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Complaints & Reviews


I purchased a new samsung galaxy black - sm-g900vzkavzw for my daughter on jan, 12th, 2016 through a service provider, verizon. I wanted her to have a new phone specifically since she is now on a work term in peru, so I wanted something reliable, so I thought.
About a month ago, the phone suddenly stopped working, completely dead, so since she is in peru, I asked her to talk to a local store to see if they can look at it and see if there was anything obvious, like water damage, or faulty charge, faulty battery. They found nothing wrong with it saying it had to be the electronics.
So, I went to verizon, who quickly advised me that they do look at or warrant the phone, but I need to go to samsung, which I did.
I followed normal protocol and submitted a claim of which they quickly rejected saying the phone serial number was out of the warranty period. After several call and e-mails, I finally got them to agree that the phone was under warranty, and therefore they would look at it. So they promised to send me an e-mail with the ups label, etc.
Of course, this did not happen, again and again, and after 4th attempt on the phone, I refused to hang up until it got sent. Yes, finally I got the phone out.
Almost a month has now transpired since I started this process, and I got a call from a representative that the phone was not considered under warranty since someone had opened the back cover and looked at it. They acknowledged that the electronics were shot. After much discussion, she refused to change her tune and thus I asked for a supervisor. Of course not one is available, so they promised to call me back, which the next day yesterday a gentlemen did call me.
Now I was provided two excuses: (1) phone warranty was voided as soon as the cover was removed, and (2) back cover was not the original. Not the original! How could this happened? They suggested that verizon probably changed it, so not their problem. You have got to be kidding me!
The phone was barely a month old! We managed the situation as best we could! We were expecting a reliable phone for a daughter is out of the country, but this is the service we get. A fluff off and blame it on someone else.
So I was told to verify my address so they could return the phone. I refused to verify saying I wanted it repaired or a new phone. I am at loss on what to do further. Please help if you can.

Samsung ticket # [protected]
Ray giovanatti at [protected]

samsung s7 phone

Having placed an order for a samsung S7 on the 4th march with the expectation of receiving my package on 8th march before it gets lunched, it turn out not to be the case. I waited and waited and even as write the phone has not arrived. I contacted the samsung customer support service on the phone and for 45 mins no one answered my call and this happened twice on separate days. I also wrote several email to the customer support team and it took a week for someone to reply my email with the only words saying "we are sorry for the belated reply. ... unfortunately we are experiencing high volume of demands and your order is in the queue since we have run out of stock". . Honestly, i thought samsung was better than that. Having used iPhone for the last 8 years I thought this was the time to change and try something new with samsung. This first experience has certainly not worth the price. I checked my bank account and samsung have already taken money out of my account already. Worse of it all, when I visited the local samsung shop I found out that there were more than enough of the phone selling out there and when I spoke to the store I was told the samsung shops and online shops do not share the same system so they could not help trace my parcel or do anything with it.
ORDEER NUMBER [protected]-D105

s5 active phone

I purchased the S5 Active phone from AT&T 10 months ago. One of the main reasons I chose this model was due to the fact that it was water proof. I am an active person like to hike and ski etc.
In February I took a trip to Mexico and wanted to take pictures of the fish and turtles in the ocean. My phone abruptly stopped working... The phone obviously was not waterproof as the company boasted.
I sent my S5 Active into Samsung for warranty. Samsung did not replace my phone as it had water damage... Uh Duh... That is why I contacted Samsung in the first place... I am quite irritated that Samsung told me over the phone that my phone was warrantied and that they would replace it.
The sales person at AT&T told me that Samsung had problems with this particular model with the charging port not sealing tight and therefore leaking water if submerged...
I take very good care of my electronics and I am very disappointed that Samsung is sending me back my damaged phone

hob - ci61r2aa st oven - bf 641 fst single pkg 0007/xfa

1. The original serial numbers

Hob - ci61r2aa st
Oven - bf 641 fst single
Pkg 0007/xfa

2. Hob was replaced - delivery note attached

3. Numerous problems with oven and hob switching off whilst cooking, baking or roasting, grilling

Cant seem to use more than 2 plates at a time on the hob eg. If boiling rice, potatoes, pasta etc. It will switch off as it gets too hot - so half way thru it will go off and have to wait a while for it to cool down then switch back on to continue.

Sometimes that will work other times it would switch off altogether and then had to have technician come out.

The same would happen with the oven - and cant roast chicken or even do any woollies food for example that needs to be in oven for a short while at about 200 for 15 - 20 minutes. Again would have to manage it and then at times switch off completely and get technician out.

Samsung have record of all the times they have been out at 4 - 6 times. I don't have record of all the exact dates - I complained and complained.

4. On 24 december 2013 samsung finally came out and replaced both hob and oven.

Hob - 220b7dada00880x
Oven - bf 641 fst

Warranty then would have been extended from that date not from original purchase date.

5. Had more problems with replaced oven / hob - 24 february 2014 had to have technician out again.

Told by technician sent by samsung said that I may have a problem with isolator cable and that's why it was overheating all the time. - he replaced it - I paid for that. - r420

There however was no problem with cable and had been one used since we moved in here from 2005 - never had problem for 8 years with previous stove.

7. 2015 still had problems and stove was still under warranty and it was fixed again

Another technician that was sent by samsung as I problems again with oven and hob and was told that maybe I had problem with the connection from my db etc - power supply - I had that tested and there was nothing wrong with it and all perfect.

8. 3 november 2015 - phoned and spoke to maureen - ref [protected]

I was put through to karabo - [protected] - manager of samsung service department as I was still having the same problems and oven had switched off completely again.

I was told it was no longer under warranty which I understood but that I have had endless problems with it since purchased and not normal for a stove to behave this way and wanted it replaced or I would post on there website about it.

I was told it was a safety feature for over heating - I do not agree this is not how a stove works and should be able to cook or back without it switching off all the time between use - very bad design and too sensitive - technician sent and replaced thermostat.

I received call back 12 november 2015 from karabo and to find out if it was ok and working again. It was but working but I would still have same problems and wanted it replace. I was told to monitor it and then phone back.

8. Since then hob and oven have switched of at least 8 times and then had to wait to switch back on again - some photos where taken as well as some of the dates. Neither oven or hob had switch off completely - only same story that I had to wait for it to cool down and then switch on again.

9. 8 february switched off, 12 february hob switched off again and then yesterday the 14 february 2016 - oven switched off completely while roasting chickens - totally inconvenienced as it was birthday celebration - previous occasions also happened when having visitors for dinners or lunches.

10. Week of 7th march 2016 - technician dispatched and then admits faulty model yet nothing further, offers to refund us yet will take depreciation into account and we must wait.

This is the 10th complaint and still not resolved? Wtf samsung?


I've purchased a Samsung smartwatch from this website back in December as a birthday gift for my mother. It is now March and I'm still waiting for my order to arrive. I called them several times and every time was put on hold for about 20 minutes. Then I called again and pretended I was a new customer and wanted to make an order. I asked about the watch and their rep said that it was in stock. Then I revealed myself and she finally told me the truth. She said that the watch I've ordered in December was on backorder! Anyways, I am a very disappointed customer and I will never order anything from Samsung again! I hope I'll get my money back

  • Do
    Douglas Stone Jan 04, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I ordered a Samsung smart watch in nov. 20 2016 it is jan 4th and still have not received it and they can not tell me a date I will get it anyone else having the same issue thinking about cancelling order

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  • Sh
    Shannon Peterson Fredrickson Jan 20, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I ordered a phone from Samsung on Dec. 29th and all of the sudden it was on back order with no date in site to stock it. I cancelled after waiting 3 weeks.. Their site still sells it as in stock, they lie.

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customer service

Samsung tech support is the worst customer based service I have ever dealt with. Every time I call no one is ever knowledgeable on anything. The fact I am hard of hearing and they barely speak English on the other end definitely doesn't help the situation. I purchased 4 items a little more then a year ago and the 5 year warranty in the dishwasher and the 10 year warranty on the fridge are pretty much obsolete after the 1 year warranty is over, even it's only by weeks.

  • Je
    Jenna Van Pelt Mar 16, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have a washer that is less than a year old yes has warranty but can not get any help from samsung customer service is horrible and all they say is someone will call you within 24 hours well 3 days later no call from them and i call them everyday and get told the same thing we will call you within 24 hours. Well go to hell i will never buy samsung appliances again

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ongoing malfunctioning compressor with risk of fire

Samsung refrigerator rf4287hars
Serial # 104643cba00662 z
Ticket #: [protected] & [protected]

08 march, 2016

I purchased a refrigerator from the brick 26/11/2011. The compressor malfunctioned within 11 months after purchase. It was covered under warranty for labor and part during that time by transglobal. I had lost all my refrigerated food items then.

In 11/2015 the compressor malfunctioned for the 2nd time. I had requested transglobal assistance to assess and repair the refrigerator but cancelled when informed that I must pay for the labor and parts. I contacted another company to assess and was informed that the compressor has malfunctioned and a fire hazard due to burn marks. It was recommended that I not repair but replaced for the safety of my children.

I went to the brick to search for new refrigerator. I was informed by the brick staff that the refrigerator I purchased in 2011 is still under warranty for the compressor replacement and repair. The brick staff recommended that I contact samsung directly.

I contacted samsung on 01/03/2016 and spoke with christopher (Id #32579) and then I was transferred to rob (Id #69544). Rob informed that I can only use home appliance in mississauga [protected]) to assess the refrigerator. I was provided the contact information for home appliance repair to follow-up. I was informed by rob that the compressor cost would be covered but not the labor cost. I requested writer clarification in the user manual that states that it only covers the cost for compressor and not labor. I also informed rob of the burn marks near the compressor. I requested management and was directed to speak with bill (Id #25180). Bill was updated as to the status of the refrigerator. Bill informed me that I should obtain the serial # and call back so that the matter can be escalated due to the concerns of burn mark and potential risk.

I call back and provided the serial # and was directed to speak with ruby ortiz (Id #151) and was again directed to speak with jorge (Id # 557).

I was informed by jorge to provide any refrigerator repair company that repair compressor and samsung will send the compressor to the company directly.

Jorge informed me that samsung will not cover the cost of the labor. Writer requested that jorge review the ticket # and the complaint of burn mark that’s a fire hazard. Jorge was very unprofessional and rude throughout the call. I requested explanation and direction as where I can locate the writer documentation for the compressor warranty. Jorge explained the page. I explained that that manual does not directly state no labor after 1year. As I explained my concerns jorge was becoming increasingly agitated and unprofessional. I requested that I communicate with someone from the executive customer relations department. Jorge declared that he is the only person in the department that deals with customers. I requested to speak with his supervisor. Jorge declares that he is the supervisor. I requested to speak with the person he reports to. Jorge declares that there is no one that I could speak with him beyond him. Jorge declares that he does not report to anyone but samsung headquarters. I requested the phone # or email for samsung headquarters. Jorge declares that he is not permitted to transfer my call to samsung headquarters and cannot distribute the email address. Jorge declares that he is the only person allowed to communicate with samsung head office. I requested management and was also rejected. Jorge informed me that it is samsung procedure not to provide contact information for samsung headquarter. I requested a written documentation that states that customers cannot communicate with samsung. Jorge declares that it is not written policy/procedure for customers not to communicate directly to samsung headquarters. Jorge states it is just a procedure he must comply with. I inquired as to how would a customer would know if the procedure is legitimate and not malicious depending on samsung staff subjective feelings or mood of the day. I inquired if jorge would consent to being recorded and he declares that he does not consent to being recorded. I requested directions concerning the risk of fire from the malfunctioned compressor. Jorge told me to take a picture and email it to him.

Concerns and request:

1. I have received conflicting information from transglobal when I called about the compressor malfunctioning. Transglobal did not tell me that the compressor was still under warranty. Please provide the accurate procedure for the assessment of the refrigerator in writting to avoid further confusion.

2. I received conflicting information by rob (Id # 69544) that I can only have home appliance repair mississauga do the assessment of my fridge. I was then informed by jorge (Id # 557) that I can use any refrigerator repair company. Please provide the accurate procedure for the assessment of the refrigerator in writting to avoid further confusion.

3. I am now requesting written communication from samsung staff for the warranty information for the compressor.

4. I am requesting directive as to burn marks in my refrigerator that identify risk of fire by an ongoing compressor issue.

5. I am requesting clarification as to professional customer care conduct when a customer request to speak with a management/executive customer relations.

6. Which company is permitted to assess or repair?

7. What is still covered under the warranty?

Please see my attached receipt.

Please noted that I will be making a formal complaint to consumer information/affairs, ontario's electrical safety authority & better business bureau of canada

side by side stainless steel refrigerator model # rf263teaesr

Cost over $2000, less than 4 years old and now the evaporator coils are icing up (Solid block of ice) which affects the refrigerator side of the unit. Samsungs fix consist of removing all of your food, unplugging the refrigerator for 24 hours and then plugging it back in. Online tech support appears to be an auto response from an off shore company. They were no help at all. If defrosting the unit doesn't help then you need to call for a support technician appointment.
The online forums are filled with complaints about this problem but samsung insist its perfectly normal for a 3-4 year old refrigerator to ice up to the point where it no longer works.
It's a high dollar inferior product with no support whatsoever.
Stay far away from samsung refrigerators

mobile samsung s6

لقد قمت بشراء موبايل سامسونج وبعد اربعة ايام اكتشفت بة عيوب فى الصناعة وتوجهت الى توكيل يونيون جروب الموجود فى شارع فريد سميكة مصر الجديدة يوم 12/02/2016 وتمت الاجراءات واخذ الموبايل وشهادة الضمان والفاتورةومتحدث الفرع اعطانى فاتورة الاستلام وقال لى اتابع معة من 10 الى 15 يوم عمل ليتم استبدال الموبايل وتم بالفعل الاتصال من جانبى لمدة 12 يوم وكل يوم الرد كالتالى (لسة شركة سامسونج لم ترد علينا الى الان حتى امس قالوا لى سنرسل ايميل لشركة سامسونج بسرعة الرد الى اليوم صباحا لم اجد ردا ثم تم اعطائى رقم سامسونج حتى اتابع معهم مباشرة وتم الاتصال بالفعل بسامسونج وقالوا لى نعتذر لان رقم هاتف حضرتك مكتوب عندنا ناقص رقم فحضرتك المطلوب منك تذهبى الى الفرع مرة اخرى وتصححى رقم الموبايل ثم نبدا فى العمل مع الموبايل لمدة 15 يوم اخرى ساترك لكم الرد وسوالى من يتحمل هذا بالرغم من انها غلطة موظف يونيون جروب من الذى يتحمل هذا
فليس هناك متابعة لامن يونيون جروب ولا من سامسونج مع العلم انة تم ارسال ايميل لسامسونج بتاخر الحالة فلماذا سامسونج لم ترد عل الفرع بان هناك مشكلة مع هاتف العميل
Marwa Ahmed :[protected]

mobile samsung s6

samsung lcd tv

I started to mailing for after Maltreatment of Egypt Samsung agent

as I shown I brought my Samsung TV from around 3 years ago
and Nowadays I have problem that my TV is working audio only no video appear

I call Samsung Egyptian agent at 16/2/2015
I try to make them sent Technical person to help he to solve that problem
they told me that they will send him in 48 hrs.
after that no one came I recall them again
they told me we are sorry that we forget to make technical report for your case
and you have to wait for anther 7 working days
and during that days I call them to check when will they come


I do nothing after that and try to contact you to understand the following
1) Is that right to treat me like that
2) how can the agent decide that my TV damage is cost 90 of it''''s valve without come and see it
3) how can I get a Samsung TV and it is Imposed a big brand cost me around 4, 000 Egyptian pound and completely damage is less than 3 years without touching

I really upset from that and please tell me is that fair,

I really didn''''t expected that from Samsung

galaxy s4 cell phone sim card problem

After using my phone with t mobile for 2 years with no phone problem, I changed providers. I took out the old sim card for the first time and inserted the new card. The phone will not recognize it. I tried other sim cards including the one I use in another galaxy s4. Nothing worked. This is obviously a defective product (Phone). Samsung was no help at all. After paying $600 for the defective phone, samsung wants $70.31 for me to send it in so their technicians can look at it. The samsung ticket no, is [protected]. The second representative I talked with was hard to understand and although he had to ticked no. That the first rep prepared, he asked for the same info again. I will never purchase any more samsung products.

galaxy note 5

Samsung s pen is stuck inside my device despite not being inserted backwards. I have researched this online and see that the feed back is less than promising. I expect a better response than the majority of users online seem to have received.

The phone itself is less than 2 months old and the pen has barely been used.

I have not stuck in the pen in reverse nor dropped the device and have no intention in disassembling it or buying a new pen to only have it stuck again.

What is samsung's solution to this obvious design floor?

Will you pay for a new phone or convert my contract to an iproduct instead for me? I have just moved my entire family across from apple as we felt your company was finally at a stage where you had closed that gap. Very disappointing to see this is not the case.

phone repair

Help, my samsung galaxy s6 active quit working so I call samsung repair. They sent me an ra# and said it would be covered under warranty but yesterday I received a $239.01 bill from them so I called back and they said because of physical damage it's not under warranty. My phone was in MINT CONDITION. I set it down one night and next morn it was not working right. I didn't know it was lcd until samsung rep told me to look closely and sure enough there was a hairline Crack in top right corner, how did that happen? I didn't drop it, I didn't sit on it, I didn't get it hot and I didn't spill any liquids on it. In the repair cost guide it states a lcd replacement for s6 is $129 plus shipping. Why am I not covered under warranty and why is repair bill so much more than what repair cost guide says it will be. I contacted samsung again and got a complete run around by reps that don't speak English

phone repair

phone warranty repair service

I'm writing about my samsung phone and the samsung support and service debt. Model# sm-g890azwaatt. Serial # [protected]. Repair # [protected]. Last week my phone quit working so I called samsung and went through all the prompts and when I got ahold of the rep, she said "no problem" and sent me an ra# so I could ship it to repair center. Following the reps prompts, I closely examined phone and found what looked like a hair under the screen at top right hand corner. No other damage what so ever, not even a tiny scratch on my phone. (phone is only 6 months old and has always been in an otterbox since the time of purchase at at&t. Bought otterbox at at&t store with phone. Rep said repair would be cover by warranty but several days later I received an email from samsung for a repair bill of $237.01. I called samsung back and could not understand what rep was trying to say to me (Communication barrier) so I went thru the samsung links on samsung email and found a repair cost guide that states lcd replacement is $129 + $19.99 ship. (Why is mine so much more, no one can explain in english or by fact from repair center) I tried calling samsung support again and got a hold of another rep whose native language is not english so communication was severely limited, he spelled his name as annarbys and to email my concerns to www.Deptecre. I did not receive a response. Annarbys sent me an email stating I should take pictures of my phone and send them to samsung, my phone is in the repair center so I cannot take pics. He asked if I had taken pics of phone before I sent it in, which I had taken one as I was packaging it for shipping but only took pic of my finger. I'm not familiar with my wife's phone.In annarbys email, he spells his name as arun. With no help from arun (Annarbys) I employed the samsung support email chat and chatted with samsung rep mulari a. He let me know that he could not help me but that he would forward my concern to the proper entity. The next day I received an email from the consumer division stating that this was not the right dept and that they would forward my concern to the proper division. I have not received any word back. This morning I received a call from the samsung repair center in plano, tx and the rep offered me a discount on my repair from $237.01 to $107.17. She said that she would send an email bill to me and I could pay it online. (She was american and had a cold but didn't catch her name) never received the email so I called back to try and get a hold of this rep I had just talked to but that must be impossible. So I got in contact with another rep (A female named john) and she said if I pay the full amount of $237.01 that the will repair the phone and then reimburse my discount what ever that might be. After all the trouble i've been through with what is supposed to be a warrantied repair, they must be crazy to think I would give them my bank and debit card info when they can't even tell me what I supposedly did to my phone and all the run around they put me thru. Day 3 of telephone call and emails. I did not drop my phone, I did not step on my phone, I did not sit on my phone, I did not leave my phone in the sun and let it get hot and I did not spill anything on it. My phone was in mint cond, no wear what so ever. I had my previous phone for almost 4 yrs before battery died (Iphone) mulari gave me a service # of [protected]. I have never had such disreputable service from such a large company

smart phone

Samsung stopped software updates for my Samsung smart phone bought 3 years ago. It's still on a very dated Android 4.0 so many apps cannot be installed or updated. According to CSRs at Samsung Contact Center, that's their business strategy to limit updates so to force customers to buy new phones. One rep even said 'that's how Samsung stay in you know how many new phones Samsung released in the last 6 months'. Samsung only cares about profit not consumer rights; I bought a smart phone and nobody told me it would become a 'dumb' phone after 3 years. A word of caution: all Samsung smart phones have a lifespan of THREE years only.

mobile phone

Dear sirs,


Service order : [protected]
Customer no. : [protected]
Customer name : hala mohamed
Model name : sm-g928czsaegy
Serial no. imei : r58g721er7r [protected])

Now I have a big problem with samsung egypt, and I decided to send this email before I go to the consumer protection.

I bought a mobile (galaxy edge s 6+) 3 months ago (28th oct 2015) based on the sales agent good opinion that it’s number 1 mobile in the market and he talked about octa core and processor along to the ram speed that’s why I bought it (unfortunately. )

After 1 month I noticed 3 manufacturing defect (not responding most of the time and based on its features and good facilities it shouldn’t be like this + losing signal so I have to restart the mobile over than 10 times on daily basis and finally only one time I found the home screen is black from the right and left sides and I had to restart it)

First time :
I went to samsung branch in sun city mall – sheraton on (21st dec 2015) , I have delivered them my mobile and explained what happened clearly as attached and on the next wednesday I got a call from them and they said its okay now you can come and get it back, so I went and
I asked : what was the problem
The agent said : there wasn’t,
I wondered and asked : so what had happened during the last 5 days
He said : you have formatted it before we receive it from you and I think its repaired automatically by it self
I said : but it’s not my first time to format it and I still have the same problems
He said : they have downloaded so many games and played them on daily basis to check if there is any not responding issues would appear I said : they played on my mobile ? is it the samsung way in maintenance ? it’s to strange actually

However I took it and left, and then after 2 weeks I found the same problems raised again
And I am not paying egp 7000 + a cover with egp 500 + another cover with egp 280 for a 3 months mobile it’s not logic, and I was wrong when I choose samsung instead of iphone 6+
I didn’t know what should I do with this mobile so I posted my case on don’t shop here group on face book and some one of samsung stuff contacted with me and then disappeared after I sent him all the required documents

Hosam samir
Dear hala, would you please provide your registered phone to follow your complaint. i've seen your complaint on don't shop here page. waiting your reply

You accepted hosam's request.

1/26, 10:10am
Hala mohamed
Hello hosam could u pls advise if u r one of samsung staff or not

1/26, 11:37am
Hosam samir
I'm samsung electronics egypt staff we are following our customer's complaints from products & also from the service centers.

1/26, 11:39am
Hala mohamed
Ok thanx for ur kind reply

Second time :

And then I posted my case again on the official page of samsung and someone called ms. mai el barony called me and she was nice but she is also disappeared after I explained my case over again and she hardly convinced me to deliver my mobile again to another samsung store and she was supposed to follow up with me but no hope, so I called 16580 the call center in egypt,
And some one called mr. ahmed el sayed was replying in a very annoying way and I asked him to be cool with me as I am not fully aware of samsung issues and I shocked when he told me that they finally discovered the defect and they will import the spare part form outside and as I was driving I wasn’t concentrate with him as it’s not accepted to me to allow them to open a new mobile and replace a part of it after 3 months or less, so I refused this solution and I called again and some one called ms. nihal mohamed advised me that if I don’t want them to open my mobile I can refuse to receive it and also I shouldn’t deliver the order sheet as well, so I went to the store in (57 abbas elakkad st, nasr city cairo) and I met ms. sally amin,

I said : I am here to stop any action would be taken against my mobile and I would like to refund my money or to exchange it with a new better device
She said : ok wait, and she went to another room and came again after 5 min and she said that she is already had a request to stop any action against the device and they are waiting for a confirmation to exchange the mobile and I have to follow up with them on sunday to check for the updates and they will exchange it and will call me to choose either the same model and color or if I would like to change so I left after I said I am not accepting any action could be taken against my mobile

Today sunday 31st jan 2016 I called them again and I found that some one called mr. shady sherif telling me that the mobile is ready to be received

I said how come ?
He said they fixed it
I said : I told them all not to take any action on this mobile and I was clear enough when I said I want my money or a new mobile
He said : your problem was losing signal right ?
I get nervous and I said not only this I have 2 other problems
He said : but there is scratches on the mobile so we can’t refund or exchange it
I said I don’t care about the damn scratches I need to know why I am paying egp 7000 + egp 500 + egp 280 cover for a mobile will be damaged after 2 months ? I want my money

He said I lost this right after the first 14 days from the purchasing date,
Now this defects appeared after this 14 days what should I do ? why I have to accept to put a spare part in a new mobile ?

I have explained my problem clearly over than 10 times on face book and samsung call center agents and I am not satisfied with this at all and to be honest and fair,
If I didn’t receive a positive solution I will have to go with the other procedures as I am a sales woman and all my work depends on calls and meetings so it depends on a good mobile
Also I will share this bad experience with all who waiting for the updates

Now I have a third problem with the mobile cam which has a black point in every picture...
Now I am going to have a very serious reaction against what happened to me

Best regards,
Hala mohamed
+2 [protected]

mobile phone
mobile phone
mobile phone

promotion of buy and get

Dear Massmart,

My wife and I bought a fridge at builderswarehouse at your Strubensvalley branch in late September 2015. On the fridge was a promotion by Samsung ..Buy and Get one return flight by British Airways anywhere in SA or a weekend for a couple at any Protea hotel in SA.

My wife and I have been battling since Nov 2015 to get the promised vouchers out of Samsung and you as the controlling company of Builderswarehouse was aware of this promotion. Read the email below and go and look for yourself at all the complaints about this apparent scam on the Hellopeter website.

So what are you as Massmart and Builderswarehouse going to do about this matter???


Willem Perold

From: Willem Perold
Sent: Thursday, February 11, 2016 7:58 AM
To: [protected]
Cc: Annette Perold; Willem Perold; [protected]
Subject: You are a bunch of Buy and Get scam artist at Samsung and Buildersware house is also involved

You at Samsung are a bunch of faceless scam artists hiding in a building where you cannot face the public that are crying out for you to fulfill your promises of your BUY and GET Samsung promotion .All you can do is send non-reply messages and do not fulfill the promise of providing the vouchers for the hotel bookings as you have promised.

My wife and I have been talking to Samsung about this matter since November 2015 and all we get are empty promises or non-reply messages..One was also from Emlyn Hughes

Go to the Hellopeter complaints site and see all the peoples’ complaints about this Buy and Get scam from Samsung….and Builders Warehouse Roodepoort was in cahoots with Samsung to rip the public off

My reference number is A [protected] and my name is Willem Perold and my wife’s name is Annette Perold

I am going to report this whole matter to the consumer board in South two companies in cahoots!!!..very soon Samsung and Builderswarehouse will be seeing a scathing article about this scam in the newspapers

  • Tl
    Tlangi Mongwe Jun 24, 2018
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi, I'm faced with the same issue. Did you end up getting anything resolved with Samsung?

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  • Ob
    Oby202 Sep 26, 2018

    @Tlangi Mongwe Hi, I have same problem, I bought a dishwasher in December which is almost a year now . I call jake Griffioen (Samsung Electronic South Africa) on 0716712052. He pick and ask me to send an emil to him which i did immediately, but never replied or response to my call again.
    Pls do let know if ever you been able to sort this out. [email protected]

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  • Tk
    T Kuyler Jan 16, 2019
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Same problem - bought a fridge in Dec 2018. complete online forms with all requested info - No SMS, no PIN no feedback

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unable to redeem "buy and get" voucher - poor service / breach of contract

Samsung was offering a deal stating that if you buy specific products you WILL get a voucher worth at least...

Johannesburg Other

mails from "samsung" saying we won a draw!

I Got this mail and its obviously fraud but put Samsung in a bad light:
From: [protected]
The Samsung Electronics is pleased to inform you of the results derived from the E-mail Address Ballot Lottery International Program (EABLIP) held to consolidate our numerous customers worldwide. Your E-mail Address has won a cash prize of £500, 000.00 (FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND GREAT BRITISH POUNDS) and a 52 inch Widescreen Plasma TV with Built-In Home Theater System from Samsung Electronics with the following details:

Ref No: SAM/625/003/2016-08
Batch No. DNO/MA07/EUR

Note: All participants were selected through a computer ballot system drawn from 50, 000 (Fifty thousand) names of email users around the world, as part of our international promotion program. Due to mix up of some names and addresses, we ask that you keep this award personal, till your claim has been processed and your funds remitted to you. This is part of our security measures to avoid double claiming or unwarranted participants or impersonators, taking advantage of the situation. Kindly send the following information to your claim agent to facilitate the release of your fund:

1. Full Name:
2. Address:
3. Sex:
4. Age:
5. Country:
6. Marital Status:
7. Occupation:
8. E-mail Address:
9. Telephone Number:
10. Mobile Number:
11. Account Name:
12. Account Number:
13. Bank Name:
14. Bank Address and Branch:
Congratulations once again on your winnings!!!

Yours Faithfull
Dr. Williams Albert
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Samsung Company Uk Board
TEL: +[protected]
E-Mail: [protected]

led tvs

Samsung, Vizio and LG TVs all have the same electronic problem that is costing consumers millions of dollars. Each of these manufacturers uses cheap capacitors in their systems and the units fail any where after the warranty expires. For some with a skill to replace the capacitors can do so for $20.00 plus time. For others the bill can hit several hundreds of dollars. The support by all three is nil. It is after the warranty and refuse to fix them. I have a Samsung unf6400afxza that I bought in 7/17/2013. Two and a half years later the TV is a piece of junk. My choice is pay hundreds to fix, buy another one that has the same problems or send it to be recycled. Unfortunately, there is no government agency that a consumer can go to for help. Government wants you to believe that the trade agreements are good business so they do not enforce the quality of the products brought in from other countries. I have been around electronics since the 1960s. It is well known that under estimating the need of the equipment with cheap components will cause problems. In the case of the three manufacturers is they put the capacitors next to the power supply which increases the heat dissipated to capacitors. As such, it will shorten the life of the components. The consumer need to use caution when buying these products.