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sent below to Galleria Farms (tag on roses)

To Whom it May Concern,

I'm sending a picture of my purchase of Premium Roses that I purchased last night at Sam's Club here in Metairie, Louisiana. I will be making contact with them, letting them know the condition of the roses. I believe that you are the vendor and wanted you to know the condition of the roses since this is a reflection on your company as well. I assume that the fault lies on Sam's and maybe just like perishable food items maybe a date would be appropriate. I checked the roses and they appeared fine, but since they were tightly wrapped and the rose heads appeared firm all looked good.

I work and arrange the flowers for our church altar and have being doing this for 15 plus years. What happened last night when I arrived here at church to arrange the flowers was a disaster. This has never happened before and I purchase flowers from many sources in the metro New Orleans area.
I have white roses that I purchased from Rouses Grocery 3 weeks ago and they still look fine; however I wanted RED ROSES for this Sunday, since we are celebrating the 500th Anniversary and the Lutheran symbol is RED ROSES. Here's what happen:
arranged vases with filler (greenery and alstromeria)
unwrapped the roses (1 1/2 dozen) and the petals fell off the 1st one I picked up
the second and third were fine, then next did same and so on
I managed to get (5) in one vase and (5) in the other
today, here checking the fridge and (1) is losing the petals as well not sure it this will last until tomorrow and I may not have a chance to get back to Sam's today.

I would like your assistance to contact Sam's Club here in Metairie, Louisiana on Airline Drive so that they know the problem. The Club building in undergoing renovation and just maybe they do not have the proper facility to house the flowers; but if that is the case they should not be selling flowers at this time.

Linda Helmer
St. Paul Lutheran Church
Assistant Administrator

Sam's Club

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