the penalty.
    I have sent a mail to Head Card and reply from him is awaited.
    I have noticed that SBI name is being used by GE and operating on behalf of SBI which is a news to me.

    Atanu Ghosh

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  • Ja
    JAYANTA DHAR Jul 28, 2008

    The Manager
    SBI Card

    Dear Sir,

    I am not getting my mthly statement in proper time. I get it in
    every mth after five to six days later from due date. So, i get late
    payment charge in every mth. I complained it every mth. to your cus. care exe. then he said that "I just deduct your late payment charge, you just paid after deduct the late payment charge. But next mth. statement shows late payment charge of current mth. & last mth's late payment charge with interest.
    I request you to make it a clear solution or please withdraw my
    SBI Card as you wish. Card No.4317575205316020.

    N.B. You can send my mthly statement by Post & on my E-Mail
    addresss.if its chargeable then you send it as before.
    My E-Mail Address is [email protected]

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  • He
    HELEN KUJUR Sep 23, 2008

    I am not receiving my monthly credit card statement till today to my mailing address from the February i received my last statement.

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  • Ba
    Baba D Ghugare Oct 08, 2008

    I paid my credit card bill that is rs 40602.31 by ATM. After transaction I got a slip in which it was written that unable to proceed, but money was withdrawn. After asking to customer care of Sbi credit card they are saying that they have nor received it yet. Now I want to ask that what can I do? I have and SBI credit gold card. Please help me.

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  • Vi
    vijaya Feb 04, 2009

    Hi Friend,

    Even I have same problem..I had SBI credit card which expired date in june 07, I asked for cancellation but still they are charging and asking me to pay. No customer care no available..

    My EMAIL ID is [email protected] pass me SBI customer care no and another information if some one can help.


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  • Vi
    vijaya Feb 04, 2009

    Dear Manager,

    SBI Credit Card,

    I am requesting you to please cancel my credit card as I have requested erlier several times and got confirmation. Please do not ask me again and again to pay yearlly fee.


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