Safeway in Gallup New Mexicomanager by the name of francine

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Approximately two weeks ago or a little longer the potato chips were on sale for a $1.99. it was the Lay's brand potato chips. The limit on them was 4. Apparently the coupon was only for one time use. I didn't use the coupon before nor have I ever bought any thing from that store in over a week. I addressed this issue to the checker then she called to her manager which was the manager Francine. she told me she couldn't do anything about it and rudely walked away. any other store or any other manager would have just didn't an override and I know they can do this because a similar situation has happened before. I even told her why can't you just do an override and she just ignored me and continue to be rude. I did tell her that she was a terrible manager and that I was going to complain about the issue. The next week I went to the store with my service dog. I am disabled and my dog is registered with the Department of Justice. The same manager was in there (Francine) she walked up to me and told me there's no pets allowed in the store I told her I said she's not a pet she's a service dog she had her service vest on. Instead of asking me what type of Duties does my service dog perform she said whats your disability? I told her that's none of your business you are not supposed to ask that or address me in that manner. Then she said she can't ride on the cart. I said fine I'll make her walk then. Not only is this manager unprofessional but she is purposely pointing me out and picking on me when I go into the store now. I feel that this is not going to be the only complaint I have on her and I believe every time I go into the store she's going to have some things to say about my service dog. I don't think this lady should be manager she does not have the customer service skills or communication skills to be in this position.


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    9wood Aug 17, 2018

    do believe they are required to allow service dogs ( animals)
    other pets or animals are a different matter

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