Samsung Electronicsno service when product is out of warranty

H Aug 07, 2018 Review updated:

If you live in Durbanville, throw your Samsung items out when the warranty has expired and buy a new product from a different brand that supports their goods after the warranty has expired.

If you have a Samsung product out of warranty in Durbanville you have to deal with either Liptronics or Ocra Electrical as they are Samsung's approved service providers in this area.

Rather give your gardener a hammer to hit the equipment and see if it works. He will most likely be more effective than these two companies and he will not be rude and abusive as the staff of these two companies is.

And don't waste your time to complain to Samsung they don't view it as their concern that they have appointed two companies that are no good.

Bottom line, do not buy Samsung their products might be good but their service is non-existing and I know that me complaining is not going to change anything as there are enough suckers like me but at least I got it off my chest.


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      Aug 07, 2018

    if the warranty has expired than many if nto all companys wont honor such warranty
    such asd your car has a 5 year warranty and your into year 6 or 8 try to get that fixed under warranty

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