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Store: Safeway Glenwood Springs Colorado

My son's doctor sent over a prescription to the Safeway store in Glenwood Springs Colorado on the 6th of Febuary 2018.
On getting to the pharmacy, the pharmacist told be the item was not available and he would have it ordered for me. He said I should come back to the pharmacy the next day at 1pm.
On 7th of Febuary 2018, on my way to the pharmacy I stopped over at Walmart store and bought a couple of items. I placed all this items under my baby stroller.
On getting to Safeway Pharmacy at 1pm, the pharmacist explained that the wrong product arrived so I should check another pharmacy.
On my way out of the pharmacy, my toddler son was making a fuss so I decided to buy him a toy. I went over to the baby section in the store and bought him two toy cars.
I went over to the tills to pay and the cashier kept giving me a funny look like she hasn't seen a black woman before.
I gave her my debit card to pay for the toys and when the transaction went through she held on to my card. I asked her if there was a problem and she rudely reply saying I should pay for the items in my baby stroller.
I politely told her that the items were not bought in Safeway but in Walmart.
She then went on to accuse me of theft saying I took items in the store without paying. She also told another cashier that I took items in the store.
I felt so embarressed and disgraced because there were other customers at the tills looking at me.
Luckily I had the receipts of all the items i bought in Walmart on me. So I showed the other cashier the receipts of all the items bought from Walmart.
The cashier that accused me of theft is called Sonia and I believe she judged me immediately based on my skin colour. She assumed that because I am a black woman so automatically I must me a theif.
I can't believe racism and racial profiling still occurs in this day and age in America. Nobody should be judged based on their skin colour, how they look or how they are dressed.
I want this incident officially investigated and I demand an official apology from the store.
Also the cashier called Sonia should be investigated so that she doesn't do this to someone else.


  • SubSquirrel Feb 21, 2018
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    I think the fact you had bags under your stroller, and you could put items in them, caught her eye. Maybe the fact that so many black people are prosecuted as thieves made her judge you. We are all judged. I'm white but am judged on many things. It's the way of the world You won't get an apology as she will deny she racially profiled you. You're black; get used to it. The world won't change.

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  • Na
    Nanado Feb 22, 2018

    I have gone through this experience before so I understand how you feel. You should have a read on this article.

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  • Am
    Ammelia Apr 23, 2018

    I am white, my daughter is mixed race and was accused by a Safeway employee to have stolen a book she had borrowed at the school's library! Yes, racial profiling does exist, yes, it's a reality in this country, and yes, I clearly see a difference when I am grocery shopping alone or with my kids. As a white woman, I am never bothered when I'm by myself. But when I am with my children, some employees are clearly biased and suspicious of everything we do. It's clearly an example of white privilege to blame someone of "playing the race card", you've never been in their shoes and you have the audacity of blaming them for having to live in a country where systemic racism is a reality and endure the constant denial of their right to complain about it. It happened in Starbucks last week and don't tell me these young men had done something wrong. They did not order within two minutes of their arrival and were taken in police custody, facts speak for themselves.

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