Sam's Clubmanager at sam's

B Nov 22, 2017

I came in early as a customer and as a customer I went to one of the E.S. To sample a product and the security manager approached me (Mary Gill) at this time I am a customer, she said "you can't be at this cart" I replied " I'm not on the clock" given I do not work for Sam's club and she replied "You still can't be at her cart" at this point I felt like I was being harassed and I said once again "I'm not on the clock" and she said to me "well Marshall (district manager) is here and he doesn't want to see you eating off the cart, and I replied once again "I'm not on the clock" and she said "Are you getting argumentative?" And I replied no and told her she could talk to my manager if she needed to she is right in the back. And she replied "I will".

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