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Complaints & Reviews

Resolved holiday return's

Bought a christmas gift for husband. He received the same gift from another relative. Unable to find receipt...

poor customer service

everytime i go in to this specific store they treat me like ### and im tired of it, they act like they dont...

Resolved costomer service treatment

Tuesday, september 28, 2010 11:30 a. m. I went to sally beauty supply store in citrus park (address below...

Resolved would not exchage faulty flatiron purchased 3 weeks ago

I purchased a flatiron3 weeks ago with the one year warranty. The iron overheated and smoking. I tried a different oulet to see if it would work, it didn't. I took it back to the store in Hawthore for an exchange since I purchased the warranty. I was told by the rude employee and the assistant manager that they could not take it back beause of the poor condition of the plates and because I no longer had the box. Mind you, the back of the receipt clearly states the 60 day return policy with the receipt the plates had faded because of the overheating. They referred me to the manufacturer. What good is the warranty for? I contacted Conair and the item was replace right away because they stand by their product. Also, the rude employee insinuated that I was lying. Sally's corp office should really train their employees better. They act like the really don't care about their customers.

rude unproffesional service

i received a $5 off coupon via the internet due to expire that day. went to store to renew membership and apply coupon to my purchase. the clerk told my yearly membership had been renewed which is why i got the coupon. they needed my card to process. went back home and returned to find out the membership was not renewed and they would not honor the coupon since part of the image on the coupon was not printed clearly. the coupon number and all the info was very clear. since i wasted 1 hour going back and forth, was willing to renew my membership (one of the reasons i went to store) they then said since the picture was not fully visible that they would not honor it. the manager wasted another 30 minutes of my time to get to that conclusion and insisted she was in the right. i have been a customer for years and they could of easily renewed my membership and sent me a future coupon. but instead kept insisting they could do nothing. very bad customer service! i will complain to the company directly.

  • Ss
    ssophie Sep 01, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i agree. been in there and not good customer support

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  • Ss
    ssophie Sep 01, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    no the printer didn't pick up the image - the code and all the other info was very clear

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  • Ss
    ssophie Sep 01, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    knowing what i do now - i'll make sure the photo prints - does not change the fact that she could have dealt with it differently. i've been a customer for years. she could have honored the coupon - especially since i had to get my card - and it was indeed due to renew - wht's a coupon for a regular customer and i was buying more

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Resolved returns

I am a dog groomer for shelters. I have a great set of Wahl Clippers. I sent my husband into this store to...

harassment/discrimination by managment

I am actually reporting this on behalf of my sister. She is an emplyee at Sally's, and has been working...

Resolved poor management

I agree this place is a joke. They swiped my debit card twice and took the amount out twice and tried to tell me my card was denied the first time. They are always rude. The manager is never there if they have problems they have to call her on the phone. I tried to return some hair spray that did not spray out right and was told they thought it sprayed just fine. Everything I have ever tried to return the manager gives me a hard time if she lets me return it at all. I rarely ever see anyone in this store. I have complained about ths store before . I promise after today's experence will never go back. Maybe this store will close and they can blame themselves. Here the customer s never right I am an upstanding lady in this town, and was taught that the customer is always right. They don't treat customers with any respect. Does Sally offer any traning at all to these employees's? I just took my hair spray from the managers hand and walked away, this is really bad business. I was in this Lufkin, Texas Store 3/23/10. with my problem not solved. Thanks Sally keep up the bad work.

  • We
    weasapeople Oct 29, 2010

    you think thats bad well my DM was always drunk when she visited our stores and sallys did nothing about till it got so bad she stole lots of product from them! she was the worst DM I have ever had in my career! I think service is bad because sally pay there employees so little and they dont care about their employees either! it starts at the head and flows down to the employees!

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  • Nh
    nhinkson Jun 09, 2011

    Well I worked for Sally Beauty Supply in Bloomsburg, Pa and I loved it there. The manager there was awesome and our DM was as well. I unfortinately am no longer working there but did not have anything to do with the management. At that store the customer is ALWAYS RIGHT!!! no matter what the problem they will fix it so not all Sally Beauty Supply stores are bad!

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Resolved bad service

I took my daughter and her boyfriend to Sallys Beauty supply in Riverside for color and bleach for their hair and color for my hair.

Boyfriend went to pay for his purchases and came back into the store while two associates followed him back to where I was. So much for being discreet! I asked the kids to put their purchases that I have yet to pay for on the counter and I was so heated that I didn't get anything for myself.

The reason they followed him back was because he looked like a thief! What exactly does that mean?

he is a normal looking 18 year old kid.

His hair is bleached with their product! His goal is to be a hair stylist...I spend a lot of time and money in that store because I know how to color my own hair and I have been doing it for 5 years now.

Needless to say but that will be the last time I step foot in that store! Back to overpriced Salons for me!

  • Br
    brunettebeauty Jun 03, 2016

    I came in to return two products of which I have only used once and hated. The manager at the spring TX location was extremely rude and unprofessional. She did not want to do a return and refund on my items. She was blaming me for the products not working out and said there's nothing wrong with the products. I was insulted and that is why I will continue shopping at the sallys in humble although it is a lot further away and I live in spring I will never step foot into the spring location again. If you want to be treated with no respect and have bad customer service make sure to come to the sallys located in spring TX.

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Resolved ugly business practices

Sally beauty = ugly business Near: mars supermarket 1819 york road Lutherville, md [protected] Phone: (410...


I used to work at Sally Beauty Supply & Equipment. Then one day, I get a phone call saying that there is money missing. They launched an investigation into who stole the money, everyone pointed their fingers to me. I did not steal the money! There are 4 people working at the shop. One of the team members is dating the manager's son, and then the assistant manager is really good friends with the team member. Right from the start, that is 3 strikes against me. What justice is that? I got fired because someone stole money and they all blamed me for it. I HATE THAT PLACE!!!

  • Mi
    michaele roush Aug 22, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Previous letter is from Pennsylvania, sorry.

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Resolved new manager

My new manager is a bully she likes to tell lie about me. And tells me I did price changes wrong and it is not true. She just became a manager already she on vacation.
When she is having bad day she takes it out on me by screeming and calling me ###ed. In Aug. the sales in store is bad she blame her enployee really it is her fault by going on vacation for 11 days and not doing out-side sales.

  • Ms
    Ms. Love Nov 11, 2010

    Nasty Sasha and her co worker was extermely rude at the new store in Montgomery. Very nasty very bad customer service!

    2770 Eastern Blvd.


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Resolved employee n manager stole my money n laughed about it

on july 27 I took my girl to your suppy store. Everything was fine untill we cashed out at register. The girl behing the counter made mistake after mistake while in posesion of my debit card. To my knowledge everything was fine. Then later in the day we went to the atm to get money for a concert we had tickets to. thats when i found out that the girl charged us 3 times for the same transaction. So I called the store manager and explained the problem and not only did she not care about the supposed mistakes, she laughed outload on the phone at us. Not only is this not acceptable they will not get away with this. We contacted the corparate office and still no luck. I guess your company policy is to screw lifelong custermers to the point where we must take u to court. P.S. I will tell every person i know about your policy and do my best to make them shop else where. If this angers any1 at corparate then maybe you should police your own employees so situations will not resul;t in litigation and customer hate of your establishment.

lifelong customer no more

  • Du
    DumpTheIdiots Aug 22, 2009

    First don't ever use a debit card, use a CREDIT card for purchases like this. You can call the card company and file a complaint so the charges will be corrected or removed. In your case keeping the receipt would prove you didn't purchase that amount. Show the store a photostat of the original - don't let them get hands on the original - and file claim in small claims court if they don't correct it.

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  • Dl
    dlakers Aug 22, 2009

    I find it hard to believe that they picked up the phone, you told them about your issue, and they just started laughing. I think there is a little more to this story.

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Resolved hair color

Last week I went into the local Sally Beauty Supply to pick up some hair coloring. I've been coloring my own hair to several years now, but this was the first time I've gone into Sally's for hair color. The front end clerks were friendly but little did I know what I was about to get myself into. The young lady helping me obviously didn't know a lot about hair so I insisted she ask a manager just to be certain the color, the developer and the parts to be mixed were correct. She did, BUT when she picked up the developer she picked up the WRONG one. Needless to say I went home, followed the directions and I guess what I ended up with black and purple hair. This was NOT the color I'd originally selected. I'd selected a pretty auburn color--yeah, not what I got people. The next day the color was worse and I was absolutely mortified. I've called the home office and filed a complaint and it was then I found out that only the clerks with a cosmetology license are supposed to be helping people with hair color. It's been several days now and I've had to spend extra money to correct this mistake and I'm looking to be reimbursed by Sally's OR the clerk that didn't know hair color from a hole in the ground. My advice, don't go to Sally's for hair color just go directly to the salon and save yourself the heartache.

  • Cg
    Cgizmo22 Feb 01, 2010

    Well if you ''say'' you have been coloring your hair for sometime now...then you SHOULD have read the directions throughly...All of sallys hair color tells you the type of developer to use..and most of the time its a 20 volume...So partically its your fault if you just went ahead and poured your color and developer into an application bottle rather then reading the directions for yourself then taking an employees advice..we all make mistakes wither a person works in retail or not.

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  • Di
    dia3766 Mar 20, 2012

    everyone's hair reacts different to colors, if you have been coloring your own hair for the length of time you said you should know to read directions and know what developer to use since the directions are on the box that the color is in. Sounds like the color you picked was the problem not the developer, the developer would not change a auburn color to black

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  • Ne
    Neutral Employee Sep 26, 2016

    In general as an employee were not profession on hair colors or the process of how to do it. We do assist in helping you how to find what your looking for along with showing you new product and telling you what they do for you. We do not choose the color nor the developer for you, we can only explain that with the high developer the lighter you hair get and the lower developer keeps it dark. We have a kit that remove hair color if you decide to change you hair back to what it was alone with bleaching if your hair is too dark and you want it lighter and toner to take away brassiness out of the hair. Even though all the boxes have direction on then to tell us what developer number to use and for how long to keep it. But we all fail to read direction and follow instruction that's on the box. It is very easy to blame anyone then to take responsibility for our own action. We are hard working people like everyone, we try are hardest to assist everybody with there needs even though some customer are rude, snobby, inpatient and ungrateful.

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Resolved poor customer service and management

Sally's in Summerville South Carolina:
The worst! There were 2 girls in the store working. They could not find my discount card and refused after calling the manager. One girl was completely rude, the other ran out of the store screaming and crying over me disputing the prices on the shelf. One manger and the screaming girl reappeared after I threatened to call the police when I could not find my credit card.

The manager had no words of apology. Other customers were in the store watching, in fact one customer at the beginning of the fiasco reprimanded the rude girl and told her she would speak to the manager herself. It seemed she was a beauty professional herself. Girl #2 began to scream after another customer stepped in and agreed with what I was trying to point out about the pricing.

I have been told that the prices are actually excessive. I will go to Ulta from now on even though it is 25 miles away. My husband was present and said that he has never seen people hate their job so much.

Sally needs to know who keeps them in business. Was this worth the $3 savings to them? They probably don't care.

Resolved wholesale discount card

I don't really have a complaint against Sally Beauty Supply. I love shopping there. My only problem is the wholesale discount card has cracked and broken. The sales associates at the store have difficulty reading the number on the back of the card so I can get the discount. However, they always seem to manage. It was at their suggestion I am requesting a NEW card. I will attempt to copy the number on the back of the card, just in case you need it. Please, could you send me a new card to my home address. If there is a problem, please call or email me. Thank you for your help.

Wanda Anglin email: [protected]
3860 Ramblewood Drive
Horn Lake, MS [protected]
card# [protected] I know the 6691 is right and the 38110 is right ' but the middle numbers are very difficult to read.

  • La
    Laura Feb 16, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Noooo! Don't post your personal information here for all the world to see! You could end up with problems much bigger than a cracked frequent shopper card if someone gets hold of your info! This website has nothing to do with the company you seek resolution from, no one here can help you (unless the right person at SBS happens across your post and goes out of their way to assist). You need go contact them instead of the complaints board. Go here -, default, pg.html


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  • No
    Non-Sally Supporter Mar 06, 2009

    your card in NOT a wholesale discount card LMFAO

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  • Ca
    carol62 Dec 31, 2010

    The store has new cards there, Go back in and fill out another form, Only a licensed pro gets a different discount, Beauty club cards are different. It, s better to update your information.

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  • Ta
    Tammy Sindelar Mar 30, 2011

    Agree with the above comment, go back to the Sally store and they should issue you a replacement card
    right there in the store.. Alls they have to do is call in to home office if the number can not be read,
    and you are set. This is a simple solution.

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Resolved rude manager

I purchased nail decals and when I got home and looked at my receipt. They charged me a higher price than what was on the sticker price on item. I went back to get the difference of my money. The manager was really rude and kept making comments that what a coinsidence that there was only one at that price, indicating that maybe I had changed the price on the item. She began to argue with me, really bad customer service. I will never shop at sallys again. They just lost another customer.

Resolved didn't put merchandise in bag; hung up on me when I called

I bought hand moisturizer and hair color today. The sales clerk did not put the hair color in the bag. I was planning to do my hair tonight.

They admitted that the clerk had not put the color in the bag (the clerk left a note), but refused to mail it or fedex it to me. I paid cash because the power was out at the time, so a credit card refund is not possible.

My complaint is about the rudeness and apathy of the manager and RM. They both hung up on me. "Quote: this conversation is over"

Martha [protected]) is the store manager and Linda [protected]) is the regional manager.

I am going back to retrieve my money, but I will no longer do business with them.

offensive manager

I purchased a replacement blade for my hair clippers, and two days later, attempted to return it (unopened...

Resolved profiling

I have shopped at several Sally Beauty Supply Stores in several states and I feel that it must be company...