I Aug 17, 2018

For two years, I've noticed Safeway (Honolulu, Kapahulu) has some "white" staffs that are very arrogant to customer(or just to me, because they are very nice to WHITE customers), reminds me of those days in Australia being treated as an "Asian". 13 years in Hawaii, I forgot I am an Asian, because Hawaii is a state of Asians.

Today I went shopping in Safeway (Kapahulu) again. The self -check out machine I went to did not work (the notice was not clear, you have to get there to see the sign). I had to look for another machine. By this time, a long line was formed. The staff insisted I should go back to the end of the line (simply because Safeway staffs did not write a clear sign on the broken check-out machine).

I chose a check out line with their staff. In front of me was a White man. The female check out staff had a very long and cheerful chat with this white customer. When it was my turn, she looked at me, and did not even say "Hi", after I said "hi" to her. She no longer has her smiling face, and looked at me really cold. "But she is an islander, an Asian!" I thought. That staff at self-check out machine doesn't look very "pure white" either. Does Safeway train their staffs to cheer up White customers? Why is this Safeway so different from all other supermarkets in Hawaii (Foodland, Times)? Why, for 13 years living in Hawaii, this safeway is the only place reminds me of RASICM?

What did they teach their staffs? Aren't management Hawaiian local? What make this supermarket so "White"?

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